Sunday Matters: Everything is Good

Sunday Matters

The Girl is back from Hawaii. She had a great time and declared immediately upon landing that she wants to travel more.

Us? We are pretty good. It was a return to normal as far as our schedules go but we eased into it okay.

Right Now:

I recently finished The Music Shop by Rachel Joyce and the feel-good feeling I had upon turning that last page has stayed with me. More so because I keep listening to the playlist the publisher put together on Spotify. I am just sitting here happy with my coffee and playlist.

This Week:

This week should be pretty good. No extra appointments just the normal stuff.


Right after finishing The Music Shop I picked up Sunburn by Laura Lippman. What a book! It was impossible to put down once I started it so I should have the review up very soon. Next up, The Flight Attendant and that TheMystery.doc book everyone is talking about.


The Walking Dead season finale is tonight and right after it is the season premier of Fear the Walking Dead. As soon as I get home from volunteering I am gonna throw myself in front of the TV and hopefully watch both although it will be a pretty late night for me.


Let’s see. What am I making? I plan to make some Spanish rice for life group this Tuesday. I need to BBQ some salmon for lunches. I’ve got a craving for the kind of pasta sauce (gravy) that simmers all day long. Half of my family is Italian so that is where I get it from. I want thick sauce with loopy noodles. Sometimes I can find really good quality gluten-free pasta so maybe I will get lucky.

Grateful for:

Feel-good reads. I don’t care for sappy novels but the kinds of books that leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy? Who doesn’t want to feel that way?

Share with me a book that you consider to be a real feel-good novel.

20 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Everything is Good”

  1. I’m so glad The Girl’s trip was a success! I keep hearing great things about Sunburn and want to read it. I thought I had a copy but I don’t. I need to remedy that.

  2. Long simmered sauce…yum…I love that just in a bowl eaten with a spoon…no pasta needed or sometimes just over polenta…

    My best feel good books are both middle grade books…Snow And Rose and The Girl Who Drank The Moon…I am really loving MG books lately!

  3. I still have to look at your review of The Music Shop. I liked her book about Harold Fry…glad The Girl got back safely and that all is good with the rest of you…I’m sorry I can’t help you with the warm and fuzzy books. With mostly crime novels, I don’t usually read warm and fuzzy, but one that might be close is All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot. I read years ago and I’m rereading. So far, it’s good.

    1. I think I added All Creatures when you mentioned it the last time. I am doing well getting through all of my review copies but I seriously just added 6 more last week. Some day I might get to All Creatures.

  4. Glad your daughter had a good time and also glad your week was good enough. Feel-good books, well, I’m hearing good things about Dear Mrs. Bird and plan to read that one soon. Have a good week, Ti!

  5. So glad to hear you liked The Music Shop, woohoo! Glad too that your daughter enjoyed her travels. What’s not to like about Hawaii?! So should I jump to get Sunburn??

  6. That’s great The Girl has such a great time in Hawaii 🙂 TWD – what the what?! I already miss Morgan. What is this mystery.doc you are talking about – I’ve never heard of it or heard anyone mention it. Its definitely a mystery to me – LOL! Hope you have a great week!

    1. I am going to send a separate email about TWD. Ugh!

      The Mystery.doc is a project book of sorts. Did you check out the link? Very high concept.

      I got it from the publisher but there is a contest that goes along with it that involves submissions from readers (poetry, reviews, videos, etc.) It’s supposed to be wild. I have yet to start it.

  7. I couldn’t put Sunburn down either! After reading your review, I put The Music Shop of my mother’s library list… sounds like a book she would love. Have a good week, Ti.

  8. Your review makes me want to read The Music Shop. 🙂

    I’m glad that things are going well. I wouldn’t mind traveling more..but we really need a big budget for that one!

    1. Vacation funds are not in our budget either and since my husband can never take any time off except for that one week after Christmas, we have no big plans either.

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