Sunday Matters: Until Next Time

Sunday Matters

I prescheduled this post because I am on my way back from dropping my daughter off at LAX. Hopefully the flights go smoothly because Delta was trying to reschedule her due to weather in the Midwest but I don’t see anything but some rain. I hope she has an amazing second semester.

Right Now:

See above. Ha.

This Week:

Monday is a holiday and like a true over-achiever, I scheduled TWO appointments on my day off. One is physical therapy, no biggie. The other is the pre-op for my kidney surgery. I am not even sure if that will happen with the hospitals full of this virus but so far the appointment is still a go. I don’t really have anything else going on which is nice.

I will spend some time this week prepping templates for some upcoming reviews. That way when I am done with each book I can just quickly jump on here and get them posted.


I think my next book will be The School for Good Mothers. I have two review copies I really need to get to but I will probably reach for this one first because I am hearing all sort of things about it and I don’t want any spoilers.


Working our way through Cobra Kai.

Grateful for:

  • That my first week back on the clock was good. I was dreading it so but it was fairly easy to navigate.
  • There’s a bit of stress that I’ve been dealing with, that I have not yet talked about but I am very grateful for my Bible studies that keep me grounded.

Have a wonderful Sunday and great week!

13 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Until Next Time”

  1. I hope your stress is resolved. It is so refreshing to hear someone openly talk of faith and the bible. Gives me the courage to live my faith more openly

    1. Thank you for that comment. I am hesitant sometimes to share anything about my faith walk on a book blog but hey, the Bible is a book, right? LOL. I take great comfort in my walk. It’s been a long one.

  2. You have so much going on (kidney surgery, the other stress, back at work, the kids leaving, etc) that I hope you can find time to destress. Perhaps walks with the Otter Pup serve that purpose.

    I get to drive to LAX late tomorrow night to drop off Sophia for her final semester at Vassar. How time flies!

  3. The School of Good Mothers looks so good, doesn’t it? I think I need to get to it sooner rather than later, too. Hope all goes well with the flights and upcoming surgery, and that everything works out with the other stress.

  4. So happy you got to spend quality time with kids.That pic of E was beautiful. The School for Good Mother is on my list. I have audio and eGalley so not sure which it will be. Thinking about you and all you have on your plate right now. Wishing you only positive vibes that all will work out well whatever you are dealing with.

  5. I hope you’re able to resolve some of that stress, esp. before your kidney surgery if that doesn’t get postponed.

    I read a 400+ pg book over the long weekend, and it was fiction! It was a relief to read something longer for a change and be totally immersed in it.

  6. I hope your daughter had an uneventful trip back to the Midwest. I also hope your pre-op appointment went well. I have a friend who was supposed to have surgery last Friday, but is now on hold due to short staffing at the hospital. Quite a worry, as it’s a serious surgery. 😦 You have so much going on, it’s not surprising that you’re feeling stressed. I hope you can find time to get outside and relax a bit. Take care, Ti!

    1. Her flight home was interesting when the crew was a no show. The entire crew except for the pilot. She did eventually get into the air but hours later and was soooo late coming into Springfield. I kept checking her iPhone location to make sure she got back to her building. She did. Like at 1:30am.

      My surgery was just moved up to 1/27 so I hope it happens.

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