Sunday Matters: A Sunday Where I Can Finally Rest!

Sunday Matters

You know how I am about grocery shopping but guess what folks? I got it ALL done Friday night! All of it. Even for the big meal on Thursday. I left work early for a doctor’s appointment, went to make another appointment for something else and the gals at the front desk told me they’d see me right then so I got two of my appointments out-of-the-way without even trying and then had time to do my shopping. So glad that is done. Now, I can enjoy my week off.

As for the appointment and the health issues I mentioned the other day, my doctor didn’t seem as concerned with my low iron or the shape of my red blood cells since my numbers in other areas looked really good. But he can’t seem to understand how I am functioning with the levels being what they are. He said my reserves are depleted and that I should be completely exhausted. Sometimes, I am but not always. He’s choosing to continue to keep an eye on it for now.

Right Now:

My coffee this morning is so good. I really look forward to that first cup in the morning and today’s cup is especially good. The weather is nice. Cool in the morning and evenings but warmish in between and I am just sitting here while the sun streams in through the window. The Otter Pup is on my lap and we are cozy, at least for a little bit. Gotta pick up The Girl from a sleepover and then we are off to church.

This Week:

Did I mention that I am off the for the week.? There will be some cooking on Wednesday and of course on Thanksgiving itself but that’s okay. The kids are not out of school until Thursday so I can tidy-up a little and hopefully read a lot.


King!! Gotta finish Revival. I want to start The Rosie Effect and I need to finish up all the other stuff I have halfway read. I DID ditch The Slap and I got an ARC for a book written by a blogger called It Was Me All Along which is about her drastic weight loss and how she struggles to keep it off every day. I normally don’t read books like this but I feel as if I already know her since I’ve been reading her blog, Can You Stay For Dinner, for well over a year.


I am still on a Lucy kick. Oh, and I guess I can share it now. The Teen got the lead in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels so of course we had to see the movie on Netflix even though it’s quite different from the Broadway show. We are very proud. He really wanted this part and he’s very excited!! To keep it all straight, he’s doing The 39 Steps in December, Annie in February and now Dirty Rotten Scoundrels in May.


I made tacos this weekend but have no idea what we’ll have for dinner tonight. My inclination is to keep the week simple since we will be in a food coma come Thursday.

Grateful for:

I am very grateful for being able to take this week off.

Happy Thought For the Week:

The smell of roasting turkey while watching Miracle on 34th Street. Also, I love the Macy’s parade and seeing all those Broadway numbers!

For those who celebrate, are you staying home this week or will you be hitting the road to see family?

30 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: A Sunday Where I Can Finally Rest!”

  1. Staying home for part of the week, after Tuesday night, well, except for a foray out on Wednesday for an anniversary lunch and a movie (Mockingjay, Part 1). Other than that, reading, reading, reading is the plan, but Netflix bingeing might take over too or at least be part of it.

    Glad to hear about the doctor and that while it’s not perfect (I don’t think any of us are in that regard), it’s still good or at least the doctor is keeping an eye on what’s going on.

  2. I’m sorry you weren’t able to get more definitive answers at the doc’s office. And, congrats to your son on his new part! I’m sure you are so proud!

    This is the first time that we are actually celebrating the holiday with family, and we are hosting. It’s going to be a busy, busy week, but I am really looking forward to it. Especially reading and finishing Revival!!

  3. Lucky you for having the whole week off! I’m looking forward to at least a few days off but still, I’m sure it will be busy so not much ‘relaxing’. I am in a bit of a reading slump even though I’m in the middle of several good books. I just haven’t had the time to devote to them and it’s a little frustrating. I just started The Rosie Project though.

    1. I failed in the reading dept this week. Oh well. I just need to somehow get my book club book read by this Thursday. If I do that, I will be happy.


  4. Thanksgiving is THIS WEEK? *checks calendar* *dies* Ok, I know that’s true but holy cow I just can’t believe it’s already here. Thankfully both my parents live very close and are more than willing to cook the big meal for us in exchange for time with those grandkiddies. I had planned to take off this week since I go full time on Dec 1st, but we’ll see. Either way, I’ll likely spend that time off cleaning the house as it’s a DISASTER.

    Wow! Congrats to the Teen! Sounds like he’ll be very busy but what an exciting time! Hope you have a really relaxing week. You definitely deserve the downtime.

  5. I’m glad you were able to get your grocery shopping done ahead of time so you don’t have to deal with it during your week off. I’m trying to get as much reading done as possible because I’m probably not going to get a whole lot of reading time this week. I’m spending most of it with the boyfriend’s family which involves TWO Thanksgiving dinners. I’m kicking off the Ivanhoe read-along tomorrow, so I’m taking that with me, as well as my e-reader in case I get any extra time to read one of my review books.

    1. The free movie weekend on Uverse totally messed up my reading but oh well. It’s been so nice to catch up on movies I haven’t seen.


      1. I was sick over most of the week so I ended up watching “A League of Their Own” on TV Thanksgiving evening when my brain couldn’t handle anything else.

        1. I was sick too. Sort of. Had a massive headache for no reason. Had it Monday-Wednesday, no appetite on Thursday and then felt better by Friday. I am sort of ticked off because it ruined my meal, IMO. Cooking all that food and then not wanting any of it. Really made me mad! I hope you are feeling better today.


  6. We always shop on Wednesday…we love the crowds at Whole Foods…not really but I am never in the mood until then… We are staying here…not remotely in the mood to pack and drive anywhere. We are having our turkey roasted already by turkey experts…I am toying with the idea of making stuffing in the slowcooker…and Bloody Mary’s are on the menu for breakfast! Yahoo!

    Tomorrow we are going to see the new Hunger Games movie…Tuesday night out to dinner for a pre Thanksgiving steak…and Wednesday? Small batch cooking!

    Have a great day!

  7. I’m glad you saw your doctor, but wish he had more to tell you. Its always frustrating when they don’t have answers. My fingers are crossed that it resolves itself. Sounds like this week off will be a good break for you – good reads, family time, and some yummy eats 🙂 Take care and have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

  8. Enjoy the week off! That’s great news about the Teen. Congrats to him. Enjoy your Thanksgiving. We are staying here but will fly to Calif. at Christmas. Looking forward to that. Hope your iron goes up and you feel better.

    1. I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. Christmas in California does have its perks but I have been seeing the light dusting of snow in the Pacific Northwest ad it’s made me want a snowy Christmas. It happened once. Well, it was a snowy New Year’s and it was totally bizarre.


  9. We are totally HERE for the holiday. Some drama about WHERE we were going to eat Thanksgiving (complements of The Girl). The Boy has homework all week even though he is off because someone has been not keeping up. I’m hoping to get caught up on Xmas cards and decorating and start some shopping this week. Congrats on your son getting the part he wanted!!!!

    1. Ugh. Christmas cards. I tried to take a pic the other day of the hub and I and it was gawd awful. He will not post for a pic. And I looked like Morticia. I am so pale.


  10. Congrats to The Boy and having the week of to relax and enjoy reading. We are moving after Thanksgiving (downsizing) and having 37 for Thanksgiving, I haven’t been reading much, busy packing and prepping for Thanksgiving. I did get to read Sarah Jio’s new book Goodnight June. I didn’t enjoy it as much as her earlier books. It annoys me when stories are just too perfect. I am looking forward to cooking with my sister and nephew. We make everything from scratch. My nephew makes rolls, pies, our grandmothers cookies and Rugelach! This is my favorite holiday! Happy Thanksgiving Ti!

    1. Wow! 37! I think the most I had for dinner was 28 and it was a bit of a stretch to get it all on the table. Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. I stopped reading Jio because her stories tend to follow a formula now. Old and new, secret from the past, etc. So you moved? Same area? I have many friends who moved this past weekend. I hope it went smoothly. I was thinking of you the other day. Hope everything is going well. Today it is gloomy here and sprinkling! Actual rain drops. Such a treat.


  11. Have a great week off, get some awesome reading done, and enjoy that Thanksgiving dinner. I know I plan on enjoying the entire week, even if I have to work. I’ve got all my review obligations mostly done this year, and I’m so proud of that. I have just 4 left for the rest of the year, and it is totally going to make me happy. Then I can read whatever I want.

    1. I was a little disappointed this year. I just wasn’t in the mood for turkey at all once the time came to eat it! I think that headache I had messed me up all week.


  12. I am jealous of your week off…..and the fact that you got your grocery shopping done on Friday night. I was still running around this afternoon trying to get groceries for the week. Enjoy the time off and the Thanksgiving holiday!

    1. I did finish my grocery shopping early but had to send The Hub for two items I forgot and still managed to lose some items, like cranberry sauce. Never did find it.


  13. I just love your descriptions of that first coffee and of Thanksgiving morning!

    So The Slap, did you give it up because you just weren’t in the mood for reading it or is it really not that good?

  14. Congratulations to the Teen! We just watched that movie on Netflix ourselves; it is definitely one of my teenage favorites. I still remember most of the lines from that movie, and I had a blast sharing it with the kids. So exciting!!!

    Ah! We started going grocery shopping on Monday nights. It is much less crowded, and we fit it in between Holly’s dance classes. I still hate it but at least going during the weekend means Jim is more likely to come with me, and misery really does love company.

    I hope you enjoy your week off! I took off Wednesday and the office is closed on Friday. It has been a long time since I have had five days off with nothing on the calendar. I don’t know about you, but I’m really looking forward to all that delicious down time.

    Have a great week and a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  15. Congrats to the Teen! I hope you guys are having a good Thanksgiving so far. I would love to have that weather you are having there. It’s been raining here since two nights ago, but the sun has slowly started peeking out (just in time for sundown). Hopefully the rest of the week will be better here.

    1. Thanksgiving was nearly 90 degrees but today it’s cooler and they are predicting 4 inches of rain for Tuesday, which will flood us out if it actually happens.


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