The Sunday Salon: What a Week

Sunday Salon

It’s been a rough week. The Girl was sick-ish last week and guess what? Even with my excellent preventative measures, I am a walking petri dish right now. I can’t really figure out how I caught what she had because I hardly ever catch colds but I did. Monday, I knew I was a goner but was in denial and Tuesday was much worse but since I was alone in the office, I figured I’d tough it out and drown myself in cold meds and tea and hope for the best.

I am still sick though. The low-grade fever continues to linger which is not bad enough to make me bed-ridden but just enough to throw me off my game. I can still read but not without a lot of Sudafed. I’d go to the doctor but everyone seems to have this same head cold. There’s nothing that can be done. I just need to let it run its course.

But, the kids got through their first round of auditions for Annie. The callback list comes out Tuesday afternoon. Let’s hope they get to go another round. The Girl was coming off of her head cold, so her voice was a tad scratchy but I think for the most part, she got through it okay.

What am I reading?

I am still reading The Bone Clocks and finishing up Fahrenheit 451, which I started for Banned Books Week. But soon, I will be reading Something Wicked This Way Comes. More details on that below.

What am I cooking?

I am so done cooking! I made five dozen brownies for the choir bake sale and twenty or so fruit loop necklaces. I do have to go to the store later because I think my kids are sick of cereal and I have a tiny craving for Chicken Alfredo.

What am I watching?

I watched an adorable movie that just happened to be on, Definitely, Maybe. It was so darn cute! Ryan Reynolds, Isla Fisher, Abigail Breslin. Adorable. Not sure what I’ll watch today.

Now for some exciting news.

Read Along Info:

Something Wicked This Way Comes button

Our read along for Something Wicked This Way Comes (hashtag #EnterTheRingmaster) starts this Wednesday, October 1st. Did you find a copy? Did you sign-up? Because there is still time to read this Bradbury classic with Sandy and I.

Something Wicked cover

Here is a little taste of what it’s about:

The carnival rolls in sometime after midnight, ushering in Halloween a week early. The shrill siren song of a calliope beckons to all with a seductive promise of dreams and youth regained. In this season of dying, Cooger & Dark’s Pandemonium Shadow Show has come to Green Town, Illinois, to destroy every life touched by its strange and sinister mystery. And two boys will discover the secret of its smoke, mazes, and mirrors; two friends who will soon know all too well the heavy cost of wishes. . .and the stuff of nightmares (Indiebound). 

How can you resist?? Freaky carnival action? I am so there.

21 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: What a Week”

  1. Well it sounds like you and I needed to live a little closer to each other this week, because I had all kinds of bad shit going on. It was so bad that even with my personality (as in, I never slow down) all I really did besides the necessary things was sleep out of sheer need to escape. Crossing my fingers for favorable call-backs this week, and after I finish “Dear Daughter” on audio, I’m starting “Something Wicked”! I can’t wait.

  2. I LOVE Definitely, Maybe! It really is adorable. Good luck to the kids with the next round of auditions. Hope you get over your cold soon; I think I’m almost through with mine. If only we felt like we could take a couple of days off when we have colds instead of thinking it’s something we have to soldier on through.

  3. Wow you’all have been sick, yikes. Lay low. Noodle soup etc. Will cross my fingers about Annie but think the callback will come. Have a better week.

    1. I am on the very tail end of illness now. Feel much better but still don’t sound all that great. I am glad that The Girl was able to get through auditions even if her voice was a little off. Crossing my fingers for a callback for both of them.


    1. Thank you! I am feeling better today. I was worried it was turning into bronchitis (which I never get) but I feel much better after all of my honey/cinnamon Sudafed concoctions.


  4. I am still waiting to sign up for the read-a-long because my copy hasn’t come in from the library yet. 😦 I have no idea what happened to mine!

    I hope you start feeling better soon!

  5. Boo to being sick 😦 Hope you’re all feeling 100% very soon!

    My fingers are crossed in regards to the Annie auditions. 🙂

    Mmmm brownies, lol. I can see why you’d be sick of cooking for a while. I’ve got a roast in the crock-pot for pulled pork sandwiches. It smells awesome in here.

    Have a great week!

    1. Pulled pork! Yum!

      I ate a good share of those brownies as well. I was sick and it was the only thing I could taste. Oddly, enough. I feel better today. Still slightly off but so much better. Thank you!


  6. I am sorry you are feeling sick, Ti. I hope you are better soon! My daughter has yet another cold, which I’m hoping to avoid, but since I catch everything she gets, I’m sure my turn will be coming soon.

    I hope your kids are on the callback list! My fingers are crossed!

    Have a great week, Ti!

  7. I had the crud last week too. I’m still phlegmy and coughing. It is everywhere though, so I can blame my kids for passing it to me but that excuse will only get me so far.

    Good luck to both kids on callbacks! You definitely have to keep us posted.

    I hope you feel better soon!

  8. The bad this is, that even though you are sick, you’re the mom, which means you still have a lot of stuff you have to do. Hopefully by now you’re feeling better!

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