My New Motto

Book Shelf.

I am in the middle of a great book. It’s the same book I was reading before the funeral and I’ve picked it up a few times to enjoy it but I can only read a few pages before my brain moves on to other topics. It’s unfortunate because this book is super good.

So, I am reading. Kind of. Not making much progress but that gap of time/space between books is expanding and making me nervous. Do you ever get nervous when taking too long to finish a book? I have so many great review copies to get to but at the same time I want to give my current book the focus it deserves. That means I am dipping in and out of it. I really don’t like to read this way though.

The read-a-thon is this weekend and I will be at a track meet. Again. Too much going on there to focus on a book but I sure wish I could join everyone this year.

What’s everyone reading? I want to see your stacks. That sounds dirty.

30 thoughts on “My New Motto”

  1. I had a chance at that book and passed but now I am regretting it.

    I am really loving The Invsible Library and The Dark Missions Of Edgar Brim!

    1. I think you would have enjoyed this one. Such gorgeous writing. Maybe that’s why it’s taking me so long. I keep rereading passages.

  2. It took me over a week to finish my latest read, The Book you Lawrence Hill. I really enjoyed it but was reading it usually slow. There’s 9 days left in April’s and I have only read 3 books. Sigh

    Good luck on the readathon. Hope you get some serious reading done. I will be participating as a cheerleader. 🙂

  3. I can’t seem to focus on a book either. Right now I’m trying to read a Maisie Dobbs book, but am only managing a few pages a day. The thing is I’ve already this book three times before, so I don’t even know why I’m reading it again. Its frustrating me. So, I can dig where you are at with your current reading status. Hopefully, we will both get our reading mojo back soon. Fingers crossed!

    1. It’s so frustrating because it’s not eve the books. It’s just me. I feel so air-heady and ditzy. I could twirl my hair all day and be happy. Seriously.

  4. I totally get where u r at right now. We are dealing with some serious health issues of a loved one and I can’t seem to focus and, I do have about 3 reviews to write for books I finished previously.

    1. Thanks. It’s that and just the senior end of the year stuff for The Teen. A lot of exciting things but it’s all bittersweet.

  5. {{hugs}} I signed up to be a readathon cheerleader but it is going to be tough because – oh too many crappy things to share online about what might happen and is scheduled this weekend…. love you!

    1. The read a thon is great but it’s huge now and I rarely have time to join in. I’m sure you did an amazing job as cheerleader.

  6. That happens to me often. If I am taking too long with a book, I either try to hunker down and finish it. Or just abandon it and come to it later. Right now, I am in the middle of a book that I have been reading for weeks at this point. I just want to finish it too and am trying to read enough each day that I don’t feel like I want to abandon it. Hope your book gets some traction. Sending you hugs and thoughts!

    1. Yes! I need to hunker down with the book to finish it but when? Time is so limited at the moment. I did knock off a few chapters at the track meet but that was only because my husband ended up staying behind to help the Teen move sets.

  7. I’m not in the readathon, but my stack of unread ARCs and books from the library is getting higher and higher as I focus on NetGalley titles that I went overboard on and need to get to, also. I hope your weekend is as good as it can be and that next week goes up from there!

    1. I used to get most of my ARCs from Edelweiss but I’ve noticed lately NetGalley has really upped their game. I haven’t used them in ages but just the other day I got Justin Cronin’s new one which is so hard to come by and since then I’ve gotten at least four others.

  8. I am reading a few things right now, Be Frank With Me on audio, I am enjoying the different voices. Being Mortal to try and understand getting old and why my mother has made the choices she has and how we need to deal with her. My daughter has been asking me to read a memoir called Her about identical twins and how one dies and the other survives. I love memoirs but this one looks to be a challenge. I just finished Anna Quindlen’s new book Miller’s Valley which I loved. Hope you get time to read and enjoy the Readathon.

  9. No readathon here, either, but I hope to drop in for an hour or two sometime during the day. I’m reading The Nest and enjoying it a lot, and just finished Kings of Queens: Life Beyond Baseball with ’86 Mets on audio. That was excellent… a must read for any Mets fans out there. Will start Circling the Sun for book club next. I just downloaded the audio.

  10. Ha. I’m trying to keep my stacks in check. I’ve been slow on books lately — it does make me a bit nervous. And I’m not really a readathon girl but hope to start either High Dive by Jonathan Lee or Lab Girl by Hope Jahren this weekend. We will see. Have fun at the track meet.

    1. My house is an absolute disaster right now. Still playing catch-up from the funeral and since this is production week I am not even gonna worry about it. I am dying to get my loft back though. It used to be the Teen’s hang out but he doesn’t use it anymore and I want it for my reading nook. I have a small stack of books staring me in the face but only because most of my books are on my Kindle now.

  11. I’m reading a variety of things, but I’m kind of like you and can’t really focus on books like I usually do. So far, today has been a bit different though. It’s giving me a bit of hope!

    1. I hope you got some reading in. I got a few chapters in. I feel a marathon reading session coming on but it will have to wait until after this show my son is in. Then, I can read.

  12. I’ll take a pic of my stack and email it to you *wink-wink* LOL 😀 You sound slightly livelier, which I think it’s a good sign. Maybe it’s the book…? It could be.

    1. Yes! Where is that book stack pic you promised me? I have stacks, and stacks and stacks. I need to get on it! Even Goodreads sent me an email to see if I was okay. Sadness.

  13. You’ve had a lot on your mind lately. Sometimes books are the best way to make it through times like that. Sometimes what we really need is time to just “be.” It will come back!

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