Sunday Matters: Three Days for the Weekend Would Be Ideal

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I’ve always said that three days would make for an excellent weekend. You’d have a day for errands, a day for fun, and a day to relax. Perfect, right? We’ve been a little short on the “fun” day because it ends up being an errand or cleaning day. I do not mind cleaning. In fact I love to clean and organize before relaxing. Errands, I do not care for. And soon I need to buy some clothes. I really detest clothes shopping but yoga pants cannot be worn for every occasion, contrary to popular belief.

Right Now:

No student ministry today since they are on spring break. I hope they all have a fabulous break. I miss their smiling faces. I am working on a little project related to student ministry though so I will dedicate some time today for that.


I finished Murakami T: The T-Shirts I Love. It was a lot of fun to read about his favorite t-shirts. Seems like an odd topic but in his hands it’s always interesting. My review should be up soon. My review of The School for Good Mothers posted last Friday so stop by if you missed it.

I am about to finish Greenwich Park. My next read is Nan Rossiter’s new one, A Good Measure. It comes out April 12th and Nan has offered me a copy to giveaway so look for that review soon.

A Good Measure


We started Ozark. It’s dark and intense. It’s reminding me a lot of Breaking Bad which was one of my favorite shows ever.

Grateful for:

  • New opportunities that challenge me.
  • Trash pick-up. It’s ridiculous the amount of trash just the three of us generate. I’ve been going through closets and drawers and tossing stuff left and right. It feels good.
  • Someone at church recommended a new band to me, Joseph. They are amazing if you want to give them a listen. It’s not worship music but they are vibey and just good.

Have a wonderful Sunday and great week! I cannot believe we are in April! Do you prepare an Easter dinner? I normally do but these two here just want to go to Cracker Barrel. Ha.

18 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Three Days for the Weekend Would Be Ideal”

  1. You know I agree about the Three-day weekend. It’d be nice to get the errands done on a day other than a Saturday or Sunday when businesses or customer service seem to be closed. This past week was all about the little tedious things that I couldn’t take care of last Saturday. And after working yesterday, I’m just decompressing today.

    Did you watch Better Call Saul too? I have a friend who loved Breaking Bad and also really liked Saul.

    1. My husband watched Better Call Saul but I couldn’t get into it even though I really like the character. He’s looking forward to the new season.

  2. Easter plays no role in my life now that I don’t have a small child. In fact, I am a bit embarrassed to admit I don’t know when it is this year.

    I do agree with the 3-day weekend idea. I feel like I spend Saturday getting stuff done beyond the house then Sunday I do laundry, etc. I’d love a day off 🙂

    1. When my kids were little, I was not going to church so Easter was all about the baskets. Now, of course they are grown but Easter is a huge big deal to me now but not so much for my son or husband.

  3. Definitely, a three-day weekend is a must. We’re not planning a big vacation this year (maybe a few day trips here and there) but I AM going to be taking as many Fridays off as I can manage.

  4. I’ve always wanted a 3 day weekend too, two just isn’t enough!

    I was going through things to see what I wanted to throw away (mostly old papers I don’t need anymore), or donate and that’s how I hurt my back. Didn’t even do anything out of the ordinary so I’m still perplexed.

    I want to check out all the books you’re reading.

    There’s only two of us and we have a ridiculous amount of trash. It’s terrible!

    I’ll give Joseph a listen and see what I think.

    I usually have Easter dinner but I’m thinking this year we may just have a cookout.

    1. A cookout sounds great for Easter. We are expecting 95 degree temps this week and then it’s back to 70 so Easter weekend should be mild for us. We still haven’t decided what to do. They don’t want me to cook but then if the day comes and there is nothing to eat I won’t hear the end of it.

  5. We have more trash for 2 people, I don’t get how our neighbors (just 2 also) have (1) recycling (we have 2) and they have (1) black trash bag and we usually have 3 – I blame it on us with pets and them having none LOL.

    1. I have a co-worker who visits his parents in Taiwan and she is always floored by the trash rules there. They don’t get bins, they get small boxes and everything has to be sorted. It’s weighed so you are charged by weight. Really makes you second guess packaging that uses a lot of wasteful wrapping.

  6. I hate shopping for clothes, too! That’s why whenever I do find something I like, I get it in a bunch of colors. I’ve been doing my clothes shopping online for a few years now, which is ok if they offer free return shipping.

    I like the cover art for A Good Measure! I’d probably buy the book just based on that cover.

    Oooh, if Ozark reminds you of Breaking Bad, I’ll have to watch it. We loved Breaking Bad!

    Have a good week, Ti.

  7. A three day weekend would be ideal…I vote for that!
    I need to go through stuff and just start throwing things away. It does feel good. Have a great week!

  8. I really miss my old work schedule and having three day weekends every weekend. It sounds like you are reading some great books. I feel like my reading has been slow going, but it’s not so much bad books but little reading time. I need to work more at getting it in. I hope you have a great rest of the week and weekend.

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