Sunday Matters: COVID-19 – Social Distancing

Sunday Matters

The university I work for closed for two days last week and will be online for faculty and students once they return from spring break. Staff are still required to report for work and I’ve spent the past 2.5 weeks preparing web pages for the switch to virtual learning. Let me tell you, I am pretty wiped out and haven’t had much time for anything.

My daughter’s school is closed and going online soon as well as her college course. My son’s spring break was extended by two weeks but here’s what was impacted:

  • Choir concerts, cancelled
  • Theatre festival, cancelled
  • Theatre showcase, cancelled
  • Rehearsals, cancelled
  • All school trips, cancelled
  • Prom, cancelled
  • My son lost BOTH of his campus jobs for next quarter

Right Now:

High school ministry will be held virtually today. I need to pop-on shortly.

Everyone is supposed to be practicing social distancing to flatten the curve of spread but so many continue to go out in groups thinking this is a party or something. THE SCHOOLS ARE CLOSED for a reason, do not take your kids out to the movies in large groups. Use common sense.

Plus, getting everyday supplies is a challenge as many of you know. I purchased pantry items three weeks ago, ahead of the need. This helped. We went to the market late Friday night and did well because that market had their employees working overtime to keep the shelves stocked as much as possible. I really appreciated that and told them so.

This Week:

I plan to hit work tomorrow but I suspect we will be working remotely as soon as all the logistical stuff is setup.

Book club was cancelled for this week.

The Hub is already stir crazy just because I asked him to NOT go to the gym.


We have all this time to read but I cannot focus right now.


We watched Outbreak. We watched a really good movie called The Case for Christ. We are still working our way through The Crown and The Walking Dead.

New Things I’ve Tried:

Nothing I can think of.

Grateful for:

  • So glad I prepped weeks ago
  • Happy to have technology as an option for meeting

How are you all doing with all if this? It seems so surreal.

19 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: COVID-19 – Social Distancing”

  1. Slightly better now that I have two weeks off from work (except for some limited working later), but like you, finding it hard to focus. Reading posts like yours today from other book bloggers, preparing for an upcoming readathon, but wondering how much I’ll actually be able to focus on. Trying to breathe. Mostly playing Solitaire. Listening to chill music. But as these sentences show, scattered. Dust in the wind. 😉

    1. I keep checking the news feeds. Really, there isn’t anything new to report. The numbers keep going up, and they will continue to rise as people are actually tested. But for some reason I can’t take my eyes off of the news.

  2. Well, I cannot find onions. Onions! People in SB are grocery shopping and hoarding like crazy. Schools in all of SB County have shut down, but we have to work Monday and Tuesday and I’ll be busy helping teachers transition to online learning. At least my daughter is home with me. 🙂

    1. I could not find onions either until last night. Onions have anti viral properties so I wonder if people bought them up for that. I just wanted a few to make my bland meals taste better. I also scored last night with potatoes! I am finally working from home. Ugh, what a chore that was.

  3. We have a small retail business and have made some changes and are trying to figure out what to do next. We want to serve the community and preserve our health. I don’t understand why some people aren’t taking it seriously. Someone said it’s all political – do they really think European countries are shutting down because of American politics?

    1. I know. I have friends who think it’s a hoax and refuse, absolutely refuse to abide by the social distancing request. It makes me mad. They sound like spoiled Americans.

  4. We are all mostly staying home – no schools and we’ve been asked to work from home. I’m lucky that the impact of all this shutdown is minimal to me and my folks. My FIL is with us to help watch the kids and my job can be done pretty much from anywhere. But there are many who are not as lucky because this is the graduation year or because they work in retail or they need to work to make ends meet. I am so sorry about all those cancellations at your end. Yeah, this is very unprecedented but as many have said, I am terrified about what it’s going to be like when things get back to normal. How much cleanup and catchup and makeup will be waiting. Stay healthy!

    1. My son lost both of his campus jobs for next quarter. Many of my daughter’s high school friends were just laid off as they work mostly retail and food service related jobs. This is rough and now they are saying this will be the case at least through August! I am home today for the first time. I am responsible for some pandemic pages so had to remain until there was practically no one left.

  5. All our schools have closed for 2 weeks starting Monday (I’m sure it will be longer). Libraries, senior centers also closed. Only (1) positive individual so far in our county, but I’m sure that is only because testing has not been available. We’ve stocked up online and should be good for a month or so for now. I’m a homebody by nature but, one can’t help but get anxious by who has been calling the shots.

    Stay well Ti

    1. My son is still at college. Could not come back for break but they are allowing them to stay even though they are online through June. My work has moved me to a work from home situation. Initially they said until the end of April but now I heard longer. That is a long time.

      I bought way before the panic hit which helped quite a bit but last night I had to go out for fresh stuff like produce and the like and it was okay but weird. People walking around in hazmat type getups.

  6. Sorry about all the cancellations Ti. It’s dismal. We’re likely to all go stir crazy in the end. We still have about a foot of snow here so there’s not a whole lot one can do outside or inside. All activities & trips have been cancelled. Like you, it’s hard to concentrate and do any reading. We’ve watched a couple movies at night but havent been too enthused. My husband is working from home this week and have been told by the City things will get worse. Hang on Ti !

    1. It will for sure get worse. I believe we will be sheltering in place like NY, soon. I just got the okay to work from home. There was a lot going on at the university which required me to stay but I am home now while my daughter takes online school upstairs.

      My poor son though lost both jobs for the upcoming quarter. Can’t come home for break. Really tough.

  7. Schools and my grandaughter’s college are closed.All events are clancelled.

    I work at a Rehab center/nursing home so I’m still working, but it’s on lockdown with only employees being allowed inside. Even when supplies are delivered the driver has to unload it by the back door and drive away. Then employees will bring it inside.

    Both my sons and daughter in law won’t go anywhere other than work because they’re worried about getting the virus and passing it on to me. I sure do have amazing kids!

    I pray you and your family stays healthy!

    1. Nursing homes have been hit hard everywhere. PLEASE be careful. I am finally working from home today. Very strange feeling. Me downstairs, the daughter upstairs doing online classes.

      1. Thanks TIna! I am being very careful. I’ve always been a hand washer/scrubber, but now I’m in overdrive. And I wear a mask at work and stay as far as I can from everyone.

  8. I worked from home last week and now the U.K. government is asking all to work from home. I get more exercise done at home and the house is cleaner I guess but like you I should have all the time to read but I couldn’t focus. I feel more depressed about a holiday abroad with family afar joining that got cancelled. Couldn’t get over that yet. Hang in there. Take care.

    1. I just now got the approval to work from home so I am here today. Daughter is home doing online school. Son is still at college since they allowed him to stay but lost both jobs for next quarter. This is all crazy isn’t it? I’m sorry your family trip was cancelled.

  9. My job is basically COVID-19 all day…I am tired of the news, but I spend a lot of off time educating and sharing “real” news with people who are crazed by fear on FB. I don’t know why because half of them are irrational. My husband is the only one outside the home these days and I make him wash his hands and change the minute he walks in. My dad has health issues and lives with us, so he’s my main concern especially with the shortage of ventilators. I’m trying my best to work and to educate my child while school is closed, but its difficult to be working and be a teacher.

    1. My entire job right now is pandemic planning. I have to get all the communications regarding how to learn, teach and work in this environment. It is a lot of info because we didn’t have the basics in place. Which is ridiculous since we suffered plenty in the big Northridge quake.

      I forgot that your parents live with you. That for sure needs some careful consideration with all this going on.

      Right now I am working downstairs and my daughter is taking her online classes upstairs. Interesting times. Hub is still working but he works by himself.

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