The Sunday Salon: The Walkers Return

Sunday Salon

It was a short week for me since I had Monday and Tuesday off and yet…it still felt incredibly long.

We had some fun stuff going on. The Teen’s choir Cabaret concert was on Wednesday and Thursday. It was a fun show. And…The Teen DID get the part he wanted in Annie (Rooster), Ms. Hannigan’s good-for-nothing con-man brother. The Girl did not get what she wanted but she ended up with a featured dance part.

The Teen was invited to USC for a singing workshop which he unfortunately had to leave early for since he had a lead acting workshop scheduled later in the day but I think it was a good experience for him. Being on a large college campus and getting to hang out with the music director? Very cool.

In other news…

I thought The Girl’s cheer clinic was yesterday, but it’s TODAY. This morning, to be exact which means if we go to church, it’s going to have to be an evening service. Might not be a bad thing as I’ve been wanting to try an evening service.

But, who am I kidding? This weekend is ALL about the return of The Walking Dead. Yes! It’s back! I think tonight’s episode is going to be rough. I fear for the characters. I will be off social media from 6pm on to avoid spoilers.

What am I reading?

I am listening to Stephen King’s Big Driver and reading Garth Stein’s A Sudden Light. I am liking both, quite a bit. I did not know that Big Driver was coming to Lifetime though later this week. I am also reading Something Wicked This Way Comes for the read along I am hosting with Sandy.

What am I cooking?

I made all sorts of stuff yesterday. Chicken Taco/Enchilada soup and chili and corn bread. The chili and corn bread will be enjoyed later. I didn’t want anything to distract me from The Walking Dead so that stuff is cooked and ready to go Just needs warming.

Just now, I made myself a bowl of coconut Chobani Greek yogurt, added some gluten-free raw oats, some dark chocolate shavings, sliced raw almonds and sprinkled the top with toasted coconut. Divine.

What am I watching?

Later I will be balled up on the couch cringing, while watching The Walking Dead hoping with all hope to not lose a major character in the season opening. Will you be watching tonight?

19 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: The Walkers Return”

  1. nothing can happen to darryl….please just leave darryl alone. I did read some story somewhere that this season will focus on monsters more….we will see!

    1. Did you watch last night? It was quite a show! I know. Daryl is my fave. There is something so harsh yet vulnerable about him.


  2. I cannot wait to watch Walking Dead! We don’t have cable so TWD is going to have to wait till tomorrow, but boy do we have some amazing stuff coming up soon! I recently caught up with the TWD comics so I’m half frightened and half excited for the next few seasons. There is one thing I am dreading, but I’ll survive.

  3. Oh Yeah! I can’t wait to see The Walking Dead. I also like Resurrection on ABC. I think I will watch Walking Dead and catch Resurrection on demand.

  4. I am so twitchy and anxious! And of course even now, I’m sitting here watching the marathon and just saw you-know-who get his head cut off and I’m devastated all over again! I will never get over that! Saw the first four minutes of the show that they aired online. Congrats on your kids and their parts in Annie! Now I’m going to sit and watch the Governor get his comeupance.

  5. I never think to cook ahead but it’s a really good idea…I am more a freeze and forget about it kind of cook! Enjoy tonight!

  6. Congrats to the Teen! Rooster is such a great role. And getting to play the same part as Tim Curry and Alan Cumming is impressive!! That’s to bad about the Girl, but a featured dance part is not too shabby at all! Congrats to both!

    I’ve been on a cooking binge lately. I have chili and turkey wild rice soup to go for this week. I even made a chocolate zucchini cake. I’ve discovered that cooking on the weekends helps me relax if I do it in small doses. All-day cooking marathons are too exhausting even if they are highly productive!

    Enjoy The Walking Dead! I don’t think I made it to the middle of season two before I got too busy and forgot about watching it. LOL!

    1. Thanks! We are all excited about Annie. It’s just a great show to do.

      The cooking. I love when I can get it together enough to have stuff cooked or at least prepped for the week. It’s rare for me these days. At the beginning of the year, I am going to try clean eating. Like how I said “at the beginning of the year” and not now?


  7. I’ve seen the first season of The Walking Dead and while I enjoyed it, I just haven’t gotten back to it. It’s not one that my wife likes it so I haven’t been able to get back to it on my own. Maybe someday…I hope you survived the premiere anyway. 🙂

    Today, catching up on Sunday Salon posts after being at a sister-in-law’s wedding this weekend and then reading later. I have today and tomorrow off like you did last week, but then work the next four days…but hey, it’s only four days! It all will be good.

    1. I need to turn my thinking around or something because Mondays these days are just painful to me. I mean, I get through them okay and I don’t think I come across as being a grump or anything, but they tax me. Maybe too because Monday is a long rehearsal night and I know I will be stuck in the car.


  8. Hmmm, I might need you to share that taco soup recipe with me. 😉 Everyone loved the soup I made last week and it reminded me that yes, toddlers can eat soup (we use rice as a thickener most times).

    Scott REALLY wants to start The Walking Dead but I REALLY want to wait until the show is over so we can completely binge. Enjoy the season!!

  9. Yes, I did watch the series Walking Dead opener. Oh my, it’s the scariest one yet. So graphic too. Yikes. But I’m glad they got the heck out of Terminus! I need to watch episode 2 which we taped. They’re back in the woods, eh?

    1. Did you watch episode 2 of TWD yet? The season premiere was great wasn’t it?? I was dying!


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