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It’s one of those weeks.

After a glorious birthday weekend, I am in a funk. Too much to keep track of and I am feeling a tad overwhelmed. It happens this time of year. My brain is ready to move into fall but the weather says otherwise so I am all out of whack.

I really need to sit down and write all of the reviews that I’ve worked out in my head. I think I am at least six books behind. One good thing, is that the reading continues. I am nearing the finish line with The Sparrow. I am not sure what to make of this book. It’s not at ALL what I imagined it to be. Some chapters I love, some…not so much. I think I need to finish it before I say more because everyone who has read it says it blew their mind. Thank goodness for reading or I’d lose my mind.

I am trying to get stuff in order this week because everything seems to be starting up next week. Choir, drama, community theater, cheer camp, booster club meetings, my promise to build a webpage, bake sales… it’s all starting up and it’s time to dust off the calendar (I still use paper in addition to an app).

None of this new but as I get older I seem less able to deal with it all. I know some of you can relate. I think it’s a lack of patience on my part.

Just so I don’t leave you all on a down note, I am going to make a list of all the things I am looking forward to. You can add your own items in comments if you’d like to jump on board with me.

Looking forward to…( in no particular order)

  • Dinner with friends this weekend.
  • Next week’s kick-off of Annie. Both kids will be auditioning for roles.
  • Football, high school and professional. Can’t say I follow the games too well but I enjoy watching.
  • Seeing The Teen in The 39 Steps later this year.
  • Taking The Girl to see Wicked. I have seen it twice but she was too young when it hit town the first time.
  • Celebrating The Girl’s birthday in October.
  • Candles! I love candles. I can’t wait until the weather cools off a little so I can light them up.
  • The Something Wicked This Way Comes read along that Sandy and I are hosting in October! Bradbury! Carnival setting! LOVE it.
  • Spiced cider.
  • Roasted pumpkin seeds.
  • Scary movies.
  • Scary reading. RIP IX? Yep.
  • Fall back (time change)
  • Holiday time off. Vacation requests, approved! YES!
  • The November release of Revival by King. I plan to do a read along for that one too.
  • The new short novel that Haruki Murakami will be releasing in December (The Strange Library). I kid you not.
  • Had to add American Horror Story, Season 4 and The Walking Dead, Season 5. Lordy! Cannot forget them!

I will leave it at that but I could go on and on. What are you looking forward to?


22 thoughts on “Why, Hello There!”

    1. You just described my review process! In my head.. if only you guys could connect with me telepathically. I write all of my reviews before work but I haven’t had the down time this week or last to write any. I am going to get my thoughts together and write at least two up this week. That’s the plan.


  1. The stuff to anticipate evens out the stuff we dread…I am that way, too…as much as I love fall…it stresses me out just before it starts..I think of things that I should be simplifying and doing but I don’t really want to do them…here on the East Coast…it’s a huge change out…candles, mums, pumpkins…tons of stuff to change around! Fun but a pain!

    1. It rained for all of 2 minutes yesterday and now everyone is in sweaters even though it’s supposed to be almost 98 degrees today. We have to MAKE fall over here.


    1. What you absolutely need to know about American Horror Story, is that most of the actors come back each season but play new characters. The story is always different. Season 1 was the best, IMO. Haunted house stuff. New owners. Good stuff. Season 2 was a mental asylum. Horrifying images!! But such good acting. Season 3 blew chunks (witches) but the story line was so weak. Season 4, comes out Oct 8 is FREAK SHOW! I cannot wait!


  2. Lots of great stuff to get excited about! I like your list idea…I might have to steal it to use for myself.
    I’m feeling just a tad overwhelmed myself with all the practices, etc for the kids plus work commitments for me.

    1. I have work stuff going on too but I am trying to ignore it. Lalalalala. LOL.

      I say, make a list. It cheered me up.


  3. I so hear you on feeling overwhelmed! Yesterday I was feeling like I had my fall semester all situated (until I spilled an entire water bottle in my bag), but this morning I woke up feeling worn down. Coffee helped. I love fall stuff, though! Pumpkin spice everything! And candles and cider and sweaters, scarves, and boots! =)

  4. Not looking forward to—- going back to work in a few weeks after maternity leave, all the stress that brings, cold/snow in a few months. Looking forward to—-reading (!), library book sales coming up, holiday seasons, wearing some new clothes with the new season

    1. Returning from maternity leave is always tough. It was tough with my son because I only had the six weeks with him and the idea of putting him in daycare that young, just about gave me a nervous breakdown but of course, he was fine. With my daughter, I had almost 4 months off and the same daycare lady so that part was better but I was nursing which created a bit of juggling on my part.

      It all comes together eventually but those first few weeks can be tough! Make sure you treat yourself those weeks. An extra little something is sometimes all you need to perk yourself up.


  5. This week, I’m looking forward to my couple days off…since I have dentist appointment tomorrow…I’ll need the time to ramp down my tension that has been building this week.

    1. The dentist. Fun! At least you will get it out of the way. I have my appt right before Thanksgiving which is always fun.


  6. There is SO MUCH in that list that excites me! I need to print it out and hang it on the fridge. Revival! Yes! Yes! Walking Dead! American Horror Story! Something Wicked This Way Comes! Pumpkin-flavored stuff! Yet…I understand the feeling of being overwhelmed. This time of year has always stressed me out for various reasons, but this year I actually think I am having anxiety attacks. Going to the doctor on Monday. It’s ridiculous.

  7. I’m looking forward to every Sunday to myself in fall as my dh has a football feast in front of the tube.

    Take care Ti. Raising kids is trying, but it gos by fast.

  8. We just started season one of American Horror Story! Not sure how far along we’ll make it, because if hubby doesn’t want to watch, I don’t think I’ll want to watch alone!

  9. I like how you ended on positive notes here…I’m trying to end on positive notes too, which is why I’m looking forward to tomorrow night’s wings :). I’m not looking forward to the roadwork continuing on Monday, but I think I’ll go for another bike ride out of town, if the weather holds. I’m also looking forward to my sister-in-law’s wedding Oct. 11, that my wife and I have been anticipating all year.

  10. I need to write a lot of reviews too! I feel like I’m doing too much stuff at the same time that I don’t know what all I’m doing. Fall is always like that for me. I need to pause and slow down.

    1. Everyone I know seems to be spinning around these days. My goal for the past two years was to slow the heck down. I have in some areas but not enough to feel as if I am ever well rested. I am always staggering around, or so it seems. I really need to get a handle on it.


  11. Lots of good things to look forward to, for sure. I was just thinking how exhausted I was this morning (Scott left at 5 for another trip and Evie woke up at 5:30…because of course), but you keep yourself so busy lady!! I hope you’re able to squeeze in some Ti time for relaxing. 🙂

    And Wicked! How fun!!

  12. You are looking forward to the time change? Oh, I just hate it. I’m pretty depressed that it’s already pitch dark here by about 8. I have no need of light in the morning whereas light in the evening makes me happy!

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