Sunday Matters: Hello, Again!

Sunday Matters

It’s been nearly two weeks since I’ve been here and I missed you all so much. I was able to chat with many of you via Instagram and Facebook so at least I had that. My daughter’s move-in went fabulously well. It could not have gone better. Missouri State is an amazing campus filled with wonderful people. In fact, I really enjoyed Springfield in general. So much so that I could see myself living there. My son, who joined us from Kansas felt the same way. It has a good mix of upscale downtown eateries and shops, but also that small town feel. I even visited the lovely Pagination bookshop while there.

Pagination book shop.


My daughter and her roommate got their last choice dorm assignment. When they got the assignment, they were pretty upset. But let me tell you, they totally lucked out. In this building, there are a few rooms on each floor that are larger, by like a 1/3 at least and they scored one of those rooms. Check it out. Yes, that is a music station with a piano and various instruments. Don’t you love their windows? Emma’s side is on the left.

Huge MSU dorm room.

Em and her roommate. Both, musical theatre BFA students. You can see that Emma has a pillow with The Otter Pup on it, courtesy of her brother.

Em and her roommate.

Emma is so happy to be reunited with her guitar. It was sent ahead with my son when he moved to Kansas. You know, his car STILL isn’t back from the dealer? Engine was replaced but they sure are dragging their feet on returning the vehicle to him.

Emma by her desk.

Right Now:

As you can imagine, now that the move is behind us, I feel as if such a weight has been lifted. You all know how I was stressing about plans and the like. I am a planner but I could not for the life of me plan. I decided the day before we left that I was going to wing it. Winging it, worked great. My son was a huge help and we got to visit some of the town while Emma was acclimating to college life. The zoo. Man, was it hot that day. Evan also introduced me to ALL the regional food chains like Freddy’s, Culver’s, Andy’s, Cracker Barrel, Texas Road House, Frist Watch, and even the Waffle House. Surprisingly, many of these places had vegetarian and gluten free items for me to enjoy.

Evan at First Watch enjoying breakfast.

As you read this, I am at the church with the J High and High School students. I am not leading this year. My group graduated and many of them have moved into their dorms as well. I am assisting in other ways. It’s a good way to stay young. The students are fun to be around.

This Week:

I thought I was to be back in the office this week but word on the street is that the return to campus for me has been pushed to October 4th. I haven’t officially heard this but that works for me. Students do return to campus this week though so it will be busy here in my virtual office as well.


I am done with Moriarty’s new book, Apples Never Fall. It’s quite different than her other books and it’s a chunk at nearly 500 pages. I really enjoyed it. It comes out September 14th.

Apples Never Fall

I finished Bloodless by Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston right before my trip but didn’t have time to get the review posted. That book was also good but that writing team is a fave of mine. They really can’t go wrong. I hope to have that review up this week.


Haven’t had a chance to watch anything but I have the premier of The Walking Dead and also American Horror Story to keep me occupied. Hope to sit down this week to watch those.

Grateful for:

  • An excellent move-in experience. It was just like Kindergarten. We dropped her off, helped her unpack a little and then her friends took over. I still remember that first day of Kindergarten. She let go of my hand and three other girls took her away. Kind of the same thing. Even my son said so.
  • That we caught our connecting flight there after our first flight was delayed for nearly 45 minutes. We had 7 minutes to get across the airport but that plane ended up being delayed too. I was a hot mess for a second. That Denver airport is hard to navigate with so many people.
  • So, so grateful for Evan’s help. He had his rental car and he didn’t mind driving his sister and I all over the place. Even the shopping trip to the Target in Wichita went smooth as silk. Getting all the stuff in the car was tricky. My daughter had to ride with a laundry hamper in her lap but we made it work.
  • Grateful that The Hub kept The Otter Pup happy. I guess she waited up late every night for us to come home. She was beyond happy to see me and still stares as me as if I am a mirage. She is looking for her sissy and brother though.

I’ve talked enough. I really missed you all and need to go through Feedly to see what you’ve all been doing. Oh! I saw that the R.I.P Challenge is happening so I hope to get my list together for that soon.

14 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Hello, Again!”

  1. So happy to read all the details and how well your trip went. maybe now you can relax a bit and know the kiddos are all set and happy. Loved all the happy pictures too. Take care.

  2. I am so glad moving in for Emma went smoothly. I know you wanted to plan for it as much as possible, but I think it is one of those things for which you really can’t.

    I read your comment about all of the regional chains at which you ate, and it blew my mind. I figured you would have never seen a Culver’s but Cracker Barrel? First Watch? Texas Roadhouse? Mind. Blown. I guess I would figure by now that most of these are not so regional anymore. After all, I first had Cracker Barrel when I was eight years old. The only place you could get it was down south. On our annual trip to Florida every year, we would notice how that chain was inching its way north. Now, I live within two miles of one. I guess they only go north and south and not east to west?

    How are you adjusting to life without both kids? How is OtterPup doing without Emma around?

    1. We are doing okay. I expected to be really off upon return but the move-in process went so smoothly and she is so happy there. That made it much easier for me to leave her.

      The food. Yeah, I mean. My son had some time in Kansas to get all that food tasted so he was a good foodie guide once we arrived. I am not much of a dessert person but that custard. So good.

      The Otter Pup is a little sad now and then. She stands outside of their doors. I let her in for a little bit and then she comes out looking even more confused. She thinks I lost my kids somewhere. She keeps trying to tell me that they aren’t here.

  3. I am so happy for you all that Emma’s move in went smoothly as that can be emotionally and physically draining. Evan sounds like he was a big help, which is great. And that dorm room… amazing!

    My daughter left on Friday and it’s so different after the first year. You’re right, though, it is a little like kindergarten. They are tentative, then others show up and pull them away. It’s as it should be.

    1. It was all so perfect, really. She is happy. We are happy. I am wanting a touch more communication but her lack of it is because she has jumped into this program and is being taught by some Broadway greats. It’s really amazing who she has as an acting teacher. Lisa Brescia. Think Wicked, Dear Evan Hanson, etc.

  4. So happy to hear how well it all went. Emma’s room is amazing and she looks so happy!! Sounds like your son was a huge help. You’re lucky he was able to arrange his schedule to be there with you. It must be a relief to be back home and look back on a successful move in.

    1. Yes. It all went so well. I am still in a warm, fuzzy place after that move. My house has evidence of the trip all around it. Luggage that needs to be put away, mail that needs to be read, just remnants from the trip so I am taking some time today to put that in order.

  5. Wow!! The college send-off seems to have gone better than I could have ever imagine. The town, the campus, the room! Holy smokes we never got a dorm room like that, big too. Nice. I’m about ready to move to Springfield, ha. So glad she’s there! Great pics. Quite an experience, eh? How did you already get done with Apples Never Fall ? …. that was quick … hope it’s good. Have a great week.

    1. The entire move in process was a treat. A treat!! You know how anxious I was about it. I was also anxious about plane travel. Not because I don’t like flying but because it’s been so long since I’ve sat with a crowd of people but everyone was good and kind.

      The campus is beautiful. Her friend group is amazing. Made it so much easier on this mama to leave her in good hands.

  6. Your daughter really did luck out with that room. It’s huge! I still remember my first dorm and how small it was, esp. with three of us packed in with all our stuff.

    It sounds like winging it really worked for you this time. What is up with that dealer and getting your son his car! That’s ludicrous.

    I hope you’re having a good week back at work and that the otter pup adjusts to a less busy house.

  7. I’m so glad Emma’s move-in went so well. I know you were pretty stressed about all the details, so it’s great that it all worked out. College towns are wonderful and we fell in love with Lincoln, Nebraska when we moved there in the early 90s. I’ll bet Springfield has a similar vibe. And, of course, it will have gorgeous fall and spring colors (and only about a foot of snow each winter). It will be interesting to see if you make a big move out there someday. 🙂 I can’t get over how large your daughter’s dorm room is! They really did luck out. What a bummer that your son hasn’t received his car yet. How frustrating!

    It will be interesting to see if your back-to-the-office date gets pushed again as the covid cases continue to rise. Oregon is in a terrible place right now with many hospitals at or near capacity. We’re hunkering down again. 😦

    1. I am really missing Springfield. It was such a cozy town and the people were so kind. Not something you see regularly where I am from.

      And really, I am still sitting in happiness over that move. It just went so incredibly well. My son was kind of chuckling to himself because as a university employee myself I always go straight to the admins and so I met the president who talked with us for quite some time about why we chose MSU. I also met the Dean of Arts and discussed the audition experience and how happy we are with the faculty so far. I just got a good feeling from them all around.

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