The Sparrow – Midway Check-in

The Sparrow Read Along

I’ve already finished the book and my review posts soon but here is my midway check-in without any spoilers so I can be a good read-alonger and not be called a cheater cheater! Trish, just poking fun at ya.

1. How is The Sparrow matching up with your expectations going into the book? Are you surprised by anything?

I had no expectations going into this book and actually knew very little about the story but I must say, it took a me a very  long time to get into the story. From everyone’s comments, I expected to be pulled in a little quicker.

2. Do you feel the switching back and forth between past and present to be effective?

I am not a fan of jumping back and forth between past and present but I do feel it worked for this book. It felt a little cheater-ish to know up-front that something horrible happened and then not be told what for a very long time, but it did increase the suspense factor quite a bit by doing it this way.

3. Which characters do you want to hug and squeeze? Any you’d like to strangle?

I liked Anna and George a lot but I tired of Sofia and her uptight ways. I also did not care all that much for Emilio.

4. Any other thoughts? 

It was written some time ago but not all that long ago. I thought it was written in the 80s. I was way off there. It was written in ’96 and has a sequel, Children of God.

I can’t say too much more without giving stuff away so I’ll stop here. I can’t wait for the others to finish so I can discuss it with them. The ending. Oh, the ending. Gotta discuss it.

7 thoughts on “The Sparrow – Midway Check-in”

  1. Maya above is the FIRST person I’ve heard say she didn’t like the book.

    Anyway. Didn’t like Emilio! I almost don’t want to ask why because I’m still stuck halfway (why did I choose the slowest book ever for #diversiverse?). Maybe I’ll just have to stay up ALL NIGHT tonight and finish Kindred so I can get back to The Sparrow.

    And you know that I can call y’all cheater cheater because I love you all so. 😉

  2. OK I read this even though I know nothing and have not started it. If I DO read it, I want to make sure I’m done with it by the end of the month because I have to read Something Wicked and House of Leaves in October. I need to pick up my reading pace here.

  3. OH, I do agree that The Sparrow took a bit of frustration-overcome to get through the first pages but WOW. I thought it well-done overall. Maybe not a 5 star but darn close in what emotions it provoked in a good way and the things it made me think. AND there were some excellent LOL moments which really made it satisfying. One of those books I am glad to have read so that I can attempt to relate to all those who adored it and list it as a top read. Some books just have to be read and I must cross off the list. This is one of those kinds.

  4. It is kind of interesting that Russell imagined a world only about a decade into the future from when she wrote the book that was so vastly different from the world she lived in.

  5. I was really apprehensive about reading this book. everyone I know loved it, but i kept thinking of it as Sci Fi and I thought i’d have a problem with that. I was so wrong. It is so well written and thought out. Brilliant!

  6. It’s funny because I was the opposite in that I expected to really not be able to get I to the story for a while and found it easier than I expected. I am anxious to finish to discuss!

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