Sunday Matters: The End of the Road

Sunday Matters

It felt like it took a really long time to get to today but we are finally here. The last day of high school was last week and tonight, we are all heading down to see The Teen compete for Best Actor at The Jerry Herman Awards.

Jerry Herman logo.

After a full day of rehearsal yesterday, he came home with a sore throat! WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN?? He just went down for more rehearsal and will be there all day until the awards start. It’s going to be a long, long day for him. Positive thoughts and prayers, please.

Later this morning we have The Girl’s end of the season track party which happens to be a swim party and it’s seriously cold here (54 degrees). We’ll see how that goes!

Then, we head down to Hollywood to see the awards show. Can’t wait.

Right Now:

I’ve had two cups of coffee but in all honesty, need like 5 to get going this morning.

This Week:

This week is all about end of the year stuff. The Girl has a choir concert on Tuesday and The Teen graduates on Wednesday and then on Friday, The Teen has his Senior Showcase for Theatre so one more performance to go!


I am very close to finishing Father’s Day by Simon Van Booy. I’ve read his short story collections before but this one is a novel and has a very different feel to it. I am enjoying it.


My mind has been all over the place so right now I am watching whatever sounds good. I managed to see snippets of The Truman Show lat night. I’ve seen it before but had forgotten how good it is. I’ve also watched Lolita and several episodes of The Wonder Years.


We grilled steaks last night and they were fabulous. I’ve been to the market three times this week and still have nothing to make for the week. That’s how distracted I am.

Grateful for:

Fun people. My quality of life has improved so much just because of the people I choose to hang out with. Hanging out with fun people, people who make you laugh is really the best thing ever. No matter how tough a day or week is, if you can laugh at the end of it then all is good.

What’s going on with you?

16 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: The End of the Road”

  1. You say “The End of the Road,” but I can’t think of The Hobbit and the road going ever on. 🙂 Regardless, congratulations in advance to The Teen. You all should be proud. Me? Not much is happening. Just catching up on blog posts right now, so it’s all good.

  2. I have, over the years, finally learned that I am much better off having 2-3 great friends who make me laugh in my life instead of being surrounded by 20 people who bring drama. Enjoy all of the great things you and the kids have going on this week and savor tonight! He will be great regardless of the outcome!

  3. What an exciting time! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for The Teen tonight. I hope his throat holds out! I totally agree with you about fun people – that is the main reason I decided to move to Amelia where my BFF lives. I needed a break from some negative, toxic people that were in my life. I don’t miss the drama at all nor do I regret my decision. Stay happy friend!

  4. Hope all goes well for The Teen!

    I’ll have to check out Father’s Day. I loved Van Booy’s Everything Beautiful Began After.

  5. Sending good vibes to the Teen! And did you like the movie of Lolita? I’ve read the book but never seen the movie — the book’s already awful creepy without adding an additionally disturbing visual component.

  6. I imagine that the Teen is very happy to graduate and move forward. I hope you’ll let us know about whether he wins or not. Not that winning is the only thing that matters. I’ve been reading slowly and had a long wet day at the Gaithersburg Book Festival, but it was good fun.

    I can totally relate to your need of 5 cups of coffee…that’s my Monday.

  7. Cannot wait to know if the Teen won! I can imagine that nevertheless, he must be very excited now – no longer in school and pretty much an adult at this point. I know I was very excited to be “old”. Ha, now I wish I was still in school.

    1. ​He was not selected. But, he managed to get a paid internship out of it for the venue they performed in (The Pantages). The commute is a bear as is the cost of parking so I am hoping they can at least give him a parking pass but I am thinking no. ​

  8. I see the title of your post and immediately have the earworm of the song by Boys 2 Men in my head. Thanks for that! 😉

    “Hanging out with fun people, people who make you laugh is really the best thing ever. No matter how tough a day or week is, if you can laugh at the end of it then all is good.” – So very, very true. This is what I love about my friends. Because they can make me laugh even when all I want to do is hide under the covers in a dark and locked room.

  9. So much going on in your world right now! I can’t wait to see more pictures and a write-up of graduation. Can you believe it? Has he decided what he’s going to do next? Hope it’s been a really great week for you and that you’ve been able to take some mental breaks. And yum–grilled steak! We’ve had so much rain here that we haven’t had a chance to break out the grill yet this season. Maybe this weekend!

    Hugs to you!

  10. Wow I hope you all are surviving this week — with the end of the year stuff. Sounds busy. Hopefully you can rest during Memorial Day wknd??

    1. I know. Going to an award show in Hollywood is glamorous enough but this one had celebs and everything and they even sat with us peasants 😉

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