Sunday Matters: Sunny Days

Sunday Matters

This past week was gorgeous. After all that rain, we were treated to warm days and blue skies. Our hills are so green! I haven’t seen hills this green in a very long time.

Right Now:

At the moment, I am downing a much-needed cup of coffee. I am really craving a bagel but gluten-free bagels are like bricks and should be avoided at all costs. So, here I sit, bagel-less.

This Week:

My daughter DID get a callback last week for Shrek. She tried out for Teen Fiona, The Ugly Duckling, Dorothy and Elf. She got called back for The Ugly Duckling. I know there are lots of fairy tale roles in the show and I am not familiar with what each of them do but that is what she got called back for and apparently that is what she wanted. I thought she wanted Teen Fiona but she is more excited about this. The final cast list posts late Tuesday.

This weekend my small group is doing a prayer experience. I’ve never participated in one but we will do it Saturday morning and then have brunch!


I am reading The Lonely Hearts Hotel and Ulysses.  I am making progress in both. My motivation has increased because I’ve seen all these fabulous books I want to read so I need to get Ulysses read. It’s a book that baffles yet amuses. I’m not sure I will ever be able to explain part two but hey, pretty soon I will be able to mark it off my list and wear that badge of honor with pride.


The same stuff. Bates Motel is in all-out crazy mode. So, so good.

Bates Motel

The Walking Dead is still simmering along but I hope it picks up soon. I’m beginning to think that killing off a main character HAS affected its ratings because it doesn’t seem to be doing so well and people have lost interest. Or, so it seems.


I’m in one of those moods where nothing sounds good. Nothing. After viewing Wil Wheaton’s food posts on Instagram, I’m beginning to think I need to try one of those mail order meal services but because of my food allergies, I hesitate. He’s been cooking up some amazing things though.

I just stumbled upon the online cookbook for Blue Apron. I may try it out this way first. I had to provide my email address for their weekly recipe mailing but all of their recipes look pretty good so I don’t mind. I need some inspiration.

Grateful for:

Books. I know! So obvious. The other day, I saw a book list that reminded me of my junior high reading days. The days where I spent hours at the library, holed up in a little reading cube, flipping the pages of Rebecca or Jamaica Inn. Those were the days. I want to read like that again!

What’s a favorite reading memory from your past?

18 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Sunny Days”

  1. My fave reading memory is riding my bike to the park to the bookmobile parked there. I loaded up with books and biked home to read them on the glider on our front porch!

    1. What a beautiful memory. I remember the bookmobile but it didn’t come too often . I also remember the Scholastic order form that we’d get at school.

  2. Oh, I loved summer, when I could check a stack of books out from the library and then crawl into bed at night with a brand-new read and continue reading until I finished – about 4AM or so. My mother would get so frustrated with me because I’d be tired the next day. Also, there was a time when our area of town didn’t have a branch library yet. However, we did have the bookmobile come to our area. It would park right next to our house and actually plug in their electric plug to the outlet in our garage. Wonder if my parents ever got reimbursed from the city? LOL

    Congrats that your daughter got a callback! Will the Ugly Duckling get to transform into the Beautiful Swan?

    1. Oh, I love your memory!!

      I asked my daughter about the swan/ugly duckling thing and she just stared at me like I was crazy so we don’t know. I haven’t seen the Broadway show so I haven’t a clue.

  3. My sis will be so jealous it is green there right now. Because she is here. LOL I think I told you they are moving to the Bay Area as soon as they can find a place. I’m like aw man I never got to visit L.A.! One of these days I am really for real going to visit everywhere and everyone. It’s not a pipe dream cause that ish is happening! lol

    My sister has been making us Indian food for the past three days she’s been here. I love Indian food so I’ve been pretty happy, even if my stomach is like WHAT are you doing to me. lol

    I’ve actually finished reading 3 short books this week. I am super impressed with myself. I’ve only read 3 since October or November and then 3 this week. It’s good to have help here so I can have a break and get to rest enough to read! Reading is not automatically easy for me because of my A.D.D. so at the end of a long day at the hospital with my mom or whatever might be going on, I often don’t have the energy leftover to read and I’ve missed it SO SO much. I just finished a book on meditation and I have been getting into meditation a lot recently. I found an amazing app and I am now addicted. I just started reading Swiss Family Robinson, as I’ve never read it before or seen the movie, and thought it would be a fun story. I am enjoying it so far.

    So what is this play the Girl is in? Is it just like a mishmash of fairy tales?

    1. I wasn’t aware that you struggled with ADD. You should be glad you are not reading Ulysses with me then because it is incredibly hard to follow and I can only read it in short spurts.

      Yes! Los Angeles is so green right now but by summer, it will all be brown again. It’s a vicious cycle.

      Indian food… OMG I wish my family liked it. I really need to get some soon because your mention of it has be wanting it big time.

      The play my daughter is in this spring is Shrek the Musical. I wasn’t a big fan of the movie and I saw bits of the Broadway show and wasn’t a fan of that either but many love the show so I guess I’ll see it when she performs. The final cast list posts tomorrow.

      1. So sorry, I just saw you replied. I obviously haven’t been on WordPress in a while, oops. I think I would love seeing Shrek on stage. It’s such a cute movie. And, yes, Ulysses would take me years to finish I have no doubt lol

  4. That’s funny that you are thinking back to your junior high reading days. I wasn’t really a reader until college. But, lately I’ve been missing the days when I spent hours reading and got completely absorbed in books. I am online too much (she types online) 🙂

    1. My junior high reading years were the best years of my life. Seriously. Such an awkward time development-wise but man, I read some great books. I never read for my age level so that is when I was introduced to Agatha Christie and King and all of the Classics.

  5. One of my favorite reading memories is choosing books to take on our family summer vacation. We did enormous cross-country road trips, and my dad sewed these huge bags that we used for all our stuff (better than suitcases because you could stash them under car seats and wedge them into awkward little car areas), and we each got to pick a set number of books that we would put in the book bags and take on vacation. It was great.

    Fingers crossed for your daughter!!

  6. Oh I think we are behind on the Walking Dead; last night we watched an episode with Eugene which seemed a bit comical in parts. It seems to be meandering lately. I must ask how you are liking The Lonely Hearts Hotel novel? I’m supposed to go to an author reading of this on Friday evening. Heather O’Neill will be here. I have the book from the library but haven’t gotten to it yet. Hearing her speak about it should be good.

    1. You missed last week’s episode the Richonne honeymoon episode.

      Lonely Hearts is pretty good. I am liking it and I am about 30% in. I’d be interested in knowing if The Night Circus inspired her in any way. Reminds me a lot of that book.

    1. ​I was reading two books with Ulysses so I will finish those (The Fall of Lisa Bellow and The Lonely Hearts Hotel) and then I am picking up The Barrowfields. ​

  7. I have to agree with you about The Walking Dead. It has been so slow, and it just doesn’t seem quite as addicting as it once was. I’m curious to see where tonight’s episode goes.

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