Sunday Matters: My Routine is Totally Off

Sunday Matters

These days it doesn’t take much to throw me off my game. Without boring you to death with details, let’s just say that it’s been a challenging week and leave it at that. I am ready to start the week anew.

Right Now:

It’s a tournament weekend so no time for church today.

This Week:

My focus this week is organization. Everything needs to be looked at (closets, drawers, the garage, etc.) The weather has been warm so naturally my spring cleaning has kicked in. I want to do some painting too but in reality, maybe I will actually select the paint this week. I doubt I will actually paint anything.

Not much else going on except Oliver rehearsals begin this Monday. She is going for Bet and Mrs. Sowerberry. It’s kind of a dark show and I think it’s her third time doing it but she loves the music.


I finished Nomadland. My thoughts on that later this week. I just started Start Without Me by Joshua Max Feldman and I picked up Best Day Ever based on everyone’s recommendations.


I’ve been watching Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. It’s not new to me, but I haven’t watched in a long time and I have been in the mood for it lately.


Not a thing. Too much going on. No nights in. No point to cooking.

Grateful for:

New beginnings. I have no problem saying goodbye to a busy week so I am grateful that tomorrow starts a brand new week.

What’s new with you? I’ve been looking at book subscription services where you get a bookish box every now and then. I think I would like the break in routine but I just know I will end up with books I already have.

25 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: My Routine is Totally Off”

  1. I read Nomadland in 3 hours yesterday and found it to be an eye-opener. I hope next week is better for both of us, I had a bug.

  2. Sometimes the days run together for me and I wonder if they even need names. Then there are weeks like you just had – and the break-in-days — the fresh start of a new week seems a great idea.

    I hope things go well with you this new week. 🙂

  3. I feel the need to go through closets, too. I started a box for clothes…we found a mission near us in need. I love doing this. Busy weeks are dreadful…especially if you just want to be at home. Wishing you a more relaxed week this week!

  4. Sounds like a busy time for you! Good luck with the painting… setting smaller goals like selecting the color is a great idea.I read Nomadland las year and am still thinking about it.

    1. ​And… I still haven’t looked at swatches. I actually want to start with my kitchen table. I want to paint it either a distressed cream color or a bright green color. ​

  5. Funny that you mention a monthly book subscription. About 5 months ago I looked at a bunch and couldn’t get myself to do it. Then, about 10 days ago I signed up for the Book of the Month and I am eagerly awaiting my first book. We’ll see how it goes….

    1. I belonged to the Book of the Month club in its heyday but I know it’s very different now. I am itching to join something but I want off the beaten path type reads. I saw one for Japanese fiction but the cost was a bit ridiculous.

  6. I feel you on the spring cleaning, though it’s still cold (for Texas) and wet here. I came home Friday on fire to purge the house and have a running pile by the front door. Husband hates it, but I have to have a landing zone! My goal is to have a dedicated space for everything that makes sense, and if it doesn’t, it goes. Also, I’m working to get rid of things that I’ve held onto because someone I love bought it for me. I love the person, not the thing, and they won’t know the difference anyway.

    I’m reading Target Tokyo, about the Dolittle Raid, meant to be vengeance for Pearl Harbor. It’s a chunkster, but I’ve heard great things, so I’ll be plugging away at it.

    1. I recently had to be tented for termites. I knew about the double bagging and all but I had NO idea that they would open every drawer and closet for access and I was mortified to come home and see all that open and on display. I am so mortified that I am in a pitching frenzy. Most of the stuff was organized but at the last minute I went through and just shoved stuff in a closet to be done with it. SO mortified.

  7. I wanted to try one of those book boxes too, but alas I think I’ll end up with books I have already or something like that. I hope you find time to rejuvenate!

    1. A new Kindle!! How exciting! Enjoy.

      This week was an extension of last week but it’s mostly over now. I had a chance to relax on the couch last night and be unproductive.

  8. I hope this week is going better for you & that your house projects are underway. We had a leaky roof here so that has not been good but we hopefully have solved it / still who knows if we will need a new roof come spring or summer, ugh! February has been a snowy & cold month here — strange you’re not getting anything there.

    1. My termite tenting adventure is over but this week has been busy putting the house back together. I am worn out. Leaky roofs are no fun at all. I hope your situation has been corrected.

    1. Auditions are this Wednesday. Last week was just the prep where she gets the lines, the songs, etc.

      I did get a good start on my cleaning. The house was looking pretty good until everyone returned. LOL. I just can’t keep it up. I know we have too much and I toss stuff all the time. If something doesn’t have a place I am going to pitch it from here on out.

    1. My daughter is 14 and has already done at least 15 musicals. Possibly more, given that she started in community theatre at the age of 4. I love a good musical! Between my son and daughter someone is always singing in this house.

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