Sunday Matters: Good Intentions

Sunday Matters

This entire week got away from me. Without going into a lot of boring details, everything hit me at once, both personally and professionally. No time for anything. I hope to get back on track this week.

Right Now:

Sundays have become busy days. I need to restructure how I do my Sundays because isn’t it supposed to be a day of rest? I can’t do much about today but I am going to plan ahead for next week to see what I can carve out in order to make my Sundays a little easier.

This Week:

I work for a university and classes started yesterday, so this week will be hectic but I do love the whole back-to-school vibe. It will take a few weeks for things to settle down.

There is only one volleyball game this week, a night out with my lady friends and a much-needed hair appointment. My hair looks like an unloved Chia Pet.


I finished two books. One I should have reviewed this week but yeah, that didn’t happen. I hope to have it written up and posted next week.

The other book I finished was Her Pretty Face. Impossible to put down.

About to start Exit West for book club.


Someone suggested I watch the show Botched. Good Lord. What have I gotten myself into?


I haven’t made anything really good lately but then again, I haven’t had the time to. It’s still warm here but the mornings are cool which makes me think of stew, the kind that simmers all day long.

I am also craving seafood in a big way. I could eat seafood every day, all week long. I keep seeing posts about Low Country Boils. They look easy enough but I am worried about botching it up.

Grateful for:

I am grateful for technology. With all the craziness this week I tuned in to a She Speaks talk via my car’s Bluetooth and listened to a little bit each day on my way to work. Bliss.

What’s going on this week? Have you picked up any new fall decor? I have. And Anthropologie came out with their fall candles and I am dying for one.

22 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Good Intentions”

    1. If I have my shopping done and all my other errands done and dinner plans set, then my Sunday activities are fine. But yesterday we had an all day tournament so none of that got done.

      I, of course, know my upcoming schedule but it still manages to creep up on me.

        1. I am. I wake at 4 during the week. Yesterday, at 6 because I had to make sandwiches for the tournament, and today didn’t sleep nearly long enough due to church. But, I can’t sleep in much anyway. I always wake up.

  1. I got my hair cut last week and I’m trying to wear it differently but I’m struggling to get it to look like the hairdresser did.

    My mother watches Botched and tells me ALL about it so I don’t need to watch it.

    Low Country Boils are pretty fail safe – I feel sure you won’t mess it up.

  2. Will be curious to hear what you and your book club think of Exit West… keep wondering whether I should give it a try. Those all day volleyball tournaments are killers! My daughter always loved them but, as much as I enjoyed seeing her play, it felt like I was scrambling to get things done for days after. Low Country Boils are pretty easy… you can do it!!

    1. If I actually get Exit West read and GO to the meeting, I’ll let you know how it goes. My daughter got a concussion this week so she won’t be playing for awhile.

  3. I’m reading Baby Teeth – OMG – she’s supposedly 7–The Who family is nuts. Half way through.

    Hope you have time for you this week.

  4. I decided to try one episode of Botched and see if I want to binge it, but didn’t make it through the whole show. Not for me. Looking forward to your reviews.

    1. I don’t think I could binge on Botched but the two I watched I felt the need to see through to the end. Had to see how the work turned out.

  5. Sundays are the slow days here so far. We’ve had busy during the weeks stuff….soccer practice twice per week is killer and she has music class on Friday. Sundays I have mostly free except for the monthly writing workshop and poetry reading for myself. Saturday is usually spent getting together with her friends, our friends, or doing errands.

  6. Girl, restructure your Sundays and be firm in making sure no commitments creep into it. Try to keep that day as stress-free as possible. We all need at least one day a week. Sundays are mine. If chores don’t get done, they are not getting done by me on Sunday. My family knows not to bother me on those days otherwise the whole week is shot.

    1. I know. I try so hard but then things come up like the urgent care trip last night to diagnose a concussion for The Girl. I had a list a mile long but nope.

  7. I hope your transition into work with school back will go okay. It’s hard to believe school is starting and summer will be ending, sigh. I think you have me interested in Her Pretty Face. That author is usually good.

    1. Her Pretty Face was good. Got a little slow at the end but good overall. My review posts next week. The work/school transition is still all over the place and my daughter got a concussion at the game the other day so it has thrown a wrench into things. The concussion schedule to phase a player back in is pretty involved.

    1. I saw a photo of Sophia all moved in. Looks like she is all set. My daughter got a concussion. She is fine but it puts a dent in the season and happened in a really stupid way. Another girl hit her in the head by accident with a volleyball pole during setup. The season is so short and she will probably miss at least 4 games.

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