Sunday Matters: A Brief Respite

Sunday Matters

This is a FREE weekend for me. Nothing planned. We may hit the bookstore. We may have lunch, or dinner or both. I might spend the afternoon reading or sipping coffee. Or, I could spend the day napping. I’m so happy about this.

Right Now:

About to make breakfast. Scrambled eggs with feta and some gluten-free toast.

This Week:

Wizard of Oz auditions are behind us now. Callbacks are done. The final cast list posts on Tuesday. She went for the Wicked Witch and Glinda and was called back for Wicked Witch, Aunt Em and a dancing part. Think good thoughts, please. She has wanted to be the Witch since she was five.

We are technically in Fall Break, which means no school Monday and Tuesday but I have still have to work. On Monday afternoon I have to take The Girl to a dental appointment. It’s the only time I can take her since there’s no school.


I finished The Boy at the Keyhole and thought it was pretty good.

I started Unsheltered by Barbara Kingsolver and oh my goodness, I am loving it.


I am still watching American Horror Story and Fear the Walking Dead. Both, have turned it up a notch.

The other day I was flipping channels and came across Tammy, starring Melissa McCarthy, Susan Sarandon, and Kathy Bates. It came out in 2014 but from the trailer I thought it was pretty stupid. I was wrong. It’s very funny and sweet. I kind of want to own it.

New Things I Tried:

This week I tried the following three products and all were winners, except that the lentil pasta smelled like weed but it was delicious. Please ignore the dead plant (planter of dirt) in the background.

Moon X Wine
Moon X Cabernet

This wine was pretty darn good for a $7 bottle. Very rich, a touch of sweetness but no bitterness or dryness. Smooth. Fruity but not too fruity. The gal at Trader Joe’s said that at their wine tasting, her co-workers described it as “syrupy”. It’s a thicker consistency and coats a glass if you know what I mean. Delicious.

Lentil pasta and sauce!

These two. Very good but like I said above, the pasta smelled like weed but was so delicious and chewy for a gluten-free variety. The sauce was very good but “boozy”.  Both from Trader Joe’s.

I get no kickbacks from TJ’s but have been shopping there a lot lately.

Grateful for:

Variety. It’s good to change things around sometimes. The day-to-day routine gets old quickly.

What new thing have you tried or want to try?

26 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: A Brief Respite”

    1. Is your sense of smell affected too? Trader Joe’s has their cinnamon brooms and pine cones out and the entire store smells like fall. They also have these new candles… an apple one and a pumpkin vanilla, which I picked up, of course.

    1. My daughter got Aunt Em, not Witch. She’s very upset. Happy to have a part but upset nonetheless. By the time they do Oz again she will have aged out of this theatre program so unless another company does Oz she won’t have the opportunity to go for Witch again.

    1. I saw your photos from the reunion. Very nice. So you still live in the town you grew up in.

      She did not get Witch! She got Aunt Em. She’s heartbroken.

  1. Hope the Girl gets to be the Witch so she can say: “I’ll get you my pretty and your little dog too.” Always scared me as a kid. Glad you are loving the new Kingsolver novel : good to hear! But will you read the new Haruki Murakami novel out Oct. 9? Or are you too bitter about not getting an advanced copy? Cheers.

    1. She did not get Witch!! She got Aunt Em. She’s devastated. Happy to have a part but Witch is her dream role.

      Of course I will read the Murakami! I buy all the books even when I do get a review copy. It’s not his fault the publisher didn’t award me one. I don’t know one person who got one this time around.

  2. Glad u have a relaxing day; enjoy. I’m in the midst of Unsheltered and while I’m enjoying the present story, the other one, not as much.

    1. I am not enjoying the other story either. When it first popped up, I thought my Kindle glitched out. Seemed to not have anything to do with the current story but now I see it does.

  3. I hope the girl is happy with her callbacks. I had a super busy weekend with soccer, swim team practice #1, apple orchard, and yard work in prep for the fall.

  4. “The pasta smelled like weed…” You crack me up! I have a Trader Joe’s in my backyard, which my mother always accidentally called Indiana Jones (isn’t that hilarious?). I have enjoyed almost everything I’ve bought there, and now my son works for Aldi which I believe Trader Joe’s owns. Or, vice verse. Anyway, very good stores. And, your books look good, too. 😉

    1. That pasta really does smell like weed! I think it’s funny that I first accused my kids of using it before realizing it was the pasta. We have an Aldi’s across town but I have yet to try it. I did not know it was related to TJs.

  5. Since it is now Wednesday, what were the results? Which role?

    I hope you thoroughly enjoyed your free Sunday and can schedule a few more like that each month!

    1. She didn’t get Witch or Glinda. She is heartbroken over witch because it’s a role she’s wanted since she first did Wizard years ago. She got Aunt Em.

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