Whatnot – Week 1

The House with lights!

My weekly fall tracking has ended. Most of the colorful leaves were blown away over Thanksgiving. We had horrible winds. I mentioned how Edison kept threatening to turn off our power. It was no joke. My patio furniture went flying. There was no way anyone could have eaten outside.

It’s still nice in Southern California though. Cool in the mornings which make the morning walk a crisp, energetic affair. But by the afternoon it’s 70 degrees with a gorgeous blue sky. I love this time of the year!

We put some of the lights up and the tree is up. Had to keep it simple this year which is fine. I am not totally into the holiday yet. Might not be this year. It all feels weird to me. On my walk this morning I passed the elementary school my kids used to go to.  They are doing small cohorts for special education and as the kids arrived, there was a line of school health representatives in full hazmat suits taking their temps. I hesitated because it looked so strange to me. Who would have thought we’d ever go through this in our lifetime? I mean, I’ve read plenty of dystopian fiction and still, it seems surreal to me.

How are you all doing? I am back at work today after a very long break. It will be a long day.

14 thoughts on “Whatnot – Week 1”

  1. I cannot imagine how frightening that was for the kids to see! Hazmat suits! eek.

    I feel like work has been on overdrive for the last 6 months at least. I’m seeing some light but not much. I just want down time to enjoy the holiday with my kiddo.

  2. What a pretty photo. Hope your re-started work days won’t be too bad. The weather sounds ideal (when the wind isn’t blowing!) …. I might be in SoCal in January if the lockdowns don’t get too awful. Holidays will be spent here. First time. take care there.

    1. We have red flag warnings again for this weekend and Edison continues to tell me power could be shut down. Of course, my daughter has that Juilliard audition on Saturday. She kind of needs power for that.

  3. Your house looks wonderful!

    That must have been so strange to see people in hazmat suits at the elementary school greeting students. What a surreal time we are living in.

    1. I saw them again today. The little kids didn’t even bat an eye. We should all be used to this by now but it’s all still so strange when I think about it.

  4. This COVID is getting worse, big surprise! Seriously, just not funny and yet people are just sick of it and doing whatever they please it seems. No malls for me this year and I only go in places maybe once a week like PO or CVS etc.

    I love how your house looks, I’m not in the mood. Usually, I love writing cards but have not been inspired yet and just a couple small Christmas things like towels, door, and small ceramic tree. We are hoping we might be lucky to get a mild day the weekend before Christmas for outdoor gift exchange and hot chocolate, wine, coffee and cookies. We shall see, in New England, this is what we call “wishful thinking.”

    1. I have my one Christmas corner in the family room but I was thinking about my annual photo card. Not gonna happen. First off, not in the mood, second, no good pics were taken with the year the way it was. I thought about just putting pics of the Otter Pup on it but too much effort. I am going to buy actual cards this weekend and mail them and that will be fine.

      I did slip myself a glass of spiked egg nog last night when I got frustrated with something. It was delicious. Trader Joe’s spiked nog in the wine section is amazing for $8 a bottle. Highly recommended.

      One of my colleagues who has an annual party every year was not going to have one, but I told him to do it virtually and now suddenly I am a co host. Ha! But we will have an ugly sweater contest and prizes for the funniest virtual Zoom background.

      Right now, I am sitting here with ridiculous winds and Edison threatening to shut down the power again. All our outdoor decor is taking a beating.

  5. The sight of your house with its lights cheers me. I have noticed the Rotary Club across the street has not met this week. Have they finally come to their senses? Or is everyone sick? Not sure. Of course my town’s Home for the Holidays market proceeds. As hospitals in our area fill. Madness.

    1. In my neighborhood, there was a big push to get lights up before Thanksgiving but it took us a week more for the spirit to strike us. Now, no one else seems to even be trying but these winds are unbelievable. Everything we put up is currently, as I type, falling down.

      I don’t get the gatherings. I really do not. Nothing is that necessary. I live for my morning walks these days because I can be outside and alone, well, with the pup. If I encounter anyone most, whip out a mask and put it on until they pass.

  6. Love the photo of the house all lit up!

    It would be very strange for adults to see people in hazmat suits, let alone kids seeing it.

    I took a week vacation but am going back to work on Sunday, or maybe Monday.

    1. My initial reaction is that they went a little overboard with the hazmat suits but the virus is no joke and so many seem to have it but not know it so better to be safe than sorry.

  7. I won’t lie in that I’m slightly depressed by…well…”everything.” But last night I talked to a friend and my dad on the phone and I think it helped (some).

    I hope you made it through your work week okay and are hanging in there. Feel free to reach out to me and Kim on Instagram and here on the blog, even if just say to hey from time to time. As Red Green (Canadian TV show) says, “We’re all in this together, I’m pulling for you.”

    1. Thank you. I guess I am more anxious than depressed. I’ve always got to be moving these days which is so unlike me. I mean, I was always busy pre COVID but not by choice.

      I will for sure reach out if needed. I hate going to the doctor.

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