Sunday Matters: It’s Coming to a Close

Sunday Matters

How is everyone doing? The school year is coming to a close. It’s been a good year for The Girl but we are ready for a change of pace.

Right Now:

Kind of a routine day. Church, errands, more church.

This Week:

Theatre has their Senior Showcase this Tuesday. The Girl was asked to be in one of the student directed scenes so we will be going to that. Should be fun. They are doing four pieces from the show Parade.

The Girl made JV volleyball for next year. Yay!

My son is doing well in Orlando but they are having some weather which has forced Typhoon Lagoon to close a few times. Closing means loss of hours so this concerns him a little. Also, he was extended until July 26 which I shared here but most of his good friends were not extended. They all left last week which has caused him to be a little homesick. Understandable.


I am in the final pages of The Female Persuasion. I will probably post the review sometime this week. I am digging it.

King’s new book comes out this week! The Outsider sounds very good. I hope it is. No formal read-along but Nadia is going to read it with me! Anyone else plan to get it as soon as it comes out?


Did you watch the Royal Wedding? I had plans to get up early, eat gluten-free crumpets and drink tea but 3 a.m. on my day off would  have been a bit much.

On another note, Fear the Walking Dead is SO good this season. It was in dire need of something and I guess that something was a new cast and new writers. They’ve added many new characters and with Morgan crossing over from The Walking Dead, it’s really good now.

I am still watching the Roseanne reboot. It seems to be settling down a little. Not with the topics but the actors seem to be falling back into their roles. Initially it was rough going. Painful, even.


I finally made that big pot of pasta sauce I mentioned weeks ago so we ate pasta many times this past week. One night was grilled cheese sandwiches. I can’t really recall anything else. Food just hasn’t been that high of a priority these days.

Grateful for:

I am very grateful to have found the weird smell in my house. It should be noted that I have a very sensitive nose. I can smell the slightest thing and for weeks I have smelled something foul. Well, I found it. A little “puddle” left by The Otter Pup. Actually, it was a large, dried-up puddle. It has since been removed and now my house is clean smelling again.


19 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: It’s Coming to a Close”

  1. It sounds like things are busy as usual at your house. I always looked forward to the change of pace summer brought when Vance was in school. I’m sure your son will make new friends when the next crew comes in. I listened to The Female Persuasion and thought it was okay – I think maybe it’s a book better experienced in print.

    1. Yeah, I’m not sure The Female Persuasion translates well on audio. It doesn’t sound like the type of book that would. I much enjoyed it in print though.

  2. I also have a super sensitive sense of small so I empathize with tracking down a foul smell! I also didn’t get up early to watch the wedding, but I did watch the replays in the evening and I quite enjoyed myself.

    1. There is a smell in one of my cabinets that I cannot get rid of but it’s a spice, like anise or something like that. We bought the house nearly 10 years ago and I can still smell it.

      The wedding was really very well done. So elegant and beautiful.

  3. Jake Tapper was on The Colbert Show the other night talking about his sense of smell & Colbert had Tapper smell him to see if he smelled. Tapper asked him if he’d had tuna for lunch. Which Colbert had. Tapper could smell it even after Colbert had brushed his teeth and eaten a mint. Can you imagine having a sense of smell that strong? I think I’d go nuts. Having one that makes sure I can tell when there are stinky things in my house is quite enough for me!

    1. My nose is probably just as sensitive as that Tapper guy. I can smell things when no one else can. But I think because of this I constantly have to have scent around me like aroma therapy. It’s a pick me up.

  4. Hurray for the removal of funny smells! I love sweet smelling rooms. I have been putting fresh eucalyptus everywhere I can…it dries wonderfully…but I love anything that smells sort of Vicks like! And it’s good to get a change of pace, too! You are always so busy! I just read an article that said cooked tomato sauce is so good for tummies! Something about the way it mixes with probiotics…sometimes I don’t even care about pasta…it’s all about the sauce…

    1. I have an oil warmer and I will often use eucalyptus in it but every time I do my husband says it smells like bleach. I don’t agree but he says it’s not pleasant.

  5. Congrats to the Girl! She will be the queen of volleyball! And I am very glad that you have found the source of the bad smell, but very sorry for you that you have a good sense of smell. I am a person with a very mediocre sense of smell, and it is nothing but a blessing.

    1. My sense of smell is so strong. Usually it’s a good thing. I ADORE spring for all the lovely smells it brings.

  6. I did get up to watch the wedding. My oldest daughter got up with me to watch but everyone else slept in. I’ve been obsessed with the royals since I was nine years old. I feel like Prince Harry has grown up into a genuinely kind man, and I love seeing that he has found someone and that they are so obviously in love with each other.

  7. I just started The Female Persuasion, and am liking it. I am a fan of Meg Wolitzer. I also read The Flight Attendent and a fan of Bohjalian but it was not a memorable story as many of his others are.

    1. I really liked Female Persuasion. I just need to get the review written up. I agree on The Flight Attendant. It could have been a lot better.

  8. Congratulations to the Girl on JV volleyball! I’m sure that your son will settle back into a routine soon enough. I imagine Typhoon Lagoon’s busy season is just getting started.

    I did not get up for the wedding but caught it on replay on NBC later that morning. It was just gorgeous. The looks they gave each other! We should all be so lucky!

  9. The Royal Wedding was quite lovely. What did you think? We watched it at least a few times, ha. Congrats on the girl’s volleyball for next season — terrific.

    1. I really enjoyed the wedding. I thought it was very nice even though it wasn’t as traditional as other royal weddings. I loved the gospel choir and the young man who played the cello. I thought it was very organized as well. They were within minutes of the posted schedule. Everything was lovely.

  10. you’re always very busy; I don’t know how you can keep track of it all. I’m glad your son is enjoying his time in Orlando, even if he is a little homesick.

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