Sunday Matters: A Lot of the Same

Sunday Matters

These regular posts are really the only reason I know what day it is. Everything blurs together during the week. When I try to pick out something different or something news worthy to discuss, I end up with very little. The pup and I stare at each other, a lot. Reading has been very good. The days are long though. I often can’t wait for The Hub to get home just so we can take a drive or eat. It’s become very routine. No young people bursting into a room with the events of the day. Still adjusting.

Right Now:

Coffee, some toast and then student ministry. When I get home, The Hub will probably be watching sports so I will crash on the couch with my current read.

This Week:

I am taking Friday off this week. I needed to use up some vacation days and some retired colleagues are coming in from Idaho so we are meeting in the valley for lunch. Later that same day, I have a Ladies Night for student ministry which should be fun.

Other than that, not much. Still working from home. I am thinking about moving my work setup to another location. I am sick of this view.


I reviewed My Heart is a Chainsaw. I didn’t love it but I think true fans of classic slasher films might really enjoy it.

I also finished Piranesi. Oh my word. Get that book. It’s so different. I loved it and now I want to own a nice, physical copy. My review of it should be up this week.

My current read is Taste by Stanley Tucci. I love him. I love his show too but man, his cooking makes me very hungry.


American Horror Story: Part 2. All about Aliens and the conspiracy theories surrounding them. A little bit of a stretch but entertaining as heck.

Squid Game. Starting this one this weekend. I’ve heard it’s super gruesome and yet, everyone is watching it on Netflix.

Our horror movie watching has started with the classic Halloween. The new one that is coming out this month has ZERO appeal to me. Give me the classic anytime.

Grateful for:

  • My Bible reading has been pretty good these past few weeks. I am doing a study on the book of Revelation. It’s the first time I am reading that book and not seeing the “end times”, it’s more a plan for the future. Interesting.
  • Early bed time. With my knee all jacked up, I’ve been heading to bed early. I do read for a bit but then I am out. It’s been lights out by 9pm on most nights. Unheard of!

I still haven’t satisfied my vegetarian chili/cornbread craving. I need to make that happen this week. Have a wonderful Sunday and week!

18 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: A Lot of the Same”

  1. Good to hear you are into your reading right now. I am wondering if you are reading TASTE digitally or actual physical copy. I have requested it from library and can’t wait. So enjoyed watching his recent travel show.

  2. It is weird not having children around, isn’t it? Holly is still here, but we almost never see her. Case in point, she left the house at 9:30 AM today for dance rehearsals, and we won’t see her again until after she finishes work around 9:30 PM. What makes it even more unusual for me is that Jim is either traveling or working ALL. THE. TIME. With this new job, he seems to have forgotten anything about work/life balance and therefore is always checking email, on a call, or working. He goes out for runs and comes back on a business call. It’s so bad, but it means a lot of alone time, something I haven’t had in 21 years.

    1. Even though my daughter’s senior year was 95% online, she was so busy with virtual auditions that we never saw her. We had to be out of the house while she was filming so it kind of got us used to her not being around but now that we are hitting the two year mark of me being at home, I will say I am a little over it. I like the flexibility but I am numb from staring at these walls.

  3. This is the second mention of Piranesi I’ve seen while reading blogs today! Just put it on hold. I want to read Tucci’s book, too, but just noticed that he narrates it himself… that’ll be a tough decision.

    It does seem like everyone is watching Squid Game, but I don’t think it’s for me. We started watching The Chair on Netflix last night and enjoyed the first couple of episodes.

  4. PIRANESI!!!!! It. Is. Getting. So. Good. I have about an hour and a half left, according to my Kindle. I need to finish this tonight because I can’t wait any longer to find out how this ends. Loving it.

  5. Having both kids gone is a total game changer. It’s quieter, a bit more boring, and I also found myself at a bit of a loss. It’s better now since for me it’s been a number of years, but it really is a huge change.

  6. I love Stanley Tucci and hope to get a copy of his book for my birthday or Christmas. I’ll probably do a read/listen since he’s the narrator.

    I haven’t heard much about Piranesi, but one review mentions Circe and The Ocean at the End of the Lane, both of which I loved, so I’ll add this to my audio queue.

  7. I haven’t read any of those books, but I know what you mean about Tucci and that show! I walk away from it hungry every time! Sometimes I’ve even just finished supper! I hope there is more to come from that show. I would love to see more. It also satisfies my Italy travel aspirations that look like they will never happen…at least until Katerina is out of the house and on her own.

    I’m reading poetry books for the book festival and Dave Grohl’s memoir, but that is slow going because of the volunteer work that needs to be done first.

  8. This link works to my blog. The previous one doesn’t! But our dog left us some long time ago, and we never got another. I do miss exchanging long looks with him.

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