Sunday Matters: Vacation, Over

Sunday Matters

Today is the last day of my vacation. Sunday Scaries are in full swing. I am still working remotely tomorrow and I saw a campus post about going virtual for the beginning of the spring semester so I will get the details on that tomorrow. It was inevitable. The other day LA County had nearly 44K new cases reported for the DAY. That doesn’t count in-home tests. It’s everywhere.

Right Now:

Student ministry is back today so I will be heading over in a bit. Must load up on coffee first. Looks like it will be a beautiful day.

This Week:

My club ended up discussing Migrations via Zoom last week. It was a good book for discussion. I need to write up the review. I also finished Our Country Friends so I must write that review as well. I really enjoyed it.

First Book 2022: Our Country Friends

Besides review writing, this week will be all about the return to work. It’s also the last week before my daughter heads back to Missouri. She leaves 1/16. The time went by so fast.


I think my next book will be The School for Good Mothers. I have two review copies I really need to get to but I will probably reach for this one first because I am hearing all sort of things about it and I don’t want any spoilers.


Working our way through Cobra Kai. And after loving Squid Game I am moving on to The Silent Sea which has one actor from Squid Game in it.

Grateful for:

  • That my son’s cat Root Beer is now officially his. She is spayed, chipped, has her shots and she will now be fully indoors as the vet found a BB pellet in her stomach. Small towns don’t care for feral cats. Sad.
  • That I decided to take this extra week off. I didn’t do much but it was good.

Have a wonderful Sunday and great week! Check on me mid-week I may need some encouragement.

16 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Vacation, Over”

  1. Glad you enjoyed your time off and time with your daughter. The School for Good Mothers is also on my TBR but, maybe not until February. Crazy virus is rampant here as well and a older woman from our yoga group passed away from complications of virus – she hadn’t been to yoga since September though. So happy about the Root Beer update and that such a beautiful cat will have a loving home with your son.

    Enjoy your week.

    1. Every day 45K+ positives reported for LA County. Happened again yesterday. So many have it now and they don’t really care. Still going out, still working or sending the kids to school.

      As for Root Beer. That cat is the sweetest thing. She knew she had to learn how to use the litter box to be inside and she did so on the first try. She is recovering nicely.

  2. Wow, 44K cases in one day! DAMN! That’s a lot. Big county though. I hope you enjoy your last week with your daughter as much as you can.
    Enjoy your return to work and have a great reading week.

  3. I think you have Spotify. There’s a nice series from Headspace called The Sunday Scaries that is pretty good. It’s only about six episodes long (I think they’re repeating them now). Seeing you call it “Sunday Scaries” reminded me of that. I get them too, but today I’m returning to something that has helped me over the last couple of years, what I call “My Own Personal Sabbath,” where I’m mostly off digital devices, especially my phone or at least certain apps like Chrome and Instagram for the day. It’s been helpful. I know your Sundays are pretty busy so that might not be possible for the start and middle of the day, but maybe the end or maybe another day? A Saturday? Just a thought.

    1. Thank you for that information. I have been on the clock for about 3+ hours now and my inbox was not bad at all. Bigger issues for everyone to deal with I guess. I am all caught up.

  4. I’m glad you had such a good vacation… this is the perfect time of year to take a break. Covid is crazy here in FL, too, but government officials don’t seem to care much. Hospitals are getting overwhelmed again, elective surgeries cancelled, restaurants can’t open some days because they don’t have enough healthy staff, and many just try and pretend it’s all just business as usual. Makes me crazy!

  5. LA seems to be swimming in Covid cases now sadly. My brother just got it there. Think he’s doing better after 3 days. Be careful! Sorry your vacation is ending. Darn. The fact that there was a BB in Root Beer the cat makes me very sad about humanity. I hope she gets many pats for the rest of her life. Glad you liked Migrations and Our Country Friends. will look for your reviews.

    1. The news about Root Beer was surprising. My son says they do not treat feral cats well there though so I am really glad that cat transitioned to indoors like a champ. Nine degree temps helped.

  6. So annoying about covid and the cavalier attitude by many. We have a friend who was supposed to have brain surgery on a tumor this week. His surgery was cancelled due to staffing issues! It’s not exactly elective surgery, but they just don’t have the team to perform this specialized surgery. I’m growing very weary of this, as are many.

    On a brighter note, I’m happy your son is now a proud owner of a kitty. I’m sure Root Beer will bring him much enjoyment.

    Enjoy these remaining days with your daughter. I know the house will be especially quiet once she’s gone back to school. BTW, how’s your knee?!

    1. People here are throwing COVID parties so they can catch it and be done. What they do not understand is that this is not Chicken Pox. No long term immunity gained by doing this and you risk long COVID. Even a loss of taste for years would be horrific.

    2. I forgot to mention my knee. It is a little better. I can take short walks now. The pup is glad. It’s not going out on me anymore so the muscles are getting stronger. The shot reduced the inflammation so now the joint is not pinching like it was. Progress.

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