Sunday Matters: So Many Shows

Sunday Matters

Bright Star opened this week and will run for two weekends. This was my son’s return to the stage after taking some time off from performing. We saw it opening night and really enjoyed it. We may try to catch it again next weekend but daughter is about to head into production week for HER show, Footloose.

Right Now:

No church today as we went this past Thursday. I really like to go on Thursday when we can. It’s less crowded and makes my Sunday a little less packed. We got to hear Bob Goff at that Thursday service. You know him from the books he’s written, Love Does, being one of them. What a personality! He is seriously larger than life. REALLY, enjoyed hearing him speak.

This Week:

My husband’s birthday is this week but with my son’s show and my daughter’s Footloose rehearsals, we don’t have time to actually go out for it…yet. He wants to see Avengers: Endgame but it’s going to be awhile before we can all go together. Someone already spoiled it for my daughter. Spoilers are everywhere. He and I will probably celebrate by going out to dinner and then do the family thing later.


I finished Stewart O’Nan’s latest, Henry, Himself. I really enjoyed it and for those who read Emily, Alone and Wish You Were Here, you’ll be happy to know that all three books center around the same family and setting. My review should be up soon.

I am about to start The Wife Between Us. Someone is reading it for a book club on Instagram and I decided to join her.

The Wife Between Us


Not a thing. I’ve not been feeling great so I’ve been hitting the sack early. I do feel a little better though.

New Things I’ve Tried:

Haven’t really tried anything new either. Gosh, when you don’t feel well all you can do it get through the day. That’s how this past week has been.

Grateful for:

Talented kids. I really do love everything that they do. Between the shows and the concerts we are always busy but that is the type of busy that I don’t mind. I just get to sit there in a darkened room and enjoy them.

What’s your plan this week? May is almost here and I feel like most of the year has gone by in a snap.

20 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: So Many Shows”

  1. I hate thinking that months fly by but this month did fly by! We want to plant and prep decks and get ready for more outdoors. I am trying to work on stamina. It would be fun to watch your own children perform…who knows where they may go…I have two former second graders on tv now…one in Chicago Med and one on FBI…both with lead roles!

    1. My son enjoys performing but it won’t be his career. He is more interested in the creation process and the behind the scenes prep needed to produce a show. Ultimately, he would like to open his own theatre company in the inner city. Now my daughter, she wants to be on Broadway.

    1. Your drippy weather came our way. Drizzled on me yesterday morning and today as well. I kind of love it though. I just dread the heat of summer so I will take drippy and cool.

  2. I want to see Avengers too, but not this weekend for me either. Worked a lot this week and really don’t want to be around people. So I’m not sure when either. I’m glad you’re feeling a little bit better. I know the last few weeks haven’t been good for you. Hope this week is even better. My plan this week is to get back to a mostly normal routine after a hectic week next week.

    1. I am better but I keep getting these little waves of feeling unwell. This morning, for example. My plan is to see Endgame this Saturday. I have avoided spoilers but narrowly. Twice, I’ve opened an Instagram story to a person talking about the movie. No warning. Really not cool.

  3. This year simultaneously flew and yet seemed to drag as well because I noticed the stress more than I have in the past. I’m looking forward to a quieter May though. Break a leg to both kids on their respective shows!

    1. May, will not be quiet for us. Not with all of the end of the year stuff and a new show starting while the other is ending but we will get through it I suppose. I was hoping to have a summer without school work looming over our heads but no such luck.

  4. You really do have busy, talented, kids; for me those days have passed in a blur now that both are in their 40s:) I Daisy Jones and the Sx and like it as well.

    Have a great week.

    1. All the stuff leading up to performances stresses us all out. But the actual performances are a pleasure. We have a choir festival to attend tonight. It will be a very long night. This event always goes way long.

  5. Sounds like a seriously crazy week ahead with the kids’ shows! Maybe some day we’ll all be saying “I knew them when…”

    I’ll look for your review of Stewart O’Nan’s latest. Loved both Wish You Were Here and Emily, Alone, so I’m excited to read it.

    1. That’s how it is with me too. The weeks drag but the months fly by. Christmas is around the corner. Ducking, now. 🙂

  6. Happy birthday to your hubby. I hope you get to celebrate together soon. we had a chock full weekend with my daughter’s best friend’s birthday party on Friday, Kat’s soccer game and swim team practice on Saturday, and on Sunday she had to head back to swim for a make up timing sessions because she missed the second one when she had her stomach virus. Very busy weekend.

    1. Right now, the plan is that my husband and I go out for dinner on his actual birthday this Thursday and then on Saturday he and I and maybe the boy, for his third time, will go with us to see Endgame. My daughter had a full day of tech and rehearsal but she saw the movie with my son the other day.

  7. My two sons and my DIL saw Avengers: Endgame on Saturday, they all loved it. I was going to go but had to work 😦

    I loved the audio of The Wife Between Us.

    1. Yes, a few of you out there have enjoyed The Wife Between Us on audio. I am about 25% in on my Kindle and enjoying it. I am so picky about audio books. Not so much about them, specifically but WHEN I can listen to them. I used to listen while at the gym but ahem, those days are long gone. In the car I listen to podcasts.

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