Sunday Matters: All Sorts of Good Stuff

Sunday Matters

I have a high school senior and a 7th grader! Hard to believe. Walking into that school for the last time got me all choked up.


I made the decision to just take a break from blogging this week. The end of the year stuff can be overwhelming and since I had to stay home on Monday with the strangest virus ever, I decided, what the heck and just took a break.

Here’s one of the few pictures she allowed me to take.

6th Grade Promotion

Right Now:

I haven’t been sleeping all that great. I’ve had trouble shutting my brain down at night but it is wonderful to grab a few extra hours of sleep on a Sunday, isn’t it? I feel so refreshed when that happens.

This morning, a bit of coffee and something to eat and then we are off to church. I’ve had a thing for eggs over easy for three weeks now and today is no exception. What I REALLY want is a bagel, slathered with cream cheese, sliced avocado and a thick slice of tomato but my gluten-free self cries when I think of it so eggs over easy work too.

This Week:

It’s production week for The Sound of Music but with only one kid in the show, the call times are manageable. No running back and forth and only a few late nights.


I finished Misery for the #MiseryRAL. I think both of these buttons were created by Jenni. Correct me if I am wrong! But what fun we had! I won’t say much because some of you are still reading but it was a real party. No lie.


I took a break from A Little Life to finish Misery so I will get back to that one soon. I also started Luckiest Girl Alive on audio. The main character is so shallow but I am just now getting to the meat of the story.


I finished Mad Men, Season 5 and started Season 6. I am going to be sad when I hit the end of this series. It’s been my lunch time companion for several weeks now. I love Sally Draper. There’s something about her character. She’s rebellious and every time she’s in an episode I know Betty is going to lose it in some way.  I really love Joan too. Hmmm. Okay, Don as well even though he can be a total you know what.

I watched the return of Orange is the New Black. Is it just me or was it a little flat?

Last night, we actually went to the movies to see San Andreas. The Girl is terrified of earthquakes but she was at a slumber party so we took advantage of it and went. It was pretty good!


I made tacos this week. I also made spaghetti with bell peppers and ground turkey, pizza another night and yes, breakfast for dinner (for me). This gluten free stuff is for the birds sometimes.

Grateful for:

I took last Friday off for the promotion ceremony. It’s so nice to have the extra day. I am grateful that I was able to take it.

That’s it for me. What’s up with you?

18 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: All Sorts of Good Stuff”

  1. I sleep really well I just wake up too early sometimes…but grabbing my Kindle helps! Have a great week…we are planning a short getaway in a bit…other than that just trying to stay cool!

  2. Bittersweet moments with the kids…love the pic of the girl! I have trouble sleeping well so any extra sleep is a blessing. I love Mad Men, and season 6 was fantastic…the finale, I loved. I was worried it would be like the Lost finale. I watched the first episode of Orange is the new black and they seem to be going with a different vibe, there was a lot of drama packed in last season so maybe it’s not a bad thing.

    1. I watched season one of Lost and got bored with it.It was such a long season. I think like 22 episodes. I know what happened with the finale though. It was impossible to ignore when it aired so that kind of ruined it for me I guess. But Mad Men, I am just plowing through those episodes. I love it.

  3. I took a break from Misery because I thought I was going through the audio too fast, and just went back to it today! Stress can do a number on sleep patterns. I enjoyed a little extra sleep in the mornings these last couple of days, too. Trying to do Bloggiesta this weekend, but keep procrastinating and doing little chores in the house and yard instead. But at least that means those things are finally getting done, right?

    1. I finished Misery a little later than I had planned to but the ending.. I didn’t remember that ending and I’ve read it twice before. I must not have been a careful reader in my youth. 

  4. We went to see San Andreas last week too. It was good, wasn’t it? Well, at least it looked good, the dialogue was a bit silly at times. Two more weeks of school for my son, hubby looking at two weeks of almost back-to-back travel abroad, which will leave me to weather the extreme heat, school runs and the house – all by my lonesome. Yesterday we had the Summer Fair and it was so hot, I thought we would melt! If the temperatures keep rising, we probably will… 🙂 Have a great week!

    1. As I told my friend, no one goes to see a “Rock” movie for the dialogue. We want action and action we got. Plus, I was mesmerized by that young actresses blue eyes. SO blue. I liked the casting except for the mother… she was a little stiff. 

  5. The only thing that saved me when Miss H ended elementary school was that she had changed schools the last three years so I wasn’t as entrenched in the school itself as I had been in the previous school. Still it’s so hard to think that your young kids are no longer young! The good news is this – they are great to have as adults so every step away from where you’ve been is a step forward, too.

    1. I guess I wasn’t sentimental because she wasn’t. In fact, she could not pick up her report card fast enough. She wanted to beat it out of there.

  6. You have a senior. Wow. This next year will be a full one and will have lots of events and beginnings and endings. It will be fun though. Your girl is precious. Glad she let you take the picture. I don’t think we will see San Andreas. I’m a little freaked out by earthquakes. We don’t get them much in the midwest. Now storms and twisters don’t both me too much. LOL

    1. If The Girl had been with us, there is no way in heck we would have seen San Andreas. She is afraid of the 4.6- ers we’ve gotten since she’s been old enough to notice them. And the 6.9 or whatever the final measurement was that I experienced, was terrifying! The one in the movie was 9.5. We would not recover from that. I mean, in all honesty, we would not. The financial burden would be too much. FEMA practically collapsed after the one we had in Northridge. 

  7. Time sure flies, doesn’t it? Even as a reader of your blog, I can see the changes. The Teen used to be The Boy, The Girl used to be oh-so-little, and now they are all grown up!

    Glad you got to take a week off blogging. I’ve been off more than on lately, but that’s to be expected. It does feel good not to blog too often when things are so busy. I hope you have a great week ahead.

    1. I am just not motivated at all!! I thought that after the end of year stuff something would click back on but so far, no. Of course, this is production week for The Sound of Music so maybe next week. I feel like a slug. Plus, my daughter is too young to be left at home and too old for her summer day camp so now what do I do with her?? I feel a little pressure in that area. Right now she is at work with the Hub. How boring! The Teen got a job which I didn’t expect for the summer. I thought he’d be able to watch her at home. 

  8. I had last Friday off for my daughter’s ballet recital, which went really well. I really loved watching her in her costume and makeup dance around with her friends.

    I have been slow in reading this past week with the health issues my grandmother is having and most of us are wondering whether the end is near for her, which is sad.

    I really need a break, even though i did just have a day off, but work seems very out of control.

  9. Wow, I was just reflecting on how years ago when we first ‘met’ online the kids were both small and look at them now. It seems unbelievable but time stands still for no one right. The Girl is gorgeous Ti! Glad she let you take a pic.

    I finished Misery the other day. It was good. I started listening to Mr. Mercedes now. Not too far in yet. I still haven’t watched Orange but maybe this week.

    As for sleep – I have no suggestions. I never really get a good night’s sleep and I really miss the days when I did.

    Hope you have a great week!

  10. She’s so beautiful. And my goodness–it’ll be a BIG year for you next year. A senior in high school!!! Wow. I’m glad that I’ve talked my girls into never growing up. 😉

    I really enjoyed Misery. I’ve been saving all of the posts popping up here and there until I write my own. Still reading A Little Life? I was thinking you would be done with that one (though I just learned how long it is). I’m so curious what you think!

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