Sunday Matters: Things Have Changed

Sunday Matters

The world of book blogging is so different these days. Interaction is as an all-time low and yet I plug on. My intent for this blog was to record my thoughts about the books I’ve read but the community aspect was a welcome bonus. I miss it. People are busy. Distractions are at an all-time high. I really need to be plugged-in or the world kind of takes over.


Right Now:

I am typing this with a sore arm. I got my flu shot yesterday. Hard to believe it’s that time of year but it is. Just sitting here, watching the news and sipping coffee.

Have you pulled your Halloween decorations out yet? This may happen soon for us. I’ve seen a few houses decorated even though it’s been warm this week.

This Week:

Monday and Tuesday is “fall break” here but I do not have the days off. The callback list for The Music Man posts late Tuesday.  There is a volleyball game Thursday and right after that a dress rehearsal for the choir concert which will be Friday and Saturday. I also have book club. Saturday is The Girl’s 14th birthday.

In addition to everything else, my son got a job performing at Six Flags for Fright Fest so every weekend he shows up for make-up and then works until 1 a.m. He’s 19 but I still worry about somebody punching him out from sheer terror. He, of course, thinks this is ridiculous even though he knows it happens. He learned this when he worked tech at last year’s Fright Fest. They also throw bricks, apparently.


My Sleeping Beauties read along did not get the participation I had hoped for (#sleepingbeautiesRAL) but some of my fave people were able to join last-minute and I can’t tell you how happy that makes me! I am four chapters in and it’s pretty good so far. I just love a good King chunkster.

My book club meets this week too so I must also get to The Lathe of Heaven but it’s pretty short.


AHS - Cult

American Horror Story is starting to get good.  Information has been revealed about some of the main characters and it’s interesting how it’s all coming together.

Fear the Walking Dead is still holding my attention but Madison is so annoying. She is the main character and from all the fan comments no one likes her, so why does she remain?

With today being the first day of October that means it’s time to come up with my horror movie viewing list. I always wait too long to watch and then before I know it, Halloween is over so this year I want to start early.


I made a taco bake one night. I also made a chicken stir fry. A pasta and sausage with cream sauce dish which is my absolute favorite thing. Pizza was in there somewhere. I really have a craving for seafood but no one eats it but me.

Grateful for:

Weekends when we can get away, even if only for a half day. Since The Girl’s actual birthday is filled with activities we took this past Saturday to celebrate and it was good.

31 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Things Have Changed”

  1. I know about busy and distractions. We need to get flu shots too but haven’t yet. So much going on as you know but I’m glad others are participating in the readalong. I hope the book is good.

  2. I wonder if book reviewers are just getting tired of reviewing…I know that if a review is really long…I just don’t read it…on the other hand…I love those to the point reviews that help me know what I like and I love it when someone knows me so well that they know what I would enjoy reading. It is hard to believe that your daughter will be 14! I love all of your lists even though I can’t read any of Mr. king’s books…sigh! I am still haunted by It…clowns totally derail me!

    1. I think you would actually like his new one. It’s long but it’s not scary or gory in the sense that you think. King is not really not into gore as much as he used to be. It’s all about people, personalities, mannerisms.

  3. Book blogging has changed so much over the years – in comments, Twitter, etc.

    I went to the doctor the week before last and hoped to get my flu shot then. They said they had the vaccine but weren’t ready to give it yet. Made no sense to me. I plan to get that done this week.

    1. In some ways I don’t mind the blogging changes. It’s easier to get through my reader when no one is posting. LOL. I know. I’m so bad.

  4. Oh you are so good for getting your flu shot already! I am still in denial about it being already October, so I haven’t done mine yet. It’s happening this week, though! I have a vacation coming up and I must be vaccinated for it.

  5. It really is a different book blogging world out there now, and I miss the old days. Need to get a flu shot this week… don’t even get me started on the distractions… sigh. Have a good week, Ti!

    1. With my new medical insurance getting a flu shot is pretty easy so there is no reason to not get one. We walk in all together to the open lab and in 5 min we are done.

  6. Thanks for the reminder about the flu shot. Hopefully tomorrow. I hear you about book blogging and the lack of interaction. I get likes on Facebook, but no comments. I am participating in Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon later this month, but even there I’ll be using Instagram because I know if I put a link to my blog, no one will visit. Sometimes to be honest I don’t know why I hang on to the blog, but I also know I’m not going to write a blog post length entry on Instagram that doesn’t have anything to do with the photo…which I’ve seen done. I don’t go to Instagram to read; I go there to look at pictures.

    1. I know what you mean about Insta. It’s meant for photos so seeing a load of text there is usually a turn off for me.

      I have not done the Dewey readathon in so long. I just felt the need to post a lot and that cut into my reading. I know you can pretty much do it any way you want but I can never find an entire day to dedicate to it.

  7. I definitely took a bunch of time off from the blogging community and it feels good to be back though work does mean I can’t do as much as I’d like. I am Cybils judge this year so that feels like a step in the right direction.

  8. I missed my book club this week. It was the first week of the quarter and even though I’m only teaching three classes and only at one school, I was pretty tired. Adjusting to the morning routine, I guess. Last book club meeting I suggested a sci-fi text and the group leader asked whether I really thought this was a sci-fi crowd, so sigh…I guess that’s a no.

    1. To me, that is the BEST reason to go with the Sci-Fi pick. Reading outside of your comfort zone is what gets the discussion going. What book did you suggest? We are discussing The Lathe of Heaven this Thursday. I have a few more pages to finish.

      1. I agree! I didn’t have a particular book in mind, although I had just finished Ready, Player One and that would have come to my mind first for a suggestion. A couple months ago I saw a sci-fi book and I wish I’d just bought it then because now I can’t remember the title. It had something to do with technology helping men and women communicate better or something. The back of the book sounded a lot more fascinating than my explanation =(

    1. I never used to get flu shots but after catching the crud that was going around backstage, and nearly losing ten days to fever, I get the shot. My poor daughter got it twice because the nurse missed her muscle the first time. How does one do that?

  9. I got my flu shot on Wednesday last week. It only hurt for a day, so that’s good. It is the first one I’ve gotten in years, but we have already had an outbreak of the flu here in Wisconsin so I wanted to be prepared.

    I know a lot of people are questioning the whole blogging thing, but I have never once done so. At least not yet anyway. I know readership is down, and I totally see my feeds down dramatically. Yet, I still love writing reviews. I love the challenge they can be to write, and I love how they tend to crystallize my feelings about a book. It is almost as if I have not truly finished a book until I have reviewed it. I do wonder if I will ever reach the point where I am done; I personally don’t see it if only because I never put a lot of pressure on myself to be popular or widely read. I will never say never, but I think life would have to shift dramatically for me to give it up completely.

    1. I am too OCD to ever stop. If I stopped, my domain would become some Asian website and we certainly can’t let that happen.

      I am like you. I never did it for the books or the popularity. I just did it to record my thoughts. Honestly, sometimes I’ve even forgotten if I’ve read a book! So, the blog is handy for that. I like it along with Goodreads to keep track of stuff.

      1. That’s exactly why I like my blog. (Plus the OCD thing.) I like being able to refresh my memory on which books I have actually read over the years.

  10. How far away from Six Flags are you? That’s tough the Boy working till 1 a.m. I can see why you worry. Happy birthday to the Girl! Hope her volleyball goes well. I’ll be interested to hear if you think this King book is as good as his others. Enjoy the week.

    1. Six Flags is about six miles from my house. Once he gets his makeup off he rolls in by 2am but it’s only Friday, Saturday and Sunday the park closes a little earlier.

  11. I agree with you that blogging (not just book) in general has changed over the years. I read somewhere that the average visitor will spend 1 min. at a blog and best not to include too many words in it. People love visuals nowadays (or maybe have always been) Oh well, that’s what they say. But we always do what’s gratifying for ourselves as bloggers, right? Traffic isn’t the top priority for why we blog.

  12. It’s so true about less interactions in blog land. I think that Instagram and Twitter are easier, and they have a lot to do with replacing the blog life we once enjoyed. I am waiting for my copy of Sleeping Beauties to arrive any moment, and then I’ll be joining you.

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