Sunday Matters: Boo!

Sunday Matters

We had a beautiful Saturday. We spent some if it in the small town of Ojai and then went to the beach on a whim. The view. Absolutely gorgeous. This was taken without filters right before dusk. The rain was on its way and it was a mild 70 degrees.

After our lovely day, we had a rough night. The Otter Pup was not feeling well. She barfed on my phone, got spooked by a balloon in the backyard but we didn’t know this at the time and then right after my son got home at 3 a.m. from work, someone threw a pumpkin through my neighbor’s rear car window and completely destroyed it. It was about to rain so my son and the Hub helped to cover it up but can you believe that?

So…we had no sleep. Who could sleep after that?

Right Now:

It’s late. I seriously did not have time to post this until now so I am in my room trying to get this posted.

But earlier…

We had church this morning and then went to my MIL’s house for lunch and a little football. Then, The Teen and I left for the middle-school ministry’s Halloween party. I have so much fun with those students.

Happy Halloween

This Week:

My neighborhood gets into Halloween so even though it’s a school night, I’m sure we’ll have lots of trick-or-treaters. We’ve had rain off and off for the past few days so if it rains that might affect how things go. Maybe.

Halloween is a work day for us too so we’ll be fighting traffic to get home. I hand the candy out with The Otter Pup and then The Hub usually follows The Teen and her friend around while they go from house to house.

Thursday is book club but my church is having a worship experience so I may attend that instead. Haven’t decided yet.


I am almost done with Summer of Night by Dan Simmons.  I am supposed to be reading a book about witches for book club. Even though it’s certainly the right time of year for it, I haven’t started it yet and we meet this Thursday.


I am still watching The Walking Dead although last week’s premiere really upset me. I know viewers always say “if so and so goes, we riot” but seriously, that is how I feel right now! But yeah, I’ll still be watching tonight.

American Horror Story has gone off the rails. It’s bloody and messy and funny at the same time. Where are they going with this story?


Not a thing. Haha. For Halloween, we will make Trader Joe’s pizzas and eat little snacks here and there.

Grateful for:

That beach day we had. I really needed it.

I have to catch up on all your posts from this weekend but I hope you had a wonderful weekend and that you all have a great Halloween!

32 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Boo!”

  1. Halloween is a big deal around here too. Our neighborhood goes all out but I don’t decorate anymore. If it wasn’t for the fact that we do give out candy, I’d feel like the Halloween Scrooge.

    You did have a rough night. I can’t imagine how hard someone would have to throw a pumpkin to get it through a car window. I just don’t understand why people do things like that.

    1. ​It was an uncarved pumpkin and rather large. It ended up in front of our house which is a ways away. Tossed from a speeding car from the sound of it. ​

  2. Sorry to hear about that rough night! That was crazy. I can’t imagine sleeping after that! I’m glad the day at the beach was nice though. That must have been calming.

    I am happy to have Halloween finally here after hearing about it all month from a little 5-year-old. LOL

  3. Sorry the Otter pup was not feeling well and… I can’t believe someone would destroy a car by throwing pumpkins at it. I mean, I can believe there are no-gooders like that (even if they are kids :-/) but seriously, that’s terrible. I’m sure your neighbors are thankful that you guys were able to help.

    I don’t know what my evening plans are. We will certainly be getting a lot of trick o’ treaters come along and I want to take my daughter out for her first trick o’ treating too, but the husband is traveling this week. And coordinating dinner and baby’s schedule (HA! you know she’s busier than me) is going to be a pain. I’ll be glad when night comes and I am in my bed.

    1. Yeah, getting it all together on your own is a challenge. It’s so easy for me now because my daughter handles her costume stuff herself and everything just seems less planned even though it is.If you take her trick or treating feed her dinner first so she won’t get sick on all that loot.

  4. Love the photos! Sounds like you had such a great day at the beach 🙂 Sorry about the Otter Pup. You definitely had a rough night. That is crazy about the pumpkin through the window – who does that?! Crazy! As for TWD, I know what you mean. I’m still dealing with the loss of Glenn and I was one of those people who said if Glenn goes then I’m done with the show. Of course, now I want to see what happens with Negan, so I’m going to keep watching. Last night’s ep was so weird – I had check the channel to make sure I was watching TWD, because it was so different. I thought Carol’s act was so obvious – who couldn’t figure it out?! I wonder when they will find out about Glenn and Abraham? Hope you have a great Halloween. We’re having pizza, too 🙂

    1. Carol does seem done with it all, doesn’t she? Except, this relocation is showing a little bit of hope isn’t it? I see a glimmer. Maybe a reason to live? I like Ezekial. He’s over-the-top. I had to laugh when he said he was a theater major. Haha!! That is so my son.

  5. As I mentioned in my FB post, the ocean pics are gorgeous. Sorry to hear about Otter Pup and the craziness with the neighbor’s car/pumpkin. What on earth is wrong with people anymore… Our menu tonight is also Trader Joe’s pizza! Happy Halloween!

  6. Sorry your Otter Pup wasn’t feeling good. Too bad some people have to ruin a holiday like that. Good for your husband and son for helping to cover the window. That photo is beautiful!

    1. ​I am still lacking sleep. Slept well last night but when you lose an entire night without a way to catch-up you begin to drag. 2nd cup of coffee down. ​

  7. Your Saturday sounds lovely, Ti. I’m sorry your night wasn’t has pleasant. I hope Otter Pup is feeling better and that it wasn’t anything serious.

    Last week’s episode of The Walking Dead was indeed upsetting. This week’s was very different from it.

    I hope you have a nice Halloween. I will be catching Mouse’s school parade of students later this afternoon. She’s so excited.

  8. I hope you see lots of fun costumes tonight! My neighborhood gets very few trick-or-treaters (if any? I think this is the first time since moving there that I’ve been home for the holiday), so I’m not sure what to expect. But I have some candy in stock and I am planning to leave my porch light on, so we’ll see!

    1. My son is going to be home with me, which is a first! So he is going to hand the candy out with me while we watch Halloween II. I hope you bet some trick or treaters! I love the littles. We had one fall asleep on our porch last year he was so tired! My dog was very concerned. Dad and Mom were filming it.

  9. Ugh on the rough night. I hope it’s gotten better in your neighborhood since…I saw your Halloween photo and I ‘m really out of this year, but I thought something was wrong with you because you were sooooo sad. Later I noticed “Grumpy Cat.” “Ohhhh, now I get it, I thought to myself.” At least, the beach day looked like it was a good time.

    1. Yes. My Grumpy Cat makeup works well today at work with it being a Monday and all. I can frown all day and be fine with it.

      Our neighborhood doesn’t have stuff like that happen. The last time something like that happened was about 5 years ago. We worry now because our son’s car is now parked in the street since we are now a three car household. His was right next to the one that was hit.

  10. That photo!!! So beautiful… just takes my breath away! Hope the Otter Pup is better now. Halloween is winding down for us. We had just one group of trick or treaters – friends with their two little kids. We’re away from the village, so weren’t really expecting anyone else.

    I’m reading The Emperor’s Children by Claire Messud and am in awe… just an amazingly well-written novel so far. My book club will hear her speak next week. I can’t wait! Have a great week, Ti 🙂

    1. I just turned in my vacation schedule to the big boss so now I am in full holiday mode. I have to take about 90 hours of vacation on top of the week I already had off in order not to lose any time. I’ve been here so long that my accruals are crazy. Can’t keep up with them. I secretly love it.

  11. Oh I love Ojai. Beautiful place. I talked about The Walking Dead in my blog post this week; so stop by. I too was turned off by the Season Opener. It was disturbing. I did watch episode #2, with the King with the Tiger. Hopefully he’s good. I could use a beach day too, but I’ll have to wait till Christmas, when I’ll be back at the OC. Enjoy your week!

  12. That is awful! Why would someone throw a pumpkin at a parked car? Do you have any idea who may have done it?

    I hope Otter Pup is feeling better!

    That view is so pretty. It makes me want to move to the coast!

    I hope you survived the traffic last night and had fun handing out candy with Evan!

    1. My local newspaper said that mayhem on the night before Halloween is known as Devil’s Night or some such nonsense. Another neighborhood was pummeled with pumpkins, none of which hit personal property other than driveways. Our neighborhood is nowhere near this other one but maybe the culprits live in our neighborhood!! I think maybe they hit the car by accident. They made such a racket before they did it. Evan said they sounded drunk.Anyway, no. No one was caught. It totally sucks.

  13. I’ve sort of been down on putting pumpkins out in front the past couple of years. Tired of having them smashed in the street but it never occurred to me that they might be used for even worse things! What a way to wake up in the middle of the night!

    1. Out here, we only put carved pumpkins out the night of Halloween. It’s too hot to do it before that and after the one night they are a moldy, burned out mess. We always toss them for the night. This was an uncarved pumpkin they used!! Either they stole it from someone or they purchased them for that purpose.

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