Sunday Matters: Long Weekend

Sunday Matters

I love holiday weekends even when I don’t have anything special planned. Just the idea of having an extra day to do ANYTHING appeals to me.

Right Now:

We went to church on Thursday so we could sleep in today. Yesterday we were at a volleyball tournament and had to leave pretty early in the morning so my plan at the moment is to be a total slug.

This Week:

Tuesday, my life group is going out to dinner to celebrate a graduation. Japanese food, here we come!

In other news, school ends on Thursday for us. Unbelievable, really. There was a theatre showcase to attend but it’s been rescheduled so many times and now I think it’s been cancelled for good.

Volleyball camp starts on June 4 so there won’t be any downtime to speak of.  I gotta figure out the online summer school program too. Still waiting for info from the school counselor about that. With all the electives and sports,  history will be taken over the summer.


I finished and reviewed The Female Persuasion and liked it very much. Right after finishing it, I started The Other Mother and let me tell you, it is impossible to put down. I started it and before I knew it I was 150 pages in. Now, I am done with it! The review will post this week.

On a very sad note, my pre-order for King’s new book, The Outsider never came and it’s a holiday weekend, the perfect time to read it so I may have to walk into a store to buy it and then deal with the return/refund of the other copy later.


Not really anything new. But I feel like watching some old movies this weekend or a really good action movie. I still haven’t seen Black Panther.


Memorial Day begs for something to be grilled but what? With me being gluten-free and The Girl being a vegetarian, meals are somewhat complicated. The other day I used a veggie crumble as a meat substitute in a casserole and after eating it had a terrible reaction to it. It was ALL gluten! I had no idea.

What are you making? Kabobs sound pretty good.

Grateful for:

The extra day off, of course!

19 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Long Weekend”

  1. Enjoy your day off! I’ll be working for my son since he’s on vacation in Maine. Our neighborhood is having Music in the Park tonight with a food truck so that will be our Memorial Day celebration. I think I have The Other Mother – maybe I’ll pick it up next.

  2. I have a The Other Mother…so excited…today it’s dreary here but a great day to read! I am glad you are having a peaceful Sunday…we are having a huge steak but we are going to do it in a cast iron skillet!

    1. How did your steak come out? I cooked one in a cast iron skillet awhile back, our first in the pan I bought and it was very good. I overcooked it a little but it was still good.

  3. Enjoy the day off! Alas, my work doesn’t give us the day off, so I’ll be toiling away at work tomorrow while everyone else parties. :p I hope y’all are able to find some delicious foods to make.

    1. I’m sorry you had to work. My son had to work too but it was cut short because of severe weather. He was in the pool at Typhoon Lagoon in Orlando but he and none of his coworkers heard the safety warning (lightning strikes) so another cast member ran over screaming telling them to get the heck out. He was then sent home. He is not used to weather like that.

      We went to Santa Barbara. I didn’t end up cooking a traditional grilled meal when we came back. Instead I picked up veggies at a farm stand and had grilled veggies and cornbread. I have a pile of it for lunch too. It was actually just what we wanted.

  4. I want to read The Other Mother, but I’ve gotten caught up in several historical mysteries – which I’m loving. It’s been a while since I went ‘down a rabbit hole’ of reading. Oh, just go buy the Stephen King and send back the other one. Or find a good couple movies to watch. Black Panther is out for ‘renting’ now. It was good. And we saw the new Avengers movie. Hmmm….I have thoughts.

  5. I have two extra days because I took another day off in addition to Monday. My plan was to read, which hasn’t completely happened, but I did start one today: Still Life by Louise Penny, which so far is good….oooh, Japanese food…yum…so did you go pick up a copy of The Outsider?…and hope you get to see Black Panther soon. It’s amazing…we’ll probably have hamburgers and hot dogs at the neighbors. Kim is making deviled eggs.

    1. You already know about King. So angry about that, actually.

      Your food looked really good.

      We didn’t get to see Black Panther. We did so much driving we were kind of punchy when we came home on Saturday. My husband and daughter threw in Hot Chick which is not quite as stupid as Dumb and Dumber but close. It was mindless laughs. Seen many times before but we were just so tired.

  6. I spent Memorial Day flying home from the UK after a fantastic quick trip. Today it’s back to work, but I have no meetings until 12:00 so the re-entry isn’t too bad.

    1. We made the drive back from Santa Barbara at around 3:30 pm yesterday. I spent a good 35 min stuck in Montecito just trying to get through the holiday traffic. At one point, I could have gotten out of the car, ran up to your place to say HI and then popped back in the car before it had gone anywhere. Seriously!

  7. I made burgers and fish tacos and cheesy potatoes this past weekend (not on the same day). It’s been a pretty fabulous week for food actually. I can’t wait for lunchtime so I can eat leftovers!

    1. All of it sounds good. Today I am meeting a friend for lunch. One from high school! Tostadas and chips. That is what I am having. Or plan to have since it’s not even 10 a.m. yet.

  8. I think I need more time off! LOL That long weekend was not enough.. Work is crazy busy. I wanted to start The Outsider, but I have so many other books to read first, and reading time is short these days.

    1. You’d finish The Outsider pretty fast if you started it. I could have blown through it very quickly but then began to pace myself because it was so good.

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