Sunday Matters: Sometimes It’s Just Too Much

Sunday Matters

This will be brief. After my nice relaxing time off, I returned to work and it’s been nothing but go go go. REALLY hard to keep up this week. I don’t try to be perfect but I give up.

Right Now:

About to head out the door to church. I did my grocery shopping online so I don’t have to do that. When I get back, I’ll have a little time to read before heading out the door again later.

This Week:

There’s a parent meeting for theatre on Monday night so I will skip my volunteer gig that night.

On Tuesday my life group starts up again.

I am still waiting for The Girl to be cleared to play again. Concussions and getting them back in the game is a really drawn-out process. I am 100% sure that her concussion was more like a head cold. She happened to get hit with one right after she got hit in the head. Symptoms are more cold-related to me. But, we shall wait.


I finished Fierce Kingdom and it was so good. Review coming soon. I also finished Exit West. Interesting read. I started The Bar Harbor Retirement Home for Famous Writers (And Their Muses). It’s gotten some mixed reviews but I’m enjoying it so far.


Fear the Walking Dead has been pretty good. Maybe a little slow but good. American Horror Story starts up again this week. I can’t wait!


I need to take this category out.

Grateful for:

Time off. Even though I was dealing with a screaming teen (headache and all), it was still enjoyable. Oh, and I am grateful for hitting a milestone birthday last Wednesday. The number really gave me anxiety but I am okay now that I am over it.

What do you have planned for the week?

28 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Sometimes It’s Just Too Much”

  1. Take care of yourself…I say the same thing to you all of the time…you do too much. I wish you could just stay in on a Sunday or two…go back to bed with coffee and a book!

    1. I managed to do that for half a day but that was all I could do. It felt good. But then I came back to work and it was like an explosion went off. WAY too much. A lot which could have been handled over the summer. I can’t even see what I am typing right now. My eyes are shot from all this computer work.

  2. With a concussion, it’s better to play it safe. Although she might have a cold, but who knows could manifest itself as a cold too?

    30? That’s a great milestone to reach, isn’t it? 🙂

    This week? Starting the week with a visit from my college roommate. Ending the week with work on Saturday, but two short days (three hours) tomorrow and Wednesday so it’ll all be good.

  3. Happy Belated birthday; milestones can be difficult, but sometimes it’s the hype from others rather than our internal issues. Life here seems quiet with my daughter off at college, which is okay since work has been hectic!

    1. Yes!! My work has been very hectic too. I am not much for milestone birthdays and wasn’t thinking much of it but the day before it hit I was a big mess. I got all weird and mopey.

    1. I’m not sure I could do that. I get so antsy. If work would just slow down a bit I’d be good. I just got a letter telling me about another job change. I just got a new boss two weeks ago and now I have another. Seriously.

  4. Yes, Happy Birthday – bet I’m older – ha! However, I’m also glad that the teen years are behind me in the parenting area. Hope your girl feels better soon and your work life slows a bit. Take care!

    1. Work has been challenging. Which is why I have had zero time to reply. I hit the big 5-0. I was all secretive about it until my son blasted it all over Facebook.

      The Girl is feeling better but it still on the bench until she clears protocol. Probably another week.

    1. I agree. i think I hesitated from trying online groceries before because I worried about the quality control, etc. But I have not had one issue and I’ve done it a few times now. Makes it so easy.

  5. Seems like they’re being a lot more cautious when it comes to concussions… and that’s a good thing! Your daughter has lots of time to play ahead of her, but I know how hard it is for them to wait when they want to play so badly. Hope you have a more peaceful week.

  6. Ohh I’m glad you liked Fierce Kingdom … I had listened to it as an audio earlier this year and liked it too. It’s quite suspenseful. I’ve also read Exit West but felt that it was a bit distanced from the characters. I guess I wanted more from it. I hope the Girl is feeling all right this week. take care

    1. I didn’t care much for the characters in Exit West either but I guess the point of it was not the characters but what was happening around them. So, I gave it a pass. Review posts soon.

      The Girl is still benched from volleyball. Sigh.

  7. I wouldn’t push the concussion protocol, even if you think it was a head cold. If it were my daughter, the more time away for recovery the better. The long-term consequences are too severe otherwise!

    Try to relax and remember to breathe!!

    1. I know. I am just upset because the season is almost over.

      And… work is a nightmare again. I got another letter reassigning me AGAIN. As of 9/24 I report to another department. I can’t even keep it straight.

      1. I’m so sorry you are going through all that at work. I would say hang in there because it has to get better, but I feel like you have had these same issues forever. I’m sure it feels that way too!

        1. I’ve been here for 25+ years and have seen so many people come and go. So many re-orgs. Some good. Some horrible. I’ve seen it all but this is a long run of difficulty. I’m totally worn out.

    1. She’s cleared now. They did treat it as a concussion. In just two short weeks she missed a lot of games and is just now getting back to it. She’s a little winded from no practice but overall, good.

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