My Bookish Wish List for 2019

Bookish Wish List

Who am I kidding? This is just another opportunity for me to drool over a few bookish items that have caught my eye. Shall we have a look?

I don’t buy cookbooks too often but this one makes my soul sing. It’s all about welcoming people into your home. Love Welcome Serve by Amy Nelson Hannon.

Love Welcome Serve

I just heard about this one and it sounds very good, Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid.

Such a Fun Age

And this one looks pretty juicy, The Playground by Jane Shemilt.

The Playground

Oh! And this print! 1Q84 Art Print – Murakami (Etsy).

Murakami Art Print

What’s on your list?

10 thoughts on “My Bookish Wish List for 2019”

  1. All year I keep adding to my TBR list and as I read, I delete, but then for every one I take off, I feel like there are 2 more that I put on. I am hoping Santa brings me a few off the list this year. 🙂

    1. If I included every book I wanted, the list would be about 75 books long. But honestly, my reading pace has been slow so a good couple of books mean more to me right now than a slew.

      I want to celebrate that Iceland holiday where you just read on Christmas Eve. Would be fun but now my daughter agreed to a singing gig that night so I will be driving her to it and back. Ugh!

  2. I downloaded Such a Fun Age and would like to try The Playground too. (Always fun to dream…about completing a never-ending wish list)

  3. Yeah I’m on the library’s wait list for Such a Fun Age. I’ve heard it’s good. You might also like After the Flood by Kassandra Montag …. I’m liking it now on audio. It’s another good dystopia novel!

  4. Very interesting list, and much to my surprise, I was not aware of any of them. Thanks for sharing! Have a great holiday!

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