It’s Summer!!

Mint Julep
Photo Credit: Bon Vivant VA

As usual, I missed the official start of summer but the show is over, my laundry is done, my house is starting to look like a house again and now it’s time to chill out. Where can I get a Mint Julep?

To put you in the mood, check out Rebecca’s summer post! Five bloggers talk summer. I swear, you will be planning your vacation after reading this post. And yes, I answer some questions too.

20 thoughts on “It’s Summer!!”

  1. I just read Rebecca’s post-fun! I can’t believe we are already full in to summer. I am really hoping to finish my current book tonight and start re-reading To Kill A Mockingbird, as well as some fun light thing!

  2. Yay, summer! That is, in another three days when my son is FINALLY off school… Then, we can get down to the business of holiday fun 🙂 So … yay!

    1. THREE more days?? Probably feels like a lifetime. I can’t believe we are nearly done with June. How did that happen?

  3. Hope you guys have a great summer – relaxing and maybe a little rain. We can send you some. We’ll share. Our lakes are finally full. And you need it.

    1. I am so worried about our hill going up in flames that I’d take any drop of water you could spare! It’s all dead and it only took a week of 2nd phase restrictions for it to happen. 

  4. So know I’ve read it and just had to text my hubby to pick up some peaches while he’s out cause you have me drooling for grilled peaches!

    1. Grilled peaches are the best. So yummy! I saw a recipe for grilled watermelon with mint and honey and balsamic vinegar that I may try soon too. 

  5. Hoping the California fires I heard about are not close to you –and the lack of water makes this news even more devastating.

    1. When the fires started, they were somewhat close to me and affected my commute home but then quickly forged away from us. In the end, it’s 45% contained and all the way across town from us. Was scary though. I took a photo from my back yard and it looked so close. 

  6. Today is the first day in weeks that I don’t see the sun outside yet (7.45am). It has been brutal here and I would rather it rained everyday than have it so hot here.

    That post on Rebecca’s blog was so much fun to read! I am always thankful that the idea and possibilities of summer (beaches, lounging in a hammock, reading, lemonades) is so much fun even if the reality (the HEAT!!!) is not.

    1. Exactly! It’s not often that I choose to leave AC to read outside in 110 degree heat. No thank you! LOL. But the idea of it. Yes! I’d need a serious vat of Mint Juleps to make it a reality. 

  7. Rebecca’s post was such fun! Can you believe, I’ve never had a mint julep? But I did just recently have my first martini (vodka, straight up, with three olives) …

  8. Yay for summer!!! That was a fun little post to write for, wasn’t it?!?

    I haven’t commented in a while, but I must say you have been crazy busy now that I’ve caught up on them! I hope that your summer slows down for a bit. You deserve it!

    1. I had nothing going on this weekend. A first in a very long time and what do I do? End up in urgent care with throat swelling. They said throat infection, but I am doubtful. Looked more like mono to me or even a food reaction but I am on meds now. I seem to have no problem filling up my free time with stuff. 

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