Sunday Matters: June, June, June

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It’s unbelievable to me that we are firmly sitting in June now. Water restrictions have hit and I fear that our quarter-acre plus yard won’t survive. It’s really a catch-22 because we have hillsides to maintain and when they are dead and brown they are a fire hazard. Plus, all the new building in our city doesn’t make sense when we are all using the same water source. We will make the best of it but rain would be really good.

My daughter started her new job yesterday. She is the assistant director for a summer theater camp for kids. It’s the perfect job for her and local which makes it nice. My son has been doing well. He found a groomer for Root Beer and has been taking her on walks around the harbor.

Right Now:

Student ministry is meeting today but we are starting summer programming which is light and fun and just cool for hangs. I’ll be headed over there in a bit and then the rest of the day is wide open.


I finished Notes on Your Sudden Disappearance by Alison Espach. I really loved it. My review posts tomorrow. Now, I am debating which book to pick up. One of my summer reads? Or something else? Ok, well I decided on Sea of Tranquility.

Notes on Your Sudden Disappearance


We tried to watch Stranger Things, Season 4 in Palm Springs last week but my hot spot wasn’t working great so that is what we are watching now.

Grateful for:

  • Summer reading lists.
  • This great weather. Not too hot yet.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

9 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: June, June, June”

  1. I wish I could send CA some of our water! This has been the rainiest year ever. So far this year, we’ve had almost 30″. Do homeowners still use iceplant to help with erosion and fire danger on hillsides? I remember we had a lot of that when we lived in Del Mar and Solana Beach.

    Your daughter’s new job sounds perfect for her. I’ll bet the kids will love her, too.

    Have a good week, Ti!

  2. We need a good downpour as well but, of course, we are not as bad off as CA. Hoping rain comes you way soon. What a perfect job for your daughter. Hope her health issues have been resolved. Glad you son and RootBeer are doing well and in such a nice area. Here’s to more great summer reads. Fingers crossed for a good month ahead.

    1. It’s weird. The doc didn’t do anything during her procedure but ever since, the internal bleeding has stopped. We are watching her diet carefully.

      I really don’t know why Ca hasn’t brought water in from up north after all these years. We may not see a drop of rain until November or so and our wild fires will be out of control by then.

  3. I know this isn’t your fault but some of the advertising that is attached to your page is so disgusting. One is for hand towels. No problem. One shows a picture of hard little poops. Not kidding. Gross. Do you monetize your blog on purpose? If so, do you get much money for it. I decided to got advertising free just because I want to read about books and not wade through ads. Just a thought.

    1. Thank you. I’ve seen some weird ads now and then but none as weird as what you just shared. I make no money from ads. When I renew my domain in October I will take a look at the cost of going ad free.

  4. Sounds like your daughter has the perfect job for summer. I hope everything else with her health-wise is ok. Sounds like your reading is going well. I wish I could say the same, but I have a number of distractions related to my daughter at the moment – none of it in her control but it must be addressed.

    I wish I could send you some of our rain. It has been good for the garden mostly, but the poor strawberries may start too rot before I can pick more…unless i get a rain slicker and head out there in a downpour.

    1. We are so dry here that they are talking about installing restrictors that will only allow water for essential activities like bathing.

  5. I’m so glad things are settling in for your kids and hope the medical side of things begins to get solved for your daughter.

    We’ve already had a number of small fires in SB so I am quite worried about this summer.

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