Brain Dump Friday


Nope. Not a new feature. Just me, rambling on about random things. You guys are like, “So? What’s new?”

I’ve been busy at work and it’s the kind of work that drains my brain. Normally, I have a little bit of time between things to recharge, but that hasn’t been the case this week, which has resulted in me looking rather confused and lost. I mean, I have to add lipstick just to look alive. Yep, one of those weeks.

It’s Friday though and I am so darn happy to finally see it! In an attempt to clear the air, I am going to share what’s been on my mind lately. Ready?

  • The Teen is looking at colleges. They are looking at him.
  • Peter Pan auditions/rehearsals start next week.
  • Reviews. I just gotta write them. So behind.
  • This heat and this crazy weather. Think End of Days.
  • Healthy eating  is not hard. Healthy thinking? Hard.
  • My house needs some attention.
  • Finished Villa America. That ending. Hmmm.
  • Why did L ‘Oréal discontinue Smooth & Shine Creme? My hair is a disaster without it.
  • I feel like reading a classic, but which one?

Okay. I feel a little better now. What about you? How are you doing? What plans do you have for the weekend? I have a Back to School kick-off to attend for the middle schoolers at church. It’s an 80s party! I am so there.

20 thoughts on “Brain Dump Friday”

  1. You really do have a lot to think about…but…I like this Friday Feature you have come up with…it’s a good way to end the week! I think I need to cleanse my brain today, too! College…oh my…does he want to stay in state? Will he live away from home? How did this happen that you have a son this old? This grown? Are you used to it yet? Heeheehee!

    1. He wants to go out of state. Not sure how likely that is but he is looking at Ithaca, DePaul and American University. Also looking at San Francisco State. I work for the CSU and get tuition break for any of the 23 campus but nooooo, he doesn’t want to go to one of them.

  2. Ooooh 80s party!! And that’s kind of exciting that colleges are looking at the teen! Though not sure if that relieves any of the pressure or not.

    Dracula in October? I’ll be squeezing it in sometime that month. There’s also a readalong of The Monk but I’m not sure I’ll actually follow through with that or not. I’ve been in the mood for classics, too, but sometimes my brain just doesn’t want to process that much!

    Hope you have a very relaxing Friday…or at least Saturday…or Sunday!

  3. I had to break my ankle to finally start catching up on my reviews, and I’m still kind of behind, because, uh, when you break your ankle, your reading tends to increase a smidge, too. Also, breaking my ankle is so not worth it. 😉

    I hear you about that healthy thinking. I’m finding it nearly impossible. I try, but I can’t seem to keep it up for any meaningful length of time.

    I might try to escape my broken ankle prison for a little while this weekend to go to the movies. Here’s hoping!

  4. Ahh, I’ve fallen behind my reading :\ Tomorrow’s my son’s 11th birthday bash, Monday, Hubs’ birthday. So, it’s all a whirlwind around here… Glad you’re still eating healthy! Have an amazing weekend ❤

  5. We’re finally having cooler weather, but this is the only sun day we’ll have they say. We had rain for two days and sun today, and rain tomorrow. But I’ll take it. Cooler weather is good. 90 degree + humidity sucks.

    Classic reading? Jane Austen!

    1. Don’t unfriend me or anything, but I am not an Austen fan. I have tried many times to read those books and I just cannot get through them! Bronte? Yes. Austen. No.

  6. How did the 80s party go? I’ve been having the 80s on my mind because I discovered one of the best ways for me to focus while I’m working on anything tedious is to have 80s music on.

    I can’t believe college application time is coming up already. Does The Boy have some favorites or is he still thinking about it?

  7. It’s been cold here in the mornings and evenings but then the time between is an 85F fest. Is it hotter than that over there? I am so ready for Fall. But not so ready for winter yet. I can already see myself drinking some nice hot chocolate drink and enjoying the cool weather.

  8. Ugh, I HATE when a company discontinues a product I swear by. How can it be possible that everyone is not using these products?! Hope this week is easier!

  9. I want to encourage the Teen to consider the University of North Carolina at Greensboro because I hear it has an EXCELLENT theater & drama dept/program and you really want to come visit and then have a chance to see ME! Right? Seriously, tho, I have heard the pgm is good.

  10. GAH! How are you doing with the college thing? Are you okay? I know it is not easy, as I am one year behind you. But, if you need anything to get you through this last year, let me know. I am here for you!

  11. Maybe if you want a classic — read “Stoner” — though it is quite unhappy. But it’s a slim read and probably worth it. Some good writing in it. But take care of yourself mostly. Too much will get people sick.

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