The Sleeping Beauties Read Along – Are You In? (#sleepingbeautiesRAL)

The Sleeping Beauties Read Along button.

I LOVE this time of year. Who can do fall without King? Not me! This year he has teamed up with his son for a new book. Sleeping Beauties hits shelves September 26 and it’s a chunkster!!


Get the book: Sleeping Beauties

Read from
: September 26 to October 31

Tweet about your reading (no spoilers) as you read
: Use #sleepingbeautiesRAL

This is an unstructured read along and purely for fun. There are no scheduled readings. Discussion will also be unstructured and happen on Twitter using the hashtag #sleepingbeautiesRAL. The goal here is to read the book with friends!

I will post a review and recap shortly after 10/31 so we will also be able to discuss the book there when we are all done.

Feel free to use the button above. I’ve also placed a smaller button in the sidebar if you want to use that one instead.

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10 thoughts on “The Sleeping Beauties Read Along – Are You In? (#sleepingbeautiesRAL)”

  1. Hmmm…well, you know I’ll be listening to it, but at the rate I listen to audiobooks these days, I fear it is going to take me longer than a month to get through it! Count me in though!

    1. My tendency is to usually give at least 6 weeks but with King, people fly through the book way before then. There are no schedules so just listen as we read and you will be good!

  2. I’d love to join you but with book club and Netgalley commitments there’s no way I can squeeze in a chunkster, even one of King’s (which, you’re right, always read fast!). Enjoy!

  3. I love King so I caved. I just got the audio version. The reviews aren’t so great so far, but I’m being positive and hoping I enjoy it more than they did.

    1. Yay!!! I just got my copy so I am all ready to dive in tonight. King’s books are often not reviewed well but I just go by enjoyment with his books lately. If it entertains me and has the classic KING stamp on it, then I am happy.

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