Sunday Matters: I Was a Very Unpleasant Person for a Whole 20 Minutes

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Why? You might ask. Well, because after bragging about my advanced review copy of Irving’s new book, The Last Chairlift, which comes out in October, I plopped myself down with it and noticed it was only two chapters! It’s nearly 1000 pages so I immediately had to rant to Diane about it. Her digital copy was complete so she talked me down from the ledge and had me download it again. I did so FIVE times and finally got a full copy. Phew! It sounds dramatic but you know how it is with highly anticipated books. I went through ALL the emotions.

Guess what! It’s my son’s 24th birthday today! Many of you have known him since he was The Boy. Time flies! I’m sure this is how he is spending it. He just recovered from COVID. He avoided it all this time but this new variant is a beast. Mild symptoms. Three days positive but now well for the baseball game he plans to attend today. Root Beer was a good little nurse.

Root Beer the Cat

Right Now:

Same old routine today. Student ministry until about 1pm and then whatever. I haven’t cooked anything in a long time. Maybe I will make a pot of something. Ha. It’s still warm here but comfort foods sound good to me.


Happily reading The Last Chairlift, which is good so far. I realize that picking up a chunkster that was not on my summer reading list will slow down my reading progress overall but you can’t ignore an Irving book when you’ve been graced with a review copy.


We are still watching the Korean zombie show, Sweet Home. We have one more episode in Season 1 to watch. I heard that they are working on another season so it will be interesting to see where the story goes. Out of ten episodes only the last three moved the plot along but now it’s really interesting.

I really want to see the movie Nope. I’ve shared how movie theater experiences usually leave me wanting. People on their cell phones, talkers, etc. They all drive me crazy. We may wait for the hype to die down a bit. A little bit of trivia. The town this movie is set in is supposed to be my town, Santa Clarita.

Nope movie poster.

Grateful for:

  • Good friends. It’s been a little hard to schedule things these days. Everyone’s calendars are back to being booked up but we still try.
  • My husband was gifted this men’s sunblock that is a clear gel and meant for balding men.  LOL. He immediately got rid of it and so I snatched it for myself. It’s made by Cremo and it’s great on my face! Not greasy. No smell. No shine.

Have a great Sunday! Enjoy every minute. Read something good, make something good, rest.

15 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: I Was a Very Unpleasant Person for a Whole 20 Minutes”

  1. I’m so glad you were able to get the chunkster book to download completely!! That would be frustrating. Happy to hear your son is doing better and only had mild symptoms. Happy Birthday to him!

  2. Happy Birthday to The Boy! – it is hard to believe that he is 24! Looking forward to the Irving review. I hope to finally finish Harlem Shuffle today. It is okay, not really that interesting to me. So- disappointed.

    1. Yeah, that is probably why I haven’t rushed to read Harlem Shuffle. So many opinions about it and most are not great.

  3. I would have felt the same frustration as you, Ti! I wonder what the glitch was, but am glad you were finally able to download the entire book. I’ve only read one book by John Irving (A Prayer for Owen Meany), so I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts.

    I’m sorry your son caught Covid, but am glad he is feeling well enough to enjoy his birthday today.

  4. That would have turned many of us in a “very unpleasant person” for at least 20 min., some of us more.

    My husband had skin cancer on his face because since childhood he was outside, in Florida. Thankfully he didn’t have any signs of it after treatment. His dermatologist told us to ALWAYS use sunblock, not sunscreen. He suggested Neutrogena sunblock 90SPF or higher.

    Glad you son is better!

    1. Sun damage can be a scary thing. Sometimes you don’t even realize your skin is getting damaged. Photos of me ten years ago don’t show these dark spots on my face. With regular sunblock use they have begun to fade but one day without block and they immediately get darker.

  5. I bet you were so frustrated with trying to download the book. Glad it worked out. Happy Birthday to your kiddo – wow – can he be 24? Also glad he’s doing fine after having the virus. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    1. I think back to when I was 24 and it just doesn’t seem possible that I have a 24 year old son. Nope. Haha. And The Girl will be 19 this October! 🙀

  6. So happy you can now continue The Last Chairlift )it better be great after that LOL.) Can’t believe your son is 24 – does that mean we’ve gotten older as well:? Glad he is recovering from COVID nicely and I’m sure RootBeer loved the company!

    Have a great week.

    1. Yes, and he is off today and tomorrow as the museum is closed so he and Root Beer will be going on an adventure. His words.

  7. I hope your son had a fantastic birthday and I’m glad he’s recovered. What a pain about the Irving book! I think we all would understand you not being happy about that.

    1. My first thought about the Irving book is that it was intentional. A tease only. I went to Edelweiss and some there complained of the same thing but some had full copies so then I thought it was a glitch of some sort.

  8. Happy Birthday to “the boy” who is no longer a boy!

    I can’t believe you had to download the book 6 times before you got the whole thing; that must have been so frustrating. After all that, I hope you enjoy it. Have a great week!

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