Sunday Matters: Go, Go, Go Joseph

Sunday Matters

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is coming to a close. My husband and I along with some family and friends will be at tonight’s show and I can’t wait. I’m working backstage for this afternoon’s show but I am really looking forward to sitting down and watching it from the audience.  So very proud of my kids. They’ve done so many shows now. Veterans, they are.

Right Now:

My schedule is all thrown off from working backstage and running around so for the moment, I am just focusing on coffee and breakfast.

This Week:

We will be decompressing this week. My daughter is still recovering from the cold she caught during the show. She should be able to rest this week.

Me? I have a life group meeting this week as well as a book club meeting where we’ll be discussing Did You Ever Have a Family.


The #ulyssesRAL2017 starts on Wednesday. So far, only two people have joined. BRAVE souls. They haven’t formally signed up so when you see ZERO participants under the sign up link, don’t think I am a liar.


My husband finished Breaking Bad. He loved it. I had a hard time not telling him stuff. Now we are trying to catch-up on Bates Motel because the new season is coming soon and it looks so crazy.

Of course, there is The Walking Dead which returns 2/12. I seriously hope it has a pulse because after those deaths that everyone talked about, the pace dropped to an all-time low and was a major snooze fest.


I’ve been craving soup for months and have yet to make any. Maybe it will happen? Oh, and I forgot about the Super Bowl next Sunday. I guess I need to figure out that menu soon.

Grateful for:

The Arts.

Tell me what you’re up to today. Any outdoor activities planned? Any must-read books?

23 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Go, Go, Go Joseph”

  1. I am reading and loving every bit of The Trophy Child. Den went to church but I will be in all day and all week…away from flu germs. Have you tried watching Stranger Things on Netflix? Really really good!

  2. No must-read books to mention here… it’s been hard to focus on anything but the news lately. I did make some delicious soup yesterday though, creamy white chicken chili. Link on my blog post today.

    1. The news is making me all weird.. kind of spaced out weird. I guess it’s my way of dealing with it but your soup DOES sound good. I will look for it on your blog.

  3. Ulysses is one weird book. Every time I read my 10-13 minutes, I wonder what the point is, but I also feel strangely compelled to keep persevering (ha!). I cannot wait until you start reading it.

    Mmmm…soup. I need to add one or two to the menu soon. The Super Bowl. I am so not interested in it this year. We were invited to one of Jim’s friend’s house. I have no desire to go. I know Holly has dance that day. Perhaps I can use that as an excuse…

    Enjoy your recovery week! I hope you all get lots of deserved rest and relaxation!

    1. I hope we can rest a little this week. The next show begins 2/13 but only my daughter will be doing that one.

      ​We were supposed to go to my MIL’s house for the Bowl but we will just cook stuff here and make a day of it. I am not at all interested in the game since the Packers did not make it in but the commercials and half time show are enough for me.


      1. I hope you can rest too! Is the next show starting rehearsals on the 13th? I hope so for your sake.

        I’m still trying to get out of going to Jim’s friend’s house. I like the friend; I am not a fan of his wife. Plus, she has two young boys and is pregnant with her third. When we do get together, it is all about her boys. I’ve had my kids. I don’t necessarily want to commiserate with mothers of young kids anymore. The differences between teens and toddler issues are just too great.

  4. Congrats on the show. That’s terrific, as always. The weather was in the 50s here for once & we went for a 2 hr hike with the dog. I’m about to start The Dry which looks to be a fast thriller. Enjoy your week!

    1. I’m so glad the weather was good. I cannot imagine what getting 345 performers to the theatre would look like in the pouring rain we had a week ago. Another show down. Another one beginning 2/13.

  5. Congrats to all on finishing the show! I have been super in the mood for Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat so I will probably listen to that this week. It’ll be a pick-me-up!

    Also, I don’t know if this is good Super Bowl food, but I made this thing at Christmas where I put a shit-ton of fig preserves on top of a small brie wheel and wrapped it all up in a puff pastry and baked it, and then when it came out of the oven I ate it on crackers. It was delicious and a huge hit and also SUPER EASY.

    1. Oh!! I’ve done the fig/brie thing (without the crust as I am allergic) but it’s soooooo good. I love to top brie with honey and walnuts too or mango chutney!

    1. It’s going well. I came home last night, cooked a nice dinner and then retreated to my room to read my book club book (Did You Ever Have a Family) which we are discussing this Thursday. I still have 25% to finish but I should be okay. My son was already bored out of his mind though. He starts the new semester next week so he’ll be busy again soon enough.

  6. I love Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat… girls went with me to see it long ago. We were just talking about it the same day I read this post. I wish someone would perform it again soon close to me.

  7. You’re kids are amazing! They found something they love, and that’s the best.

    I didn’t start Ulysses yesterday as planned, but this flu brain is clearing, so I’m going to start on lunch break today.

    1. I am liking it so far. It’s a little quirky and hard to follow unless you devote all your attention to it but it’s not intimidating to me yet. Maybe all that Murakami prepared me for it.

  8. Brave you are indeed for reading Ulysses! I got into a readalong a long time ago for that book but dropped out after 5 or so pages. I just couldn’t do it. And that was before having a baby – so there is no way I can read it now. I’ll be reading your posts about it though because I’m always curious about what people think of that book. It’s just in its own category, you know?

    1. I am 100 pages in which is much better than the first time I tried to read it and so far, I am kind of liking it. What you said about it being in its own category is VERY true. What do you call it? It’s not even stream of consciousness. It’s more like insane rambling with bits of good stuff in between.

  9. I’m a week late to this post! So glad the show went well, I hope your daughter is feeling better. Breaking Bad is awesome. I think of it every time I see a house that’s been termite-tented!

  10. So wish either of my boys had stuck with doing some acting. It’s so fun to watch them shine and mine can’t even sing. I would have loved to have kids in musicals!

    1. My house is literally always filled with song. Someone is always singing or rehearsing for something. When my son auditioned for Oliver he practiced his Bill Sykes in the garage and people taking their evening walks always thought we were 10 seconds away from killing someone.

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