Sunday Matters: Hello, August

Sunday Matters

How is Sunday treating you so far? We are good here. Weather has been nice. Not too hot. Feels a tad tropical with our 30% humidity but  I am not complaining. I’ve embraced the messy hair bun so frizz is not a concern.

Right Now:

Not a lot going on at the moment. This past week, I’ve noticed a decline in activity for the pup. Could it be possible that she is just sick of seeing my face now? She’s not spending her morning sunning like she usually does. She prefers to just stare at me from afar. Her face is saying, “Are you still here?” I bet she misses me when I return to work though. That will be a whole thing to transition into. That said, debating on whether it’s too warm to take her for a walk right now.

This Week:

My daughter and I leave for Missouri on 8/17 and I am getting to the point when I am thinking of just winging it. I can’t sit down and plan anything. It all seems like too much or not reasonable. I envy those of you who just fly by the seat of your pants because I am a planner, normally, but haven’t been good at it since the pandemic.


My review of Count The Ways posted last week so be sure to check it out if you missed it. Gosh, I loved that book.

What I say I am going to read ends up being different from what I actually pick up. You know, mood. I am supposed to be reading Damnation Spring but picked up Where The Truth Lies. So far, so good.

Where The Truth Lies


Haven’t been watching anything. Just reading. A first.

Grateful for:

  • There is this app I discovered called One Minute Pause. It is kind of like a meditation app but focuses on Jesus. Not trying to get preachy on you but it’s been a blessing to me as my head spins around like Linda Blair in The Exorcist.

Do you have what I call a Sunday dinner? One where you all sit down and enjoy a special meal? I like to do this but these days with one kid gone and the other packing in her social activities like they are going out of style, I’ve not done it lately.

24 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Hello, August”

  1. We’ve had a humid summer. Today is gorgeous sunny and 70 right now but, humidity is still 68%. The next 2.5 weeks is going to fly by I’m sure. When do classes start for you kids? I like making a big Sunday dinner during football season with enough leftovers for a day or 2 but, in summer it’s not appealing. Hoping to also read Damnation Springs in August. I like the sound of it. Oh, and I am definitely a planner where oddly my daughter is the opposite. It drives me nuts about myself but I’ve always need to feel like I had everything under control. I think at times we are our own worst enemies. Hope the week goes well for you.

  2. I’m a planner. It’s tricky to be a planner right now because who knows what is going to happen next. Nevertheless, I hope that your trip with your daughter goes beautifully. Missouri is a state with great beauty.

    We always ate a big Sunday dinner every week with my grandparents when we were children. We were always asking my mom to continue the tradition, but it was too much for her. We spend Sunday evenings with my sister and her husband where we eat pizza and watch a movie together.

    I’ve just added Count the Ways to my request list. Thanks for sharing your enjoyment of this book with us.

  3. I’m an introvert so I didn’t have any social activities as a kid and ate all meals at the table with my mom and/or mom & dad. Unfortunately, we lived in a different state than our relatives so I missed out on Sunday dinners with the grandparents and stuff. Sucks.

    I am a planner, but, like you, can’t do it right now. I don’t feel stressed out until I go to do something that requires my brain and concentration…such as planning.

    Hope you enjoy your trip to Missouri! I am just below there, in Arkansas.

    1. I never had extended family close to me growing up but when I married my husband his grandparents used to do Sunday Dinners and we’d eat comfort food and watch I Love Lucy!

      My daughter’s roommate is coming from Arkansas!!

  4. We don’t have a big Sunday dinner, but I’m starting to roast a chicken with all the fixings (mashed potatoes, peas, and gravy) every week or so. My husband loves it and the chicken is so easy. There’s always enough leftover for sandwiches, so it’s a win-win in my book.

    I’m a big planner, but over the past few years I’ve relaxed a bit, especially when it comes to RV travel. Sometimes it’s good to just be spontaneous. We’re going to Alaska next summer and that will require a lot of planning, but I want to leave room for some unplanned adventures.

    Good luck with your travels later in the month. It will all work out, one way or another. 🙂

    1. A roasted chicken makes the entire house smell good too.

      Before COVID and before you knew of me, I was an obsessive planner and then the world went to heck in a handbasket. My calendar was wiped clean and it was a good thing because I was headed for a breakdown. Too many appointments. I volunteered so much and then my daughter’s activities took up a lot of time too since she wasn’t driving at the time. It was a blessing in disguise. I’ve learned to just go with it, most of the time now. It will be harder once in-person work starts again but I am going to try my best to keep a simple schedule and not get all worked up over things.

  5. Count the Ways has been on my To Read list – so I’m glad for your comments! THANK YOU for sharing the One Minute Pause app! I just downloaded it and am eager to begin conscientiously pausing in my day to make time for Jesus! Thank you so much!

  6. I am sure your Missouri trip will go well; I am so exciting for her starting her adventure, though it will be strange for you two to be on your own. I have gotten used to having my daughter at home again this summer and last winter, it’s going to be quiet without her around (meaning more reading) and I am excited for her to do college “right” again this coming year.

    1. This move. I just want it to go as smoothly as possible. Obviously. Also, I haven’t mentioned this but on a whim, my daughter applied to the Andrew Lloyd Webber scholarship and she just told me that she is a finalist. By the way. It’s 10K for each year she is in school. I hope she gets it.

  7. We’re big on Sunday dinners… I grew up with them and my extended family still in NY get together every week. I started doing them in Florida with my FIL and then my SIL, too. Since he hasn’t been getting out much we usually take dinner to him now. Sometimes I cook or sometimes we bring take out. We’re winging it here this summer though. Good luck getting ready for the big Missouri trip. I’m sure it will all fall into place.

    1. Yeah, my idea for Sunday dinner didn’t happen. Well, I didn’t cook it. We hit a Mexican restaurant because chips and salsa sounded better.

      Yes. The big move. There is so much to think about and so much to do once we get there but whatever we forget can be mailed or ordered.

  8. This was a busy weekend for us. My Uncle and Aunt came to visit…it was awkward with their traveling around and coming here and other things I won’t mention. It was a short stressful visit.

    Saturday, Anna’s daughter is 21 and we had a little celebration but we got back home late in the evening.

    Sunday was our last volunteer obligation for our daughter’s summer swim team — running the pool’s snack bar for 6 hours. It wasn’t too busy, which made the time seem to drag on and on.

    Not much reading going on here.

    I hope the move to Missouri goes well even if you cannot plan well.

    1. Wow. I cannot believe Anna’s daughter is 21. BTW, your own daughter is getting so tall. I saw a pic of her the other day and I could see the teen in her.

  9. You’re flying to Missouri on 8/17? I might bypass you in LAX … as I will be returning to Canada that day from there. Your trip with your daughter should be exciting. We both likely have much to do before these trips to get ready. I know I do, running around. good luck.

    1. We are flying out of Burbank on 8/17 so we will miss you! I’ve not been on a plane in over a decade and we have a connecting flight. How does one even do that? I’ve only flown direct. I am kidding but also serious.

  10. Our weather has been hot and feels like you’re in a sauna with our humidity.

    Sure hope Chloe is ok, this heat gets to my little 10 lb dog, she can’t take being out in the heat for very long so walks are out of the question.

    I’m a planner on some things and fly by the seat of my pants on others. Depends on what it is.

    I usually read something different than what I thought I was going to read, books are my squirrels.

    I watched Jungle Cruise last night and it was amazing. I may watch it again this week, that’s how much I loved it!

    I found One Minute Pause and got it, along with Glorify: Meditation and Prayer. Thanks for letting us know about OMP.

    When I was growing up and then when I was raising my kids, we ate every meal together. I miss those days.

    1. The pup is better now. I am not sure what was going on last week. She was very lethargic but still eating and wanting to do walks. This week she is back to doing her zoomies all over the house.

      My husband and I really want to see The Jungle Cruise but our numbers are so high right now. And although people are supposed to be wearing masks inside, they won’t. I really don’t need to catch a virus before Missouri.

      So much for a Sunday dinner. My daughter has been out with friends when not working. They are all leaving for college after her so she is trying to get time in with them before 8/17.

      1. So happy to hear that the pup is feeling better!

        I wouldn’t feel safe going to the theater either, I watched it on Plex.

        Most teenagers are like that when they know they wont be seeing their friends for a while, or longer. Once they go off to college and start their careers they mostly grow apart. But some stay friends for their lifetime.

        1. My daughter’s bday is 10/7 which falls on fall break for her and her friends. Her friends already bought plane tickets to visit her in Missouri. She has the best friends.

  11. 30% humidity? I wish. Ours is hovering our 60% right now. Last week, it was around 70% during the day, 90% at night. I believe high humidity along with high temperatures is one of my migraine triggers, so yeah. Go me!

    I feel like a teen’s entire senior year is one where the teen is never home, and it only gets worse during the summer before college. I say to just enjoy those rare times where she is home and not stress about the move to Missouri too much. You can buy whatever she forgets or ship it later – and you will most definitely forget something no matter how organized you are. I know most of Holly’s friends who are moving out of state are only bringing with them a few suitcases and will get the majority of their dorm supplies once they arrive to make their lives a little easier. We did some of that with Connor too.

    1. My daughter’s senior year was her being home the entire time so it’s no wonder she wants to get out as much as possible now. I know the move will be fine but the distance is a challenge. She has a lot of stuff when you consider instruments and the like.

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