Sunday Matters: Almost Showtime

Sunday Matters

Right Now:

I am sitting here waiting for my coffee to brew and the rain is coming down!! We are supposed to get four inches in just a few hours so we’re hoping the burned hillsides hold. In a little bit we’ll be heading off to church and then sadly, I may have to hit the market. Poor timing on my part.

This Week:

Those of you who have been with me for awhile know that production week for a show can be really crazy. Well, this entire week they are finally in the theater and by this time next weekend, they will be on stage. I am really looking forward to this run of JOSEPH. It’s a great show.

Their home this week, and my home too since I will be backstage for some of it:



I got sucked into The Passenger by Lisa Lutz.  These suspenseful, thriller type books are really calling my name this month. The review should post sometime this week.

I started Did You Ever Have a Family by Bill Clegg for book club. I should have started it a little earlier because in February I’ll be hosting a Ulysses read along with Serena. Details will be posted tomorrow!


Not much. Still walking The Hub thorough Breaking Bad.


I’d like to pick up something for the crock pot today. Maybe stew?

Grateful for:

Weekends. We had a nice day at two museums yesterday. My son was off and it was the only non-rainy day we’ve had in a long time to spend together.

What’s up with you? Reading anything I have to know about? Cooking anything good?

16 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Almost Showtime”

  1. Relaxing today and watching football…making sheet pan chicken fajitas later…I think I love sheet pan dinners more than slow cooker ones…they are faster…and more roasted! Your day sounds a little stressful but once you get there…you will be fine…right?

    1. We survived but were totally soaked from the rain. I’ve not seen it that bad in years. Even with umbrellas and hooded jackets we were dripping wet. Today my daughter has a sore throat. REALLY not good for production week.

      The sheet pan thing is really a fave in my house but I find that it’s not fast for me. Maybe because I have to make it for four people plus leftovers for lunch. Too much on the pans and having to keep changing racks to cook them evenly means it takes me some time. But, they are tasty.

    1. I had a Kale salad for lunch but ended up with steak for dinner. I have no idea what we will have tonight because it will be a long rehearsal night. I think sandwiches and soup.

  2. Break a leg to Evan and The Teen this week! And good luck to you on maintaining your sanity during rehearsal week!

    A stew sounds wonderful. I made a delicious caramel apple french toast bake for breakfast this morning and have breakfast burritos in the freezer to take this week. As for dinner, I think I am going to keep it old-school with a tater tot casserole. The weather is dreary – not cold but gloomy and damp. Comfort food is almost required in this type of weather!

    1. Have I mentioned that I am attempting to eat clean? These days my foods are pared down to the basics until I can get a handle on things. Well, I guess they will always be centered around the basics since I want to make this a lifetime thing. I do feel less puffy! That’s always good.

  3. Stew does sound good. My husband loves it. Me not so much, but I do fix it occasionally. Good luck to you guys for this last week before the Joseph show. Take care!

    1. I actually like stew more the next day but we ended up not making it so I have no stew for lunch. We made steak which I promptly divided in half and packed for my lunch today.

  4. Sounds like a crazy week ahead. Did you get all your shopping done before the rain hit? I’m curious about the Ulysses readalong, but don;t think I’m up for it now. Good luck!

    1. Nope. I went to Whole Foods in the midst of the worst of it. I was soaked!! The roads were so bad. Totally flooded and out of control. The burn areas really suffered. I did get stuff for dinner but ended up with steak and not stew!

  5. Glad you got to spend some quality time with your son. I liked the Passenger — quick read too. Oh, and I can’t believe ALL the rain you guys are getting after so many years of drought! Feast or famine.

    1. The rain!! The flooding! It’s all too much. The poor burn areas and all the mud coming down. I had a really had time getting around yesterday. They said it was going to be horrible and they were right. My daughter got worried at one point when it was questionable how deep the water was in the road. Oh! And the the Subaru told me about a rock slide which I thought was impressive.

  6. Did your hillsides hold despite the rain? Good luck with the Joseph production!! Ulysses might be too much for me right now, but I admire you if you can get through it!

    1. The hillsides surrounding my house survived but they are at capacity. Other parts of the city did not fare so well because they were victims of the past two brush fires and there just isn’t anything left to hold those hillsides up. I am glad that today is a dry day.

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