Sunday Matters: Long Live The Arts

Sunday Matters

It’s lunch time for me and I am coming to you late today. There just hasn’t been much time to sit down, much less to write. I really haven’t been all that busy, just distracted which I mentioned in my previous post. I’ve never been much of a dreamer but these days I spend a good chunk of my day staring off into space. It kind of feels good but doesn’t make for productive days.

Right Now:

The Hub and Girl are visiting with family, just a few miles away going over some personal belongings left by my father-in-law. The Teen is at the theatre doing a full run-thru for Little Shop of Horrors. I am just trying to catch-up on stuff around the house and prepare for the middle-school service later.

This Week:

Everyone is busy this week but I am sure that comes as no surprise. Tech rehearsals Monday and Wednesday with shows Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The Girl and Teen are both in a choir festival this Tuesday night and The Girl has a track meet on Saturday during one of the shows but it’s a home meet at the same school so I will be doing double duty. Watching her events and working the show at the same time.

This week has been a challenge for the theatre program at the high school. It’s hard to believe how important the arts are when the school administration challenges them with things like last minute charges of $2000+ for the use of their own brand new performing arts center. Or, charging them another $2000 to remove the orchestra pit cover which can only be removed by crane. I mean, it’s the first theatrical performance in the venue. Did it not occur to anyone that the orchestra pit might be needed? The show is this week!!! Absolutely ridiculous.

All we can do as parents is try to make it as stress-free for the kids as possible. Feed them, support them, try to allow them to concentrate on the show and not all this administrative stuff that goes along with it. Give me strength.


Wrapping up my current book. Not sure what to read next. I have Simon Van Booy’s new one and Stewart O’Nan’s new one and one from Library Thing, The Library atMount Char which to be honest I started but man, it is weird.


Not much. Fear The Walking Dead is very disappointing. Due to my being so distracted lately, movies don’t hold much appeal either. I’ve been battling a sinus and ear infection which came out of nowhere. No symptoms except pain which is a totally drag. Makes me antsy.


Not a thing. All I want are take-out salads and maybe some Chinese food here and there. I do  have to bake brownies for concessions though at some point.

Grateful for:

Since the prom was the day after the funeral. I never got to share the prom pics with you. I posted them on Facebook but here’s one for you. I am grateful that The Teen was able to attend prom. It was looking a little dicey with the funeral schedule and all.

By the way, the corsage was made with the pages of The Color Purple, her favorite book.

Prom 2016

23 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Long Live The Arts”

  1. Sorry about your week…I was not that crazy about the Mount Char book either…this was my third time starting it!

  2. I finished Mt. Char but man it was a challenge. It just wasn’t my thing I guess. I’m so sorry for the time you’ve had. No wonder you’ve been dreamy…I find that is my mind’s way of coping with shit that, if I focused too much on, would take me down. I can’t say I’ve been having a good time of it lately, but nothing compared to you. Hang in there. I think if we can get through the next few months things will calm down, if only because we are taking care of one kid instead of two.

    1. I knew the months of April and May were going to be a challenge with all of the end of year stuff but once it hits I find that I am still not prepared for it. I always feel blind sided these days.

    1. I think everyone is worked up over this beautiful new performing arts center. They want to keep it nice. I get it but charging us to use the orchestra pit because they put a cover over it? Charging us for weekend use? Come on. Ridiculous.

  3. I’m sorry life is so crazy right now, Ti. Hope you do get a chance to read sometime this week. I’m happy to see another Stewart O’Nan novel coming out and know I need to read Simon van Booy soon. Thanks for sharing the prom picture here!

  4. Love the idea of a corsage made from pages of a favorite book! Our prom was yesterday. Even though I don’t have anyone old enough to go we went to the Grand March where the kids get announced and then come out on stage with their dates. I like seeing the different dresses and seeing what is in style or trending each year.

  5. I can’t believe that the school is charging them – that is just crazy!! Love the prom pic – they look so good! And that is such a neat way to make a corsage – how cool! I tried the Mount Char book, but just couldn’t get into it. Right now I’m reading the new Van Booy, although my mind is calling for a Murakami. Hope you have a moment or two to relax during this upcoming crazy week (even if its just ten minutes). Take care!

    1. I am craving a Murakami too. I haven’t read the one about the subway bombings but I have it. I’ve been saving it since all the novels have been read.

      ​Yeah. The charges are a bit much and just a few days before the show??? How does that work? No contract. No policy. What a challenge. ​

  6. The Library at Mount Char was one of my 2015 favorites, so I hope you end up liking it! I don’t think it’s any weirder than Murakami’s books! 😉
    Love the prom picture and the corsage from a book idea, and hope the school administration changes its mind about charging so much!

  7. The school charges to use the auditorium that was built for the students to perform in? That’s insane! I get if you charge others to use it, say a church that wants to meet there, such as happens at our high school. They don’t charge the basketball team to play in the gym, do they?

    1. I certainly don’t think so. This show is so expensive as it is that dumping all this extra stuff on them makes it almost seem comical. It took them all year to raise money for some of it and they still owe for that plant set. Now they have no orchestra or pit. Not sure what they are doing about that. They might just have to use the piano but I don’t think they’ve rehearsed that way.

  8. The Library at Mount Char is in the TBR – in theory if sounds great, but I’ve been hearing a lot at it’s… weirdness. Also love the idea of the literary corsage!

    1. ​This week will be a challenge but not nearly as much as some of the other tech weeks we’ve had to deal with. I am just going to take it one day at a time. The Teen is sick today though. He gets sick every show. ​

  9. It sounds like the administration is being a bunch of jerks. At the very least, they should have thought out these costs ahead of time and since they didn’t, they should waive them for this show. Then the kids could have raised the price of the tickets to offset the costs. Now? It’s too late.

    Good luck, Ti! I know these weeks are rough on everyone. I hope the show is fantastic!

  10. Gorgeous pic!!! ❤ I also want to try the Mt Char book, I've heard polarizing opinions, which of course only makes me want to try it that much more. It is outrageous that the school wants to charge for the use of the orchestra!!! Unbelievable… Anyway, I hope your sinus infection is no longer an issue, and that you’re pain-free and doing better overall. Many hugs

  11. Very stylish Prom pic. They look fantastic! Wow. I’m still recovering from the regular Walking Dead’s season finale. How gruesome! We haven’t gotten into the other show, Fear the WD. It looks not as good. blah.

    1. Fear the Walking Dead is not as good but it’s gotten a lot better with these last two episodes. I was about to give up on it. The special effects are not great and the story is all over the place, which is weird because it’s all of the same people doing it but I am curious about where it’s all going.

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