Sunday Matters: A Little Less Wisdom

Sunday Matters

I spent most of the weekend at a theatre festival. It was fun and it’s always great to spend time with my daughter’s friends. Today, we have a baby shower to attend. Haven’t been to one of those in a long time.

Right Now:

After two very busy days, I am dragging my body around from point A, to point B. My seat on the struggle bus is still occupied.

This Week:

This week is really no better than the last one as  far as availability goes. On Friday, my daughter is getting her wisdom teeth out (all four) so my day will be spent with her. After that, she heads into spring break, so she can take the time she needs to heal and not have to do anything. It’s good timing because it’s in-between shows and auditions.


Still reading this but I should be done with it soon. It did pick up.

The Bookshop of the Broken Hearted


Finally watched Crazy Rich Asians and it was very good and enjoyable to watch.

The Walking Dead has been really good lately! This new writer has injected some life back into the show. Thank you!

I watched an episode of The Toe Bro. I know your opinion of me has dropped significantly but there is hope. I don’t think I can watch it long-term. Just seems like a lot of ingrown nails being removed. Seen that once? No need to see it again.

New Things I’ve Tried:

I tried e.l.f.’s Gentle Peeling Exfoliant from Target the other day. The affordable price ($10) made me question how good it could be but it was making the rounds on Instagram so I tried it. It’s weird and  rather dry for a facial cleanser but amazingly, it leaves you with very happy skin. It says to use it a couple of times a week but I find myself wanting to use it more often.

Grateful for:

I am grateful for a good job and being able to take some time off when I need to.

What are you craving right now?

I am craving seafood. I am actually thinking of doing lobster tails for Easter dinner instead of ham. What about you?

21 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: A Little Less Wisdom”

  1. I think lobster tails would be perfect for Easter Sunday. You could always do a small ham…a teeny tiny one…that’s what we do for sandwiches and breakfasts. Hopefully you can slow down soon. I worry that you don’t rest enough!

    1. You know, I cut out what I can but it’s still too much sometimes. Last week and this week are difficult and this week especially because of my lack of sleep. I only had about 2 hours on Saturday while at the festival and I’ve not been able to catch-up yet. I cancelled on one event tonight, just can’t do it all but kept two. One of which is a hair appt which I gotta have and the other will be me, just sitting and watching theatre scenes.

  2. The festival sounds like fun! This week and last, Carl and I are spending half our time at doctors’ and dentists’ office. Hopefully, we’ll be able to stay away from them for a while. I hope everything goes well for your daughter!

    1. We didn’t come home with any trophies this time around but the kids were great. Huge improvement over the last time I saw the scene.

  3. I love hoarders, Dr pimple popper etc so I was excited about this show too!But I agree…youve seen one ingrown..youve seen them allHope your daughter heals up ok..i hate teeth stuff. I think a dental show might be one I would skipHave a great week!Sent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE Device

  4. It looks you, your daughter, and her friends had a good time at the festival from what I saw on your Instagram Stories.

    We really enjoyed Crazy Rich Asians too.

    I’m not craving anything right now as yesterday I binged a bit. A late brunch at a nice restaurant and then dinner (beef brisket, chicken, and pork on a roll) from the same place. I had leftover brisket this morning too. I think I’ll be good for a while. 🙂

    Have fun at the shower today.

    1. The shower was fun. The parents hung out outside in the sun while the choir kids played games. The choir teacher is in labor at this moment so I am glad she at least got to enjoy her shower before the little one makes his appearance. My daughter’s vocal audition was today but had to be cancelled due to the baby. Not sure how that will work with a sub. It’s for next year’s choir.

  5. Thank goodness for spring break! It means a chance to catch our breath a bit.

    Good luck to your daughter on her teeth extraction! I had all four of mine taken out at once too. I don’t remember much of that first day because they had me so drugged, but it was definitely better to get them all out at the same time instead of having to repeat the procedure.

    Have fun at the baby shower! They are still fun but a bit surreal to attend when you are many years past the age of having children and facing empty nests versus full cribs.

    1. The baby shower was fun because so many choir kids were there. BUT, the teacher went into labor this morning and my daughter had her call back today too so that is obviously postponed. It is spring break for my daughter next week so she can take time to recover but I have ZERO days off. I could have taken days off but honestly, I knew we weren’t going anywhere and the week just came up too fast for me.

    1. A spring break without a thing to do. Bliss. Enjoy it! They say rain is coming but I love the rain in small doses. Makes the sky so pretty afterward.

  6. Lobster tails sound good! I am not the biggest seafood guy but I strongly support you having your best seafood. We’re planning a crawfish boil for next month when the crawfish are at their best — it will be my one and only foray into seafood for the season!

    1. Ohhhhh, a crawfish boil. I want to do a boil someday. I made the best lobster tails once at the beach.We BBQd them. I had no idea what the heck I was doing but they were ginormous and so I wasn’t sure how long to grill them but they were so perfect. That was years ago but on special holidays Costco always bring them out.

    1. So you have been busy too. Blinds. I need one set of new ones because the cord got tangled and then broke off. It’s on the pup’s fave window so she can’t look outside now. She has been sad over it. Gotta get it replaced.

    1. I am probably the only one in my house who likes ham. I make a really good apricot glazed ham but I’ve been on such a seafood kick lately.

  7. Best wishes to your daughter on her wisdom teeth. That is not easy but it is doable. She will heal! Interesting to hear that the WD has picked up. Have you watched any shows of The Passage? We watched a few and it is pretty good so far.

    1. Our DVR died awhile back and had to be replaced so we lost all of our Passage episodes. I’ll have to watch it some other way. Last Sunday’s WD was off the charts. Something big happened and got us all stirred up again. It wasn’t as shocking as a certain character’s death but very close.

      My daughter was at that theatre festival this weekend and a lot of the kids were really sick. I am praying she doesn’t catch anything because they won’t do oral surgery if she has a fever. Vitamin C and AC vinegar with honey has been holding her together but I am worried. They are all dropping like flies. And then today she had a call back audition for Choir and her teacher went into labor so it was cancelled. An exciting time but now what?

      1. So many are getting sick during these first days of spring, me too, ugh! Keep up your anti-sickness remedy & the vitamins. I hope your daughter gets the part in Choir. Keep us posted.

        1. Yeah, she was already in choir but she’s trying out for two advanced choirs in addition to the one she is in. She got her callback but the teacher went into labor so it’s all on hold!

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