Sunday Matters: Can We Stop Time For A Moment?

Sunday Matters

It doesn’t seem possible that July is coming to an end. Yesterday was my son’s 23rd birthday. In just a few weeks, my daughter and I will be in Missouri. This is crazy to me.

Right Now:

With us going to church on Thursday evenings and me not having youth group on Sunday morning, my Sundays are pretty laid back. I will be headed back to student ministry come August, just not in the same role I had before. I hope to focus more on students wanting to take the next step.

Today, I hope to go through my daughter’s room to see what needs to go, what stays, what can be donated because she will not be able to take much with her on the plane. I am hoping she can do this with me but she is also trying to fit “friend” time in before she leaves since she works all week long. Her closet still has tea sets in it, if you can believe it.

This Week:

Probably more of what I said above. It’s a daunting task to take a childhood bedroom apart. It will take some time, I think.

Meal planning. What’s that? I haven’t done it in so long but I am not a big fan of eating out all the time. I will be doing some planning this week. Simple meals. Maybe some sheet pan dinners but then the house gets so hot.


My review of Count The Ways will be up this week. I need to read and review Damnation Spring but I also want to read The Paper Palace so I may read both at the same time. Can you read more than one book at a time? I can if they are different enough.

Damnation Spring


My church did an At The Movies series which shared clips of movies and TV shows and used them for teaching a message. One of those nights we saw bits of The Queen’s Gambit. I had ZERO desire to see that show until we saw clips of it. Both my husband and I agreed that it looked really good so we may dive into that one.

Grateful for:

  • Naps. I’ve been a little tired lately and I’ve been taking short naps after reading and it’s been great getting some extra sleep hours in.
  • Clean floors. I am always so happy after mopping the floors. The pup doesn’t like it. She plays “hot lava” when I mop the floors by going to the highest point she can.

Tell me how you are! What are you reading, doing, watching, eating?

14 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Can We Stop Time For A Moment?”

  1. I agree that time seems to be passing very quickly. I guess that’s what happens when life gets busy again. We have more family arriving tomorrow and another (short-ish) road trip coming up in two weeks.

    Good luck with sorting through your daughter’s things. I don’t think I could do that without her assistance – how do you know what she’d want to keep?

    I can read two or three books at the same time as long as only one is fiction. However, I can listen to a novel and read a novel at the same time. Go figure!

    We loved The Queen’s Gambit! I could watch it again, it was that good.

    1. My preference is for her to sort with me but she is still asleep! If she doesn’t join in I’d just get rid of stuff that obviously doesn’t fit. To start.

  2. Please pass on my belated birthday wishes to Evan. Hope he had a good one…I hear you on wanting to stop time for a moment. I’m trying to at least slow it down today by reading short things: stories, graphic novels, and poetry. I don’t know if it’s working, since it’s already past noon but at least it’s not 5 o’clock either.

  3. I’m in the process of cleaning out my son’s room and it is overwhelming. He’s more sentimental than my daughter — wants to keep everything. I’ve been sleeping in there regularly (he moved into the guest room several years ago) and need it to be less cluttered.

    I usually read several books at once. A print book, an audio in the car, and a Kindle book. It helps if they’re different genres, like one being a fiction and another being nonfiction.

    Queen’s Gambit was fantastic – loved it!

  4. Hugs Tina, we move Syd into her dorm on 8/13, less than 3 weeks and I’m feeling a bit of stress about all there is to do. She works full time during the week and like Emma is prioritizing friends in the evenings and weekends (which I totally get). It doesn’t help that I’m back in the office. Ugh, we will both get through this!

  5. It’s another rainy day here but yesterday was lovely. I also have Damnation Springs and The Paper Palace – both sound so good to me. Can’t wait to read your thoughts on Count the Ways. Have a great week.

  6. Summer always goes so fast! It’s our 19th year in Nova Scotia and I’m not a bit weary of summer here. I need to get to the beach though.

    I also think you will really enjoy Queen’s Gambit. I don’t watch a lot of TV but made an exception for that – and I was glad I did. The series ends when the story ends – kind of like a serialized movie.

  7. I thought the Queen’s Gambit was good and especially liked the costumes and sets as they did an amazing job at capturing the 1950s.

  8. Hope the sorting in your daughter’s room went well. As the mother of a long-grown daughter, just enjoy this time if you can. The ’empty-nest’ thing takes a little bit to get used to. 🙂

  9. This is probably not what your daughter wants to do but maybe her friends could come over and help her sort through things in her room. There might be shared memories there that they could laugh about, etc., getting in some quality time and helping sort through the stuff.

    I hope the trip goes well. I hear you about WHAT is Meal Planning…LOL with swim team, there has been very little of that going on.

    I have read some poetry books that will be reviewed and I finished an audio and started another…narrated by Johnny Depp. We’ll see how far I get, but I have a few days off in August that I’m looking forward to.

  10. It was rainy and cloudy most of the day on Sunday here, too… a good day for reading and napping! The summer is passing so quickly and it sounds like you’ll have a busy few weeks ahead. Happy Birthday to you son. Can’t believe he is 23 already! When/if I’m reading more than one book at a time, I try to make it one fiction and one nonfiction. Have a good week, Ti.

  11. It’s a difficult thing to see your kids leaving home after caring for them for such a long time. I have friends who still haven’t been able to accept that their kids are grown even though their kids are in their mid-20s. It’s a big change.

    Good luck to you, Ti.

  12. I know what you mean. Mine are staring 11th & 9th grade next month. I was looking at their baby/toddler pictures this morning and feeling nostalgic. ♥

    The Queen’s Gambit was wonderful. I wasn’t sure I’d like it, since I have no interest in chess, but it was riveting!

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