Sunday Matters: Lounging, Watching Movies, Still Not Reading

Sunday Matters

Well, hello again. I unintentionally took the week off from blogging. As many of you know, I took the week off from work but was hit with a major headache which lasted a good couple of days. That damn headache made reading impossible. Although I did tough it out to finish one book, I could not read much after the one. Instead, I napped, watched TV and movies and for once, took it easy.

Thanksgiving was wonderful. We had planned to be all by ourselves but that changed. In the morning, The Teen’s girlfriend came over to watch the parade on TV and then later The Teen’s friend from choir, whose father was working Thanksgiving evening, joined us for dinner. The meal was great but I had no appetite by the time dinner hit. I am looking forward to the leftovers today.

We did not hit any of the stores for Black Friday and I am really glad we didn’t. It’s so easy to get caught up in the frenzy of it all. I used to have a lot of fun shopping with friends but these days, I much prefer getting up late, enjoying some coffee and browsing the stores online. And, The Girl put all of the Christmas stuff up for me. How cool is that?

Christmas Tree

Right Now:

The Teen isn’t feeling well and has to go caroling later tonight for choir. Hope he perks up soon. My plan this morning is to hit church and then do nothing, Think it will happen?

This Week:

We have a lot going on this week. The Teen has a driving lesson, we have two doctor’s appointments scheduled for the kids, our dental appointments, my book club party/meeting, my hair appointment, a co-worker’s party and The Teen’s Winter Concert for choir. Work will most likely be hectic because I was off last week. We’ll get through it. Oh, and we are supposed to have some weather! Rain, lots of it but it keeps getting pushed so we’ll see if it actually produces a drop.


I did finish Revival but I am not sure what to think. Good story, but definitely not the return to horror that King claimed. Unless, the subject of drug addiction is what he was referring to. He battled his own demons in that area so I supposed returning to that subject would be horrifying.

I need to read my book club book for this week’s meeting, A Gathering of Old Men.


We’ve been enjoying a free movie weekend and I am catching up on all the movies I either haven’t seen in awhile, or recording the ones I’ve been wanting to see. I saw Maleficent and really enjoyed it. I watched Annie Hall again, Miracle on 34th Street, The Exotic Marigold Hotel, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Pretty in Pink, Rush Hour and that is only what I can remember. I have so many recorded that I will be watching movies for weeks.


After all that cooking and then not wanting any of it, I am all cooked out. I have no desire to make anything.

Grateful for:

Grateful that my family could spend this time together, Grateful that I was able to take the week off and although The Teen is not feeling well, I am grateful that he’s had the tail end of this week to recover. Also grateful for The Girl’s mad decorating skills. I just was not feeling it when it was 88 degrees out! Now with the decorations up and the lights up on the house, it does feel a bit like Christmas is around the corner.

Happy Thought For the Week:

That by this time next week, my crazy week of appointments will be over. I booked many of these appointments over six months ago never thinking this would be a busy week. Normally the weeks closer to Christmas are busier but oh well. What can you do?

Also, Murakami’s new book, The Strange Library,  hits the shelves this week!

How is everyone? How was your Thanksgiving? Did you travel? Stay home? Cook your first turkey?

19 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Lounging, Watching Movies, Still Not Reading”

  1. How is everyone? I can’t speak for everyone ;), but my wife and I are good. She’s busy preparing for a version of A Christmas Carol she’s in at our town’s annual Christmas celebration this Saturday. I’ve been enjoying a five-day weekend and while I read some, four books at the start of the “weekend,” I’ve slowed down as I spent most of yesterday watching Criminal Minds. How was your Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving was good. Turkey, of course, and pumpkin pie. Did you travel? We didn’t travel since wife was working Thursday night/Friday morning. Stay home? Yep. Cook your first turkey? Nope. But still enjoyed turkey and on Friday too since it was a 12-pound turkey, but cheaper than buying a turkey breast my wife said. Tonight, she has a 12-hour shift so I’m on my own for lunch as she sleeps. Wings? You bet…and I bet that you will make church, but that you won’t carry through with doing nothing. You’re always so busy! Hope you get to slow down…next year ;).

    1. You know me so well. But, I watched the service online because they had a guest speaker who I wasn’t sure about and sure enough, he was a bit of a bore. We received a book last week called The Blessed Life and the author/pastor was going to discuss the book this week but the book was a little farfetched to me so I wasn’t sure I wanted to attend in person. It’s cloudy out, a first, so I watched a little online. Christmas services start next week so I will pick up again then.

      We have no food in the house. I never had an appetite this week for turkey or anything. Maybe I had a bit of what The Teen caught?? In short, I don’t feel like cooking anything or buying anything. It will be a clean out the pantry day or we will get something to eat at some point.

      I do plan to sit on the couch to either read or watch one of the many movies I recorded. We’ll see.


  2. We stayed home for a Thanksgiving for the four of us, then joined friends later for dessert. I laid around (did decorate the tree) and did very little reading. I was dragged out on Black Friday by my daughter, and it wasn’t fun. Next week is full like yours. Just gotta trudge through it. OK now I have to go write my Sunday post!

    1. I saw your FB post about Black Friday. These young ones love Black Friday. The Girl tried to get me to go out into it but she then got distracted with decorating. I sat on the couch and did a little shopping online. I had to cancel my son’s driving lesson. I asked him four times if the time would work and now he said he has a dress rehearsal so I had to cancel. One less thing I guess.


  3. Ti, sounds like you needed this break and it really helped 🙂 Hope the Teen feels better for caroling – how fun! I know what you mean about REVIVAL – I was disappointed with where it went (was hoping for more with the way King was building it up). Oh well. I’ve been reading up a storm and really enjoying it. I can’t wait for the new Murakami. I should be getting my copy on Tuesday 🙂 Thanksgiving was great – tons of delicious food with the family. I didn’t do Black Friday either – just not in the mood. Of course now I need to start crossing off names from my shopping list. And today we are putting up the tree and decorations – finally!! Hope you have a great week!!

  4. By the by, I’m hoping TWD finally thrills me tonight. These past eps have been such a disappointment, so I’m hoping that this mid-season finale brings it.

  5. I am exhausted just reading about your yor week…you must sleep well at night, though?

    We had a lovely quiet Thansksgiving!

  6. I’ve wondered if Exotic Marigold Hotel is good; I’ve debated watching it many times. I am so glad that you did take it easy this past week. Back to work again this week and boy is it going to be very busy for two weeks until we see family for the holidays and I have my final vacation of the year!

    1. Exotic Marigold Hotel has a really great cast. I really liked it. It’s quite funny, actually.


  7. A whole week of nothing doing is exactly what I did this whole week. I did have to work Monday and Tuesday but everybody was already on holiday mood so it doesn’t really count. I can’t wait for the Christmas holidays now!

  8. How frustrating that you had to spend some of your week off not feeling well! Sounds like you still found plenty of time to relax so that’s good!

  9. Sounds like a week off was just what you needed! I took a little blogging break, too. Hope it’s not too hard to get back into it this week. Our holiday was packed with activities… I cooked for 18 on Thanksgiving, avoided Black Friday altogether and read most of the day before our leftovers feast, cut our Christmas tree Saturday and went to a family holiday party with all my cousins, then did errands today. Now I need a vacation 😉

    Hope you get through your busy week!

    1. It would be nice to take a vacation AFTER Christmas too. I don’t care for the hustle and bustle. I am trying very hard to keep it simple. This is my busiest week which was a total accident since it’s never this busy this early for me.


  10. You’re ahead with all the Christmas decor and tree up, wow. Hope the rain there has helped with some of the drought …

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