Sunday Matters: Getting Busy Again

Sunday Matters

We are heading into busy again. Are you surprised? Lots of stuff coming up although we did manage to get through those choir concerts last week just fine. I think we are all getting better at handling production weeks around here.

Right Now:

We didn’t go to church on Thursday because I went to urgent care to get a TB test so I can be a theatre volunteer. This also involves buckets of paperwork, training, fingerprints, background check and $85 from me. I’ve been volunteering for theatre for YEARS but new admins mean that policies are now enforced. For a working parent, this is rough. Go here to drop this off. Go there. Go to the district to turn it all in.

All this to say that since we could not go to church on Thursday, we are going this morning.

This Week:

Volunteering at Outreach on Monday. Life group on Tuesday. Wednesday is a theatre showcase. Thursday is Back to School night and then this weekend is a theatre festival. Oh, and I work every day, of course.


I started this:

The Bookshop of the Broken Hearted

It’s slow-going so far.


My son brought up the movie Our Idiot Brother on Netflix and we all kind of fell into it. I expected it to be really dumb but it’s not. It’s funny and sweet and surprisingly entertaining. It’s old. From 2011 but I had missed it when it first came out. It stars Paul Rudd but also has Zooey Deschanel and Elizabeth Banks.

New Things I’ve Tried:

At the conference I attended for work, my breakfast options were not fabulous so I opted for bars for a quick fix. I had not tried this brand before but it was very good and very filling. I was not hungry for lunch after eating one and no sugar dip afterward. They come in lots of flavors. I tried the Almond Bliss one below and it was delicious.

One Bar

Grateful for:

Books in the mail. This does not require explanation but just the sight of a package on my door step makes me so happy after a rough day.

What is your favorite thing right now? 

30 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Getting Busy Again”

  1. You’d think they’d be happy to have volunteers and wouldn’t make you do all that extra stuff. I guess those policies are in place for good reasons.

    Packages make me happy too!

    1. The thing is, I’m sure not everyone is doing it. So many volunteers and I know many are not properly recorded. I guess I should just be concerned with myself. It’s just hard to make the time for it.

  2. First, sorry for the double comment. I was trying to reply to Kathy and make sure she saw it. Please delete if you’d like.

    Second, on the issue of TB testing, I know at the library where I work, we have to a lot of clearances too and even volunteers. Personally, I’m okay with that. I’d rather have that than a Jerry Sandusky kind of situation. As for testing, it might seem like a bit much but I think they’re looking out for the health of the children and young adults. It wasn’t like it was “back in the day,” true, but not all change is bad (a lot of it is, though 😉 ).

    1. Ultimately I know why it’s all done. I just don’t have the time to do it all in one day with so many trips to the district and school, which can only be done during normal business hours. Plus, other activities like sports, absorb the cost. Theatre has ZERO money so I didn’t even ask.

      1. I hear you. Even without kids, I sometimes feel that I can’t get to everything I want all in a day and then go to work too. Perhaps the district needs to be able to accommodate working folks too for the forms to be returned. I know. Like that will happen (rolling eyes).

        1. When I explained my predicament, the principal said I could send the first batch with my daughter for him to review. But then I’d need to take it to the district after that. This morning I have to go back to the germ ridden urgent care to get my TB test read before church. Hope I can make the service. The nurse told me to get there when they open.

                1. Certain things are for sure, like anything pertaining to coffee and the ordering of coffee… anything pertaining to health and well being but our high school is just now piloting online registration for next year and the elementary schools here have been doing it for years. We used to have to complete the forms in triplicate Remember that? I never press hard enough.

  3. Oh, a favorite thing and definitely delete that other comment. Otherwise, I’m going to look like I’m the only one commenting here. Right now it’s a show called Guido’s Lounge Cafe on an app and site called Mixcloud. It’s free and very chill music to start the week or end the week, depending on how you look at the week. I look at it both ways a lot of the time, both looking back and looking forward.

  4. The Bookshop for the Broken Hearter sounds like one of those easy, comfort reads we need from time to time. The coconut almond bar sounds pretty good! Enjoy the day!

  5. You are one busy bee. That is crazy you have to do all of that to volunteer where you have already been volunteering – what the what? As for packages in the mail – woo hoo! Book mail is the best. Always makes me smile. I’m reading the new Riley Sager book, Lock Every Door. I got it from NetGalley and I am hooked. I wanted something creepy and fun – this fits the bill. As for what I’m watching (aside from TWD), I am rewatching Grimm. I keep adding stuff to watch on my Netflix, but I’m just not in the mood. And, my favorite thing is my journal. I keep writing all the feels in it and it helps so much. Hope you have a great week, Ti.

  6. Oh my…you are busy…and you really do give yourself so much! I am loving Family Cooking on Netflix and getting more sunshine. Also after 53 days of the Neonatal Unit from birth my little nephew is coming home! I am enjoying feeling good, too!

  7. I also love a package on the doorstep. It doesn’t even matter what’s inside; I just miss getting real mail. I had a great time at the work conference I just attended, but don’t like the feeling of losing one of my weekend days.

  8. The busy season? I think your whole life is a busy season, lol! Such a pain about the tb test, etc., but it’s not hard to see why they do that today. Still, I’m not sure how many parents will actually take the time, so good for you! My favorite thing right now is the chair we got last week. We haven’t had a recliner/comfy chair down here before, so it’s great. I’m sitting in it right now 🙂

    1. Oh! A new chair. How exciting. I got all the paperwork done and signed and then last night the principal calls to tell me they had me sign the wrong form AND the fingerprinting cost went up $10. I could have spit if it was in me to do so. So now I am really delayed. I have my fingerprinting appt for tomorrow and need to leave work early to get it done. I sure hope the lady is there! She said she would be.

  9. Busy Busy Busy! I added Our Idiot Brother to my Netflix list after reading your thoughts on it. I work in a Health & Rehab Center and we have to get a TB test every year. And for the first time, if we didn’t take the Flu Shot, we have to wear a disposable earloop face mask. I’ve been wearing it for months but can stop after March 31st.

    1. Happily wear that mask because these folks are really sick! When I went to get it read the people were even worse than my first visit.

      1. Most of our residents are the because they need physical therapy or special medical care but during the cold/ flu months some of them get sick so yes, I gladly wear the mask for their sake and for mine.

  10. I can see the need for some kind of medical screening because its theater and your in contact with people, but the hoops should be minimal. You know?!

    I hope you had a relaxing weekend. This week will be super busy for me with a trip to the office from my home office and all the meetings that comes with that.

    At least during the commute, I should be able to get some uninterrupted reading time.

  11. Favorite thing right now: are the sunny days, warmer temps, and the light staying into the evenings. My, you do sound very busy this week. You’ll need a breather by the weekend. All the Paul Rudd movies sort of make me laugh or smile, so that is a good thing. Hope the volunteering will be worth it. 🙂

  12. It never fails to amaze me how others can ignore the fact that people work during the day. Scheduling anything during the day or requiring something that one can only accomplish during regular business hours – it happens so often that I wonder where I missed the memo that I shouldn’t work if my kids want to become active in school activities. Obviously, you missed the same memo. 😉

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