Sunday Matters: December Needs a Few More Weeks In The Month

Sunday Matters

I wanted to spend December doing all the things I love, plus a few new things. I’m trying, but there are only so many days in the month and availability is a challenge. Cookie decorating party? Sure, but trying to find a date for it? Impossible. Get together for a holiday lunch? Sure. When? We need at least two more weekends in December or we really do need to start doing these things in November. Anyone else with me?

Right Now:

Slowly. Slowly. That is how the Christmas decorations are going. We’ve had rain every weekend since Thanksgiving so The Hub has not put any of it up, but he has taken it down from the attic now so I can at least get the tree up.

This Week:

It’s a busy week full of fun things.

  • My VP’s retirement party on Monday
  • A much-needed haircut on Tuesday
  • Two winter concerts for choir, Thursday and Friday
  • The choir party on Saturday
  • The High School ministry party on Sunday


I am reading The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell. It’s a page-turner because at this point, the story could go anywhere.

The Family Upstairs


We have Verizon and they offered us Disney Plus free for a year so we signed up. I wasn’t sure if we’d use it but I’ve been loving it for all the classic movies it has (The Apple Dumpling Gang, Herbie (The Love Bug), etc.) plus all of the classics out of the vault like Snow White and Sleeping Beauty.

Also watching a lot of The Bob Newhart Show. Specifically the Christmas episodes.

I did see The Irishman on Netflix like the rest of the world did Thanksgiving weekend. I love Scorsese but it was so much like Goodfellas.

New Things I’ve Tried:

This Christmas playlist made by someone I follow on Instagram. I love it. It’s a good mix of fun and sophistication.

Grateful for:

Time off. I don’t have any time off this week but last week I did and my winter break is just around the corner. As fast as the holiday is approaching, I am still going to do my best to slow it down and enjoy it.

12 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: December Needs a Few More Weeks In The Month”

  1. Hi Ti, yes we could definitely use more time in December – it’s been too fast. Today will be my first day to Xmas shop a bit. Thanks for the word on The Irishman movie — we’d like to see it but it’s like 3.5 hours long. What’s with the long movies? I still need to see Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. We’re going to meet up with family in the OC this Christmas but don’t leave till the 23rd. Much to do before then. Good luck with all your holiday activities!

    1. I really enjoyed Once Upon a Time but you have to see the humor in it. Some moviegoers did not.

      So the OC at Christmas time. Lovely. The entire month of December is just a blip. Seriously. I need a pause button.

  2. You have such a busy week ahead, mine isn’t quite as full, but I definitely feel the Christmas season nearing with lots of events. We managed to get our tree today after a super strong deluge of rain in the morning.

    1. Glad you got your tree up. I love a fresh tree but we’ve done artificial for so long now it’s just how we roll. The rain has been nice. Buckets and then sprinkles and then a little more but not too much.

  3. Ti, a longer December would be great 🙂 Sounds like you had a great week. The Family Upstairs was a good one – glad you are enjoying it so much. What’s The Irishman about? I was just asking someone about Disney+ and even our waitress commented on it. Sounds like a good idea to me. That’s great you have some time off coming up again – enjoy 🙂 I’m trying to cross things off of my list and it is exhausting. I took a nap yesterday and am planning on one today = and I never nap. Hope you have a great week!!

    1. I’ve been too wound up to nap.

      The Irishman is about a hitman that looks back at his years of crime. It’s GoodFellas revisited. Many of the same people. I did enjoy it though but it’s nearly four hours long.

      Do you have Verizon cell service? If so, you can get Disney + for free for one year.

    1. Yes, the Disney + thing has been loads of fun. I can’t wait until I am off for break so I can just binge watch to my heart’s content.

  4. December is such a busy month. My husband coaches high school wrestling so in addition to the normal holiday busy-ness, there are wrestling meets for him during this time, too, as well as practice. I’m counting down until Christmas break. 9 more days of work!

    1. Hang in there. I have five more days of work. I can get through it. It’s mostly fun holiday lunches and the like but there just isn’t enough time to do all the things I want to do. I seriously just want to hit a museum and just take my time walking through it. Enough hustle and bustle.

  5. This month is going fast. Still not done decorating. We just got our tree from the farm last weekend, so this week we’ll be decorating that. I have yet to put up the Christmas train.

    I still haven’t finished shopping and I have to set a date for gingerbread house making and cookie decorating.

    1. I am never really into shopping but I at least know the direction I am going. Not this year. Not feeling the gifts at all. I’d rather just go places like the museum or zoo or whatever. My tree. After a lot of effort on my part, it’s up but I almost stopped halfway through because I wasn’t feeling that either. I love this time of the year but it’s going too fast and I just want to stop for awhile.

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