Sunday Matters: So Far, So Good

Sunday Matters

A few things kicked off this week. School started for my daughter. And the high school ministry I volunteer for started up again as well.

So far, so good.

The beginning of the school year causes me a good deal of anxiety as I try to manage our competing schedules but once I get that all entered in, I feel much better. I haven’t managed to get them all entered yet.

Right Now:

My attempt at time management meant us going to church last Thursday so this morning I am lounging around like a debutante. So. Not. True. Nice thought though. No, I am tackling my planner in a big way. I do enjoy this part of it. A nice planner, some fun washi tape and a little bit of time.

Check out my new 2020 Passion Planner. Maybe I should have gone with an academic planner, only because it’s the school year that causes me grief but check it out. Isn’t she a beauty?

2020 Passion Planner

This Week:

I don’t really have much of anything going on this week. Just some volunteering and for work, our students return next week so there will be some running around trying to prepare for that but this should be a good catch-up week for me.

On Monday, the results of my daughter’s auditions should be known for the fall show and a theatre competition coming up. She’s also trying to nail down a piece for choir so my house will be filled with singing this week for sure.

My son leaves for college soon. He will have three roommates but each of them will have private rooms. He’s pretty excited.


I am still reading City of Girls. I’ve not made much progress because the ‘Gram has been a bit of a distraction. I watch Instagram stories like they are TV shows. I am careful about who I follow so the ones I do follow are very uplifting, supportive types. I crave that positivity, to be honest. However, I am back in the saddle again and will finish this book this week.

I have a book discussion next week though and the book for that has not been started yet. We will be discussing Judas. I need to start it this week and hopefully I’ll be done in time.


Instagram stories. See above. Seriously. The content has been so good lately.

Fear the Walking Dead DID return from a two week break. I thought they cancelled the show but nope. It’s back and it is horrible. This is almost becoming a thing with  me. Watching horrible shows, hoping with all hope that they get better. I could seriously write a better episode. Give me a chance. Watch me.

New Things I’ve Tried: 


Grateful for:

Today. I’m not feeling all that great so I’m glad to have a little down time.

I leave you with my daughter’s headshot from Little Shop of Horrors. She was Ronnette. Photo taken by Nancy’s Portraits.

Little Shop

21 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: So Far, So Good”

    1. I don’t decorate mine either. I don’t like too much clutter in my planners but I use the washi tape to mask stuff I don’t like. And I am a pencil because I am constantly moving and editing appointments.

  1. Beautiful picture of your daughter! Hope her school time goes well and also that of your son. Take care and have a restful, wonderful week!

  2. Oh my gosh, your life is so busy! Good luck to your daughter on all her auditions and I hope your son has a great start to the school year. Our students come back Tuesday so things will begin to speed up for me agin at work, which is good.

  3. Love the planner! I’ve been thinking of switching from what I call our “master calendar” to a planner. I know you can use the planner to track exercise, but I’d like to somehow incorporate meal planning, too. It might be easier to have everything in one spot.

    The pictures of your daughter are gorgeous!! Good luck to her on auditions and I hope the return to school goes smoothly for your son, too.

    I put City of Girls aside for now but, since I used an audible credit, will go back and listen sometime. Life has been crazy and I just wasn’t in the mood for the book. Hope you have a good week!

    1. I’m with you. I need to be in the mood to read a particular book. I am still with City of Girls but I had a horrible sinus headache this weekend which messed with my reading. Didn’t get as much read as I wanted to.

  4. Good luck to your daughter on her auditions!! And her photos – wow! She looks amazing!

    Planning. OMG! I am already thinking about it, too. I’m trying to decide what to use for next year. So many options!

    FTWD – what the what? I gave up. Now, I’m waiting for TWD. Should I give up on that, too? At least we have AHS coming up later this year.

    Have a great week!!

    1. AHS arrived on 9/18! Just a few weeks away. FTWD was so horrible last week but last night’s episode was really good. I wish they could be consistent.

  5. I always used to love a new planner when I was working; now the iPhone appt. reminders work fine. Love the pic of your daughter – so pretty.

    I just finished the audio of City of Girls, I loved the first half but then it seemed to drag a bit – so long too! I way behind on reviews as well.

    1. I am reading City of Girls on my Kindle so I have no idea how long it is. It’s long? Not good for me right now as I have a lot I have to read this week.

  6. Great pic of your daughter! Remind me again where your son is going to college? I’m excited for him. I hope your week stays calm. I enjoyed my time in the OC but was there for a quick long weekend. Still I got to see my sister & parents & that was good. I can understand watching horrible shows sometimes. We finally stopped watching Walking Dead a few years ago. It was spinning its wheels. Recently we got HBO and stopped Netflix and it’s been a good switch actually.

    1. He will be heading off to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo September 14th. It’s a great area. Lots of the stuff he enjoys. TV is not really something I have time for most days but mindless TV is good as a distraction or as background noise while I am trying to get other things done.

      Even though your trip was short I’m glad you still managed to have some quality time with your family.

  7. There is nothing like having a planner to organize your life. I also love, though, being retired and not having to have much of a planner!

    Know that you are always welcome to add your link to the Sunday Salon.

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