Sunday Matters: First Sign of Fall

Sunday Matters

School started for The Girl and she’s already two volleyball games into the season. The other day I detected the first sign of fall weather-wise. It was a lovely 90 degree day and the quality of light was warmer than usual. It made me want to pull out all my fall decor.  Fall makes me happy. Very happy.

Right Now:

Enjoying a slice of toast with avocado and that Everything But the Bagel seasoning they sell at Trader Joe’s. In a bit we are off for church and then later the high school ministry kicks-off a new season so I’ll be back for that. Hope the girls in my group show up.

This Week:

We have two games. One is an away game and one is at home. I get to work the snack bar for the home game. Other than the normal school stuff not much going on.


I just finished The Cabin at the End of the World. Very interesting read. For my next read, I am torn between what I need to read (my book club book) and one of the books on my review list. There are just so many good books out right now. I try to read two at a time but that hasn’t worked well for me this summer.


Fear the Walking Dead started again last week and it was a decent episode but now it appears that the creators aren’t quite sure what to do with certain high-profile cast members.  Are they staying? Leaving? What? But the ones that annoy the heck out of me seem to live on no matter what.


I made tacos the other night which was actually enough for two nights. I like when leftovers are actually used. Today, no time to make anything since I am heading out again later and of course I’ve not gone shopping for anything. Poor planning on my part.

Grateful for:

So grateful for that tiny touch of fall I detected. I know it’s a long way off for us but one can dream.

Having you started to think about fall or are you still hanging on to summer?

20 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: First Sign of Fall”

  1. It’s a little cooler here but still humid, humid, humid.

    I’m reading a book for book club right now and I’m having to force myself to do it. I’d have set it aside a while ago if it wasn’t for book club.

    1. I tend to leave my book club books to the end of the month anyway so I can remember them enough for our discussion but sometimes I cut it too close, thinking a book won’t be as heavy as it is.

    1. Oh wow. That’s gotta be something to behold. I was born in Manhattan but I was too young to remember the trees. I remember the subway and Central Park’s horses but that’s about it.

  2. Thinking about Fall but we are still in monsoon season getting much needed rainfall. It’s been 51 days since my ankle surgery and I’m learning to walk again. Will be wearing aircast boot for some time, but great to be on my feet again-just a little wobbly. Finished reading Stephen Kings Desperation and started on The Immortalists.
    Plenty of time to read but wishing I could be pulling weeds. Funny how appealing pulling weeds has become when I’m not able to do it.

  3. We’ve had the most humid summer on record here, though not necessarily the warmest. I’m definitely looking ahead to fall… it’s my favorite season! Fall sports start here this week, though classes don’t begin until after Labor Day. Hope your daughter has a great season.

    1. I was roaming around Hollywood this past weekend and my hair was a frizzy mess. I declared it due to the humidity and my son just laughed. After spending 7 months in Orlando I guess he knows humidity.

  4. The episode of “Fear” last night was really well done, I think. The writing was really tight. (BTW, avocado on toast! YES!) And, I am totally hanging on to summer. I’m Canadian. Our winters are long and our summers are short. I hold on for dear life, with my fingernails if need be.

    1. I’m glad to hear that the episode of Fear was a good one because I got held back at high school ministry by almost an hour and it was after 10pm by the time I got home. I am going to watch it tonight.

  5. The humidity here is SO, SO bad. I am ready for fall though. I am holding off until September but the desire to start decorating is strong. I am ready for football and pumpkin spice everything and the colors and the scents.

    1. I went to Hobby Lobby this weekend and Christmas was in full swing but I think it always is there. I love fall so much. Not a big fan of pumpkin spice but I hit Anthropologie and they had their fall Capri Blue candles out. My husband bought me a Volcano scented one for my bday, which has yet to arrive but they were on sale and I told him it would be an easy gift. Now I want a fall scent too.

      1. I think places like Michaels’ and Hobby Lobby have to have their holiday decoration stuff out early because they cater to the crafting crowd and that crowd needs time to make their holiday crafts. It bothers me, but not as much as seeing Halloween candy in stores or Halloween costume stores open up in August.

  6. I was looking at fall decor at the store the other day, thinking it would be nice to have more of a fall look around the house. The weather does seem to be cooling down a bit–it was a nice 94 out today. The evenings are actually quite comfortable. Hopefully the air quality will improve as the fires get more under control. I hope your daughter’s games go well! Mine starts the new season of dance classes this week and then Girl Scouts in another couple weeks. Nutcracker auditions are this coming weekend, but I think my daughter is leaning toward not taking part. “There’s no singing or talking parts, Mom.” She is looking forward to next summer’s musical–whatever that may be.

    I felt the same way about the Fear of the Walking Dead episode. I haven’t seen last night’s yet. Hopefully I can catch up by the end of the week.

    We’ve been having tacos a lot lately. It’s so easy, and with the heat and not feeling much like cooking after work, it seems to be a favorite in the house.

    I hope you have a great week, Ti!

  7. I’ve started thinking about fall, but only in the wistful, mopey way where I don’t quite believe that fall will ever actually occur. Way down South we’re still very much in the summer trenches. At least my air conditioning is solid!

  8. It does seem like fall almost as soon as school starts these days. But I’m holding on to summer as long as I can – especially now that temps are more temperate.

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