Sunday Matters: Soon

Sunday Matters

It’s hard to believe but my son comes home this week! His birthday is on Tuesday and it will be his first birthday not spent with us but he returns very soon after and we will celebrate then. He’s not sure what he wants to do but we are all excited.

Right Now:

Church, some lunch and then it’s movie night with the high school ministry in the outdoor amphitheater. It should cool down by then. I hope.

This Week:

Trying to get The Girl motivated to finish her summer school packets so we can spend the weekend doing fun things and not history.

Some big changes happening in the workplace. Yep, again. I am not sure about it right now. My thoughts are all over the place.


I am starting The Immortalists this week. It’s for book club and it’s my pick so I hope it’s something we can discuss.

Also finishing up Florida. It’s kind of silly but I wanted to read this book before my son left Florida and I should be able to accomplish this.


I am not watching a thing but I am very excited about the trailer for the new Halloween movie. Basically, they are pretending that none of the other sequels happened, which is fine by me because most of them were horrible. Here is the trailer. It’s written by John Carpenter!


I haven’t made much lately but chopped salad bowls appeal to me right now. I am envisioning chopped, seedless cucumbers, grilled marinated chicken, roasted bell peppers and big cubes of Feta.

Grateful for:

The return of my first-born. Please pray for a safe flight back. I’m sure his emotions will be all over the place. He had such a good time over there and made so many friends. He returns on Thursday.

Here is a question for you. What is the one summer food or drink that you must have or it’s not summer?  For me, it’s roasted corn and watermelon. Oh! And a really good burger. That, there, is a meal my friends.

10 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Soon”

  1. Glad your son will be back soon—that went fast, at least for me LOL

    Favorite summer foods are: local pickling cucumbers, white corn and plums and peaches. Have a great week.

    1. The final movie hasn’t been announced yet but according to the poll it looks like The Greatest Showman over Monster’s Inc.

  2. You will alll be together again! Yeah! Peaches and tomatoes and nectarines are what I crave in the summer…

  3. I know you’ll be happy to have your son home again. My son’s birthday is a week from today and we have no idea when we’ll celebrate or what we’ll get him. (Carl will be visiting his dad then.)

    In the summer I love vine-ripened tomatoes, watermelon, and cherries!

  4. Will be praying your son returns home safely! My summer food faves are the same as yours. I also LOVE fresh field peas & snaps eaten with a big vine ripe tomato.

  5. Yes, will certainly pray that your son has a safe return home and that his birthday will be big fun for all of you. Know you’re all excited that he’ll be home, but I also know that he’s made some good friends.

    Summer eating must have watermelon and also other melons. Berries when we were in Oregon. And now, fresh salads with grilled chicken or fish. Love the sound of the salad bowl you were thinking about.

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