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The Sunday Salon: The Calm Before the Storm

This week has been on the slow side for me which is sort of nice. I haven’t gotten much reading done but the house is clean and the fridge is stocked. I don’t know about you but I can’t completely unwind when I know that there is laundry to do or shopping to be done so now that that’s out-of-the-way perhaps I can sit a bit.

Nope. My daughter has a girlfriend coming over to play for a couple of hours so my plans to relax may not happen for a couple of more hours.

On a happy note, I got my tickets to the panels that I plan to attend at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books which is next weekend. Their site has been down all day long so don’t expect that link to work, but I printed off what I needed the night before (whew!) and went straight to Ticketmaster to get my tickets. I purchased way more than I plan to attend but I like to have options. Once the day arrives, I may change my mind so it’s good to be prepared. A bunch of us bloggers plan to meet-up and hopefully have dinner afterward. It promises to be a good time.

Next weekend is also when The Hub moves the family business. Yep, he is doing this while I am at the Festival of Books (how dare he!). Anyway, he’s all stressed and sort of crabby and he’ll be gone much of the week packing and tossing and doing what you do to move a business that has been in the same location for 25+ years. It’s going to be a rough weekend but hopefully there won’t be any huge issues and things will go smoothly.

Today I plan to finish This World That We Live In and then write-up my post for Wuthering Heights Wednesday which is proving to be much more enjoyable than I anticipated. I have many books to read but if this headache does not go away I may not pick up another book tonight. I need to be in tip-top shape for next weekend so I am taking some extra C’s and hoping that this headache is just that, and not the sign of something to come.

What about you? What are you doing today and do you have anything interesting planned for the week?

Oh, and what do you think about that volcano? All of the Pfeffer books come to mind and this volcano makes me want to go out and buy a lot of canned goods (even though I am nowhere near the volcano).

Fancy That! – New Feature

Fancy That! Button

Last week I was thinking about how I’ve gotten to know so many of you through your love of reading but it occurred to me that although many of you have gotten to know me pretty well via Facebook, there are still quite a few of you that probably don’t know too much about me besides my taste in books. So, I’ve decided to create a new feature.

I’m calling it…

Fancy That!

I’m not committing myself to posting on a given day because I want to keep it completely open so that I can just post my thoughts as they happen. Scary! So whenever you see this button, you can bet that the post is going to contain some random tidbit about what I am thinking at the moment. Most likely, that random tidbit will be related to reading, blogging or something in between but it might contain anything. Hopefully what you read won’t prompt you to run away screaming.

Please don’t run away screaming.