The Sunday Salon: Hot

It is blazing hot here in Southern California My sinuses don’t know what to think. First it’s hot and dry, then it’s hot and humid and today it seems to be dry and humid which is impossible. Because of it, I have a raging headache and nothing I take seems to touch it.

In the big scheme of things though, life is going pretty well. After hitting church by myself, no one wanted to go with me, I came straight home, enjoyed a salad and some leftover gluten-free pizza and pretty soon I am going to find myself a comfy spot and take a nap. My head hurts too much to read right now but maybe a nap will do the trick.

Rehearsals for Annie begin tomorrow (Monday) and on Wednesday, the audition process begins. It’s always an exciting time.

Sunday Salon

Let’s see, what else is going on? Well, we had a lovely dinner last night. The Teen’s girlfriend and family came over for pizza and salad. We grilled peaches for dessert, topped with cinnamon butter and vanilla bean ice cream. It was really good. I meant to take a picture but I gobbled it up before I could.

What am I reading?

Well, I finished The Sparrow for the read along Trish was hosting. It’s quite a book. After reading it I felt slightly beat-up and needed something with a lighter tone so I picked up The Way Inn by Will Wiles. It’s a crazy book. I find it funny but the reviews are not that great which has me wondering about the end, of which I am almost to.

Next up? The Bone Clocks.

What am I cooking?

Not a thing. We had leftovers for lunch and I am not ready to even think about dinner. When it’s hot like this, food does not sound good. I’ve been thinking about Thanksgiving though, which is so weird considering it does not feel like fall here at all.

What am I watching?

I watched Pitch Perfect for the first time ever. The Girl forced me to watch it and I was not looking forward to it at all but I really liked it. I don’t know what I thought it was about but I had no idea it was about a choir. With my kids in theater and choir, I can’t believe I didn’t see it earlier.

I recorded a bunch of I Love Lucy episodes and plan to sit down and have a Lucy fest later this afternoon. Those shows are so comforting to me.

What are you up to today?

Oh, and if you don’t have reading plans for October join our read along! We are reading Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes and it’s going to be awesome! Scary carnival, guys. How can you resist?

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21 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Hot”

  1. What a difference a coast makes. We have a frost advisory for tonight. I feel like it’s almost Christmas here.

    I did see your comment about another 100 Happy Days on Instagram, but I think I will take a break for now, posting photo daily on blog instead and maybe something different on Instagram but not every day.

    1. This heat furnace we call California is behaving like it normally does. I mean, we always get heat blasted before our one week of fallish weather but 108 yesterday, 105 today and 103 tomorrow is enough to send me packing.


  2. We are having lovely cool weather…I have chilli simmering…for later with cheese and onion and Greek yogurt…which I now use for everything! And chips for dipping and crushing! We are exhausted after 48 hours in Washington…but we had lots of fun! I am still mad at you for scoring The Bone Clocks! I can’t wait to hear what you think of it!

    1. So you use Greek yogurt instead of sour cream now? I like it for some things. I used it for tacos once and it was good.

      My damn headache has turned into a major sinus headache. I am at work too which stinks.


  3. Hope your head is feeling better. I had one of those headaches the other day; considering I was already taking ibuprofen for my knee, I was surprised that a headache could even get started. The Teen – a girlfriend??? Ack! I’m not surprised but still! Your peaches sound wonderful!

  4. I had a wicked headache when I got home from church today, too. I took an absurdly long nap, and that definitely did the trick. Hope it works for you, too!

  5. It definitely feels like fall here…I am kind of jealous of your hot weather, although I am not envying the dryness you are experiencing. I’m praying you guys get rain.

    And it’s funny you mention I Love Lucy. My youngest daughter LOVES I Love Lucy. She and my mom will watch several episodes together on the weekends. We got her a book about the show for her eighth birthday. Cutest thing ever… I was lying down next to Little Sister one night as she tried to get to sleep. Of course, I wanted to get up and get a few things done and she wanted me to stay in bed with her a bit longer. She turns to me and says, “Mom. We’re stuck together. Justly like Ricky and Lucy.”

    1. That is so cute about Lucy and Ricky. I did get my Lucy fix in while battling the headache but ended up taking a two hour nap that did not even put a dent in it! Today, I came in to work, not sure why but I still feel out of it. Ear pain, sinus stuff. I didn’t even have a cold so what gives?


  6. The Way Inn will be next up for me after I finish We Are Called To Rise (so good). Hope you are headache free tomorrow. What happened to that gorgeous southern CA temps year round. Your heat sounds dreadful. We had only 4 days over 90 this summer — very unusual. 50s tonight.

    Have a great week.

    1. We do get heat blasted in September it seems and also a bit in October but with the drought and all, the landscape is painful to even look at. It was 108 yesterday. Today it is supposed to be about 105 or so. I am at work today but I feel horrible. I wish I had stayed home. My headache is definitely a sinus thing and sudafed alone does not touch it.


  7. I’ve been taking naps. I think I wear myself out, so it seems to help. And hot, yes. If I walk around outside for 10 minutes I have sweat dripping all over. Yuck. And I love Lucy. Funny, my radiologist runs the I Love Lucy programs in a huge loop when you are waiting to get your mammogram. I actually look forward to it. I’m still reading Wool and loving it. I didn’t read a single page today though…

    1. Last night after a double dose of sudafed and advil I managed to read a little bit of The Way Inn. It took a turn south. Not sure how it will finish off.

      I am at work today but I don’t feel all that great. Major sinus and ear ache stuff even though I was never sick. It’s this f’ing weather. The barometric pressure or something.


    1. I had to double up Advil and Sudafed to finally get some relief. Today I just feel like I have a cold but I am toughing it out at work.

      Yes, Annie tonight! We are all excited for the new show.


  8. The weather has gone from hot and rainy to really chilly here. We’re supposed to be in the 70s this week, though high 70s on some days. We’ll see what happens.

    The peaches sound delicious.

    So things were Ok with the girlfriend then? That’s good to hear.

    1. Yep. I saw thunderstorm warnings for your area. I like the rain part of that but the lightning part of that you all can really do without, I’m sure. I will take rain of any kind at the moment.


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