Sunday Matters: So Far, So Good

Sunday Matters

The first week back at work went smoothly. It was busy but I was well rested and so productive!

Right Now:

Trying to get back into my routine again so church this morning and then volunteering later. In between I plan to do some reading.

This Week:

We are not quite into production week yet but The Girl auditions for Oklahoma! some time this week. There are volleyball practices and Music Man rehearsals and us working at Outreach. My life group kicks off again on Tuesday so I am looking forward to that.

My son leaves for Orlando soon. Very soon.


I am finishing Seven Days of Us. It’s pretty readable. I like the premise but it is a little slow. It’s taking me longer to read it than I thought it would.


I am going to sneak in an episode or two of Black Mirror sometime this week.


I laugh at this. I don’t make much these days. Our meals are pieced together healthy things like rice cakes and hummus or almond butter sandwiches.

Grateful for:

My MIL is going to let us stay at her house while we tent our house for termites so I am grateful that we have this option.

So tell me, what is new with you? Hard to stay away from the news these days but man, every time I turn it on something hits the fan.

15 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: So Far, So Good”

  1. Nice that you’ve got somewhere to go for the termite thing. Never had those, so no experience there. I’ve wondered about SEVEN DAYS OF US, so I’ll watch for your thoughts on it. ‘Oklahoma’ is a fun musical. What will she auditioning for? And good luck to her!

  2. Happy Mid-January. I finally FINALLY made some reading progress. Just can’t focus my thoughts to fall into a book or something. I’ve only read 2 books so far and both were under 300 pages. ugh.

    1. The footage is all over the news, of course. I know they recovered someone today. I just can’t believe the aerial footage. Homes completely swept off their foundations. How are you guys holding up?

  3. I am so glad you have a place to stay when you tent your house. Have you decided when you are doing that? Did you get a neighborhood discount?

    She is trying out for Oklahoma? I can see her going for Ado Annie. That’s such a great role.

    I am getting so spoiled with Jim home. He has been handling all of the meals and chores. It is going to suck when he gets a new job and works again. I don’t know what I am going to do at that point in time.

  4. I am glad your first week back to work went smoothly, Ti. I hope auditions go well for your daughter. Mouse is deciding between Swan Lake and The Wizard of Oz this summer. I think she’s leaning toward The Wizard of Oz because she may get a singing part, but she has fallen in love with the beauty of Swan Lake. We can’t afford her to do both, unfortunately. Nor do I think my sanity would survive it. Anyway, auditions for Swan Lake are in another week, so she’ll have to decide soon.

    I hope you have a great week, Ti!

  5. Trying to get back to routine here too, but not quite there. Week is a little off this week with working on Saturday, but have Thursday off. Usually if I work Saturday, I have Friday off (a strange thing having to do with the way pay weeks fall), but this week it’s Thursday because our director couldn’t find anyone to work Friday for me…I was in Oklahama! and The Music Man in high school. I think The Music Man might have been one of my first. I was a train conductor, only at the beginning, but still it was my first taste of musicals.

    1. The train scene is a great scene actually. My son was in it a The Music Man a few times. Once as the Constable and once as Marcellus. My daughter has been in it twice too. Once as a kid in the band and now she is a Pick a Little Lady.

    1. I like Black Mirror but it’s very dark and often disturbing so you can’t binge watch it. I have picked random episodes here and there based on the summary. I loved the USS Callister episode. That one wasn’t dark really but very clever.

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