One Word 2017 – Connect


Instead of a resolution, many people opt to focus on one word instead. This typically works better for me. Last year, I chose Discover and I’d say for about half the year, I discovered some new places to visit, new restaurants to try and of course a few new-to-me authors. The last part of the year was dicey for me, given my mom’s death but the way that all played out was really out of my hands and although my word wasn’t much on my mind then, it was still working behind the scenes just not the way I had envisioned it would.

This year, I had a really hard time finding my word. Nothing seemed to reflect what I was trying to do with my life. I was just about to give-up when it came to me.


I want to connect with people and work really hard at establishing strong, joyful relationships.

I want to work harder at connecting with the material in front of me, be it a novel, journal, work of art or even Scripture.

Basically, I want to connect on a deeper level with everything and everyone I encounter.

I feel really good about this word. Do you have a word?

30 thoughts on “One Word 2017 – Connect”

  1. Love this! Connect is such a great word to focus on this year. I can definitely see why you chose it. I don’t really choose a word, because I never seem to stick with it. However, I do think that “intent” would be my word if I had to choose one. I feel like I’m really trying to focus on what my intent is for each of the goals I have. I think its helping me to focus more on what I expect from each goal and is helping me to work towards achieving them this year. Good luck with “connect” – I think you will succeed in making so many great connections this year 🙂

    1. Oh Nadia, your word gives me chills!! I think Intent is such a strong, purposeful word. It makes you really question WHY you are doing something too. We are too busy these days to waste time on things that don’t really matter so knowing the intent behind an action is so important. Time is valuable!

  2. I love that word. And, as you say, it seems to reflect what you’ve shared with us about your life these days and what you want to do. I’ve been doing pretty well with my ‘BREATHE’ word. Deep breaths a lot these days. LOL

    Good luck and my hope is that ‘connect’ will be important to you in ways you never imagined. 🙂

    1. I love your word too. I am really bad at breathing. I’d fail!! It’s funny to think about but I am often so wound up that I hold my breath. I really need to loosen up.

  3. What a lovely word and a great choice for you. I know there is science out there that shows just how important those connections can be in our lives. I look forward to seeing how this word transform you in the coming year.

    1. With social media so readily available, it’s hard to really connect with people these days. It takes effort. Effort that many of us do not have at the end of the day but I always feel so much better after spending time with people face to face. Those connections are so valuable. I signed up for this 10 week class. It’s women only but we met for the first time last Tuesday and at first, I was excited… then a little cautious but the energy in the room was hard to ignore. I can’t wait to go again this Tuesday but geesh, it’s hard to get my body there after work. Plus I have book club next week too. Seeing people twice in one week? Haha.

      1. I know what you mean. Jim mentioned we were invited to a Super Bowl party, and my first, second, and third thought was “No.” It doesn’t help that I don’t really want to watch the game either.

        1. Aside to Michelle: I know exactly how you feel. We might be invited to one with neighbors, but as a few of them (especially one in particular, who is completely abrasive) are die-hard Trump supporters, we definitely are thinking, “No” for our first, second, and third thought. Not only are we thinking “No,” we are not going. Plus like you, we don’t care about the game.

          1. ​We took a vote as a family and we decided to hang out at home. I will make something good and we’ll enjoy the commercials and the half time show which will probably be pretty good with Gaga at the helm. ​

          2. Exactly. Add in the fact that this family has two YOUNG children and another on the way. How about no. I have nothing in common with parents of young kids anymore, and I have no desire to spend my time having to listen to her expound on their every achievement.

  4. Great word, Ti. I really felt connected as I marched last Saturday.
    My word/goal for this new year is Grace, which I define as self-possession in difficult times.

  5. That’s a great word aptly described the person that you are. I can’t think of anyway you are not connecting more! As for me, the year would be Balanced. I have been working hard the past few years and I want this year to be the year that I get my health and family priorities in order, and have a less stressful and frantic mind. 🙂 All the best!

    1. Balance is a good one. I’ve never chosen that one as my word because I’d fail miserably right from the start. I really do not take too much on. I’ve been so much better at saying no, but as I get older I don’t seem to be able to manage the same load as well as I used to. I lack patience and I don’t like rushing around which is how I spend most of my day. I hope you find balance this year because this is one word I can certainly relate to.

      1. I seems to lose my ability to focus as I get older. I hope this is not a sign of aging. I tried to keep a journal this year and although make the resolution to exercise more still find that I can’t fit exercising into my workdays. I need to try harder and I hope all goes well for you too.

        1. This will sound awful but I spent so much of my life hyper focused on stuff that I am okay with being a little unfocused as long as it doesn’t make me crazy or cause me extra grief. Staring off into space is so relaxing to me these days and it’s not something I ever used to do. So, try not to be so hard on yourself. We are allowed to be unfocused now and then.

          1. It’s strange that you should say that. I have become a procrastinator than I ever did before. My mind wanders off involuntarily, sometimes I stared at my smart phone (the main culprit for losing focus). As we speak I look back of some of the blog entries on my personal blog that I have stopped 5 years ago and thought to myself, “wow, how did I do that? I was able to read lots of books maintain a book blog, occasional entries on personal blog, raised two children, commute daily to work in London and prior to that finished an MBA 8 years ago. Maybe 8 years past has been a long time, many things have changed. You are right Ti, we shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves.

    1. You’ve been through a lot. The last thing you need is word guilt. Next year, you can choose a word if you want. Right now, just keep getting better. Maybe I will assign a word to you: Heal.

  6. I think it’s a perfect word! I don’t have a word, but connect makes perfect sense! I just finished Sleepwalker by Chris Bohjalian. It was great, he is a master storyteller.

    1. I love Bohjalian. I haven’t read his latest though.

      I am about to start Ulysses. I am also reading The Lonely Hearts Hotel. There are several must-read review copies that I am excited about so I have to figure out a way to work them in during the Ulysses read along.

  7. I love this word so much! As I think you already know, my word is Write. I’m doing well on the journaling, getting better about blogging, and my next step is to increase the writing on the side. Not bad for the first month of the year.

  8. I really like your word. I haven’t picked a word. but I like Focus for my reading & books, and Compete for my tennis playing. ha, LOL.

  9. I did put an aside to Michelle above. However, for you, I think this is a perfect word, as you like to connect with everything and you have the opportunity where you are, especially being involved with the youth at church and other families and friends there and elsewhere. I also added your word, with a link to this post, on my original wrap-up post of everyone’s One Words (well, not everyone’s, but those people whose One Word I saw on their blogs as I visited them).

    1. Thanks for including my word in your list even though it took me forever to come up with one. I really like my word. It fits what is currently going through my head these days. With all of the horrible news stuff hitting me left and right, all you really have are the connections you make with the people whether that’s face to face or through social media. In times of crisis we turn to one another but I’d like to turn to others before something bad happens.

  10. Connect is a great word, especially given the disconnect around us these days. I love it. I think this one will be with you throughout the year.

    I normally forget to pick a word or one doesn’t come to me. But this year, it was DELIBERATE. I’m going to be more careful in my actions, words, and commitments. I’m going to do things more consciously and intentionally.

    1. That is a strong, purposeful word. I think it will work well for you this year. I tried to post on FB today and then just retreated back to the trenches. I cannot stand the vibe on there these days.

  11. This is so fantastic! I just started a new job and they are huge on the one word thing, although I hadn’t heard of it before. I especially love your choice – connect. At work my word is currently Learn, because I’m new, but I’m not sure what my personal word should be… I’m going to have to keep thinking about it.

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