Sunday Matters: February Is Here

Sunday Matters

February actually arrived a couple of days ago but I was occupied with:

Wizard of Oz

The show sold out which of course is fabulous. The performers worked very hard and it showed.

The next show is Li’l Abner but my daughter (wait for it), is taking a break from community theatre. However, Grease auditions will happen soon and then she wants to do Little Shop of Horrors in the summer. Her brother was Seymour once. It’s a fun show.

Right Now:

I am very excited because today is Super Bowl Sunday! I am not a huge football fan but I desperately want the Rams to win. I don’t have high school ministry tonight and our TV is all setup and ready to go. Food will be good too. I am making enchiladas and there will be some other traditional foods because The Hub was like, “What? Enchiladas? That is not what you eat on Super Bowl Sunday.”

My response. “What is wrong with you?” How can enchiladas be wrong?

This Week:

Nothing out of the ordinary this week. At some point I want to pick up some paint or stain to re-do a bookshelf I have. I need to re-do it because it’s next to the new TV stand and it looks weird.


I could have sworn my library copy of Golden State came in but I checked all the libraries and it’s still “requested”. I couldn’t wait any longer so I started An Anonymous Girl. It’s just what the doctor ordered. Mysterious. Riveting.


Unfortunately, I got sucked into America’s Next Top Model. I watched it ages ago when it first came out but haven’t watched it since but The Girl likes to watch when her homework is done so that means I get sucked in.

I want to see what Oscar movies are available so I can at least watch a few before the show.

New Things I’ve Tried:

I signed up for an auto-delivery service for things like hand soap, detergent, etc. My first order had a missing item. No biggie but no one, and I mean no one would respond to my inquiry on what could be done about it. They provided a phone number but no one answered. They have live chat but no one responds besides the canned auto-reply asking you to wait. They have a number for 24/7 texts and no one responded either. When I finally got someone on the phone,  I decided to cancel the whole thing. I have no idea if I will get the missing item but the entire process bothered me and it was supposed to save me time.

Why people? Why?

Grateful for:

I am grateful for this full day off to spend time with my family.

Will you be watching the game today? If not? What will you be doing? It’s a very good day to go to the movies.

15 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: February Is Here”

  1. The missing item would make me crazy, too. Try sending the company a Direct Message on Twitter. I have done that a number of times and I have always had a response. We were sent a new generator because of one of my DM’s.

    I loved Anonymous Girl but that’s my fave kind of book.

    We aren’t cooking anything. I ordered wings and Chicken Strips from our really amazing local BBQ place and Den will pick up broccoli salad and deviled eggs there, too!

    Go Tom Brady!

  2. Exciting week for your daughter! I want to read Anonymous Girl, waiting for my copy. And, yes, we will be watching the SBowl and hoping for yet another Pats win😬sorry Ti

  3. That is super annoying – I think you were right to cancel. Oh well. I have that Golden State book on my kindle, but have yet to read it. I just finished a Yoshimoto book and am about to start a suspense thriller for fun. I want something fun and easy to read. Anonymous Girl is fun, so I think you will definitely enjoy it. I’m not watching the game, but am having pizza. I’ll be reading or watching The X-Files or The West Wing. Enjoy the game and the yummy food.

  4. Oh thank goodness there is another sane adult female out there who watches America’s Next Top Model. It is so my guilty TV show. I tend to fast forward through the house junk, but like seeing the modeling challenges and the photos. Did a new season begin?

    1. I don’t see any news of a new season coming but my daughter has been watching all 24 backwards… most recent to oldest and it’s been a hoot. They don’t seem to spend as much time in the house as they did in earlier seasons so that’s good. I’m always amazed at how different these girls look when made up. If you saw them in the street you’d think they were homeless or something.

  5. How nice that the show sold out! And I’m hoping the Rams win. We won’t be watching though. Just don’t care enough this year. Hope you have a good week, Ti!

    1. It’s good that the show sold out before the big storm hit because had those tickets not been paid for already, I don’t think there would have been much of a turnout. It was coming down in buckets and the winds were 80mph. I really worried about losing power at the theatre but it all worked out.

    1. i don’t like the Pats so I wanted the Rams to take it. Of course, they are an LA team so I probably would have rooted for them anyway no matter who they played. Well, except the Packers.

  6. that sounds like a customer service nightmare waiting to happen. I don’t like those kinds of services at all, especially if customer service doesn’t reply or answer the phone. The canned responses are irksome.

    I’m glad your daughter is taking a break from community theater, that will give you one too!

    We watched the game, happy Pats won here (we’re from New England, so kind of a given), but the game was SUPER boring and the halftime show was a hot mess. Where was the glitz? Where was the fun? ACK! And why would Big Boi show up to leave and not bring Andre? YUCK. Gladys was fantastic though.

    1. I know!! Andre 3000 would have spiced it up a bit. Of course the Sponge Bob thing didn’t play out the way everyone wanted either. I like Adam Levine but gosh, he was out of breath. Maybe he wasn’t not feeling well. And the other guy they had to bleep out so much? Why? Just why. It’s supposed to family friendly.

  7. I was really bummed the Rams didn’t win. I was rooting hard for them, but they didn’t have much offense the entire game. We watched the game till the end …. hoping for a miracle. Alas, no. Great that Wizard of Oz was a success!

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