Sunday Matters: It’s Happening

Sunday Matters

Against my will, my vacation is nearing its end. I return to the office on Tuesday and it’s not going to be pretty. No need to sugarcoat it. The day will be long and arduous and hopefully everyone will leave me alone for a little while.

Right Now:

Just making the most of the days I have left by not doing anything.

This Week:

If I can just get through the week, I should be good. I don’t have anything else scheduled except for a short get-together on Saturday.


I’m still pondering what my first book of the year will be. I ordered two good ones but they are taking so long to get here.


I’m jumping between Murphy Brown, The Haunting of Hill House, and Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. I am on a cleaning kick that I do not want to end.

New Things I’ve Tried:

I actually got this months ago but haven’t really had the opportunity to use it until my vacation. My MacBook crapped out. As you know, they are pricey. For what I use a laptop for, I didn’t see the point in shelling out a lot of cash right before Christmas so I got an Acer Chromebook. It’s super thin, has a compact 14 inch screen, and gives me three days of battery life when used off and on. Everything I do is web-based or in the Cloud so it just made sense. For less than $250, why the heck not?

My New Chromebook

Grateful for:

These last two days of vacation. So glad I took the extra days.

My question for you today has to do with music. If you could select one song to head into the new year with, what would it be? I learned of this guy from his appearance at the Rose Parade. He used to be homeless but now his unique sound is going viral.

Here’s Lemonade by Alex Boye. Give it a listen. I guarantee you’ll smile.

14 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: It’s Happening”

  1. I have a MacBook and hardly ever use it. Carl has a Chrome Book and uses it often. If I ever buy a laptop again, I’ll go with something like that too.

    I hope work isn’t too awfully bad next week.

    1. If you work with certain programs or have the need to download programs then a MacBook is great. But if you don’t, a Chromebook works well…for students too.

      Thank you for the well wishes. Not awfully bad is what I am shooting for.

  2. I don’t even ever use my laptop. I am strictly an iPad user. I have a mini and a regular. The mini Is for when I need to recharge my regular iPad. I love my iPad…these are are second ones.

    I don’t know what I would do if my vacation was ending…especially that first day back! Just be strong and keep your door shut…if possible!

    1. So far, I have no issues with it. I was a little worried when I first got it because it seemed a little slow but now that it’s setup I can stream video content quite well. I think it was installing updates initially.

  3. My youngest daughter got an Acer chromebook for her birthday. It was recommended to us by the tech people at my school for being not too pricey, but able to do what she needs to for school. No complaints so far.
    I wish I would have started Murphy Brown, but I don’t think I can get it online anywhere for free.

    1. I recorded all the Murphy Brown episodes as a “just in case” I want to see it type thing and with the break and all, I wanted something funny but smart and that fit the bill. It’s so good. Has a definite political slant but done very well.

  4. Good luck today! Everyone who worked with me for the three days last week commented on how three days felt like five. I know we are all approaching this full week with trepidation. Hopefully, it will not be too bad for either of us!

  5. Hope your work week, gulp, is going okay. Just ease back into it. Thanks for the song, it’s a happy tune. I admit I’m wedded to my Mac laptop which I love … but my husband had a couple Acers over the years and liked them. It seems quite a deal.

    1. Having so much time off just makes you realize that you are doing it all wrong. I was so wiped out at the end of the year which is prompting all this “change” stuff for me, I am chipping away at things that have been weighing me down and although it’s taking every bit of energy I have, I will continue on because no one should be living like that.

      Today my daughter was having a hard time about returning to school and I could totally relate. Plus it is pouring here and just adds to the day, you know?

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